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    I had no idea they made a Jazz Chorus stack

    Man, Aptos might be worth the drive! As I recall, part of the magic of the JCs is that the chorus only goes to one speaker and the other has the dry signal, so I wonder how they manage that with the stack and head -- two outputs from the head and two inputs into the stack?
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    2nd String Tree on Tele-type??

    Inexpensive, fast/free shipping, checks all my boxes: I installed one after swapping out the original, staggered tuners on my tele for vintage-style 'safety' tuners. Works great
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    Chargers v. Raiders - 1-9-22

    Wow, what a game ... what a day! As a Steelers fan, I found it hard to root for the Raiders tonite, but glad they (anybody, really) won! :cool:
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    Tuners: TU-3 or Polytune 3 mini?

    Lots of good recommendations above, but is there a specific reason for avoiding a headstock tuner? My TC PolyTune clip works great and frees up space on my board; I've had it a few years now, and the original battery is still going strong.
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    Strat Won't Stay Still

    Ok, I think that eliminates the bridge. I can feel your frustration. Hopefully somebody else will chime in with some good advice.
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    Strat Won't Stay Still

    I wonder if your bridge is moving. How many tremolo springs do you have? I have been much happier with one of my Strats since installing a full compliment of 5 springs -- much more consistent now.
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    Locking Guitar Straps

    This isn't the most popular answer but I love Ernie Ball strap locks -- except that they don't sell the strap buttons separately. They look kind of big and dorky, but they work great for me. I use one strap for most of my guitars, and it's very easy to swap them. The outlier is my Danelectro...
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    New Eagles

    Yeah, a new album with great songs would be the ticket. New band, same songs ... yawn
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    Favorite Cooking Show

    +1 for Same the Cooking Guy. Great sense of humor, so even if you're not particularly interested in the dish, it's very entertaining.
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    Now that I own a Telecaster...

    That has always been one of my favorite riffs, perfectly suited for a Tele. Banditos by the Refreshments is another good one (among many).
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    Dave Grohl -- The Storyteller

    If you subscribe to other forums or watch Dave's youtube videos, you are probably familiar with many of these stories, but it's still a great read. You don't have to like the Foo Fighters (or Nirvana) to enjoy his stories about touring and/or interacting with other music legends. I really...
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    Do you look at the fretboard while playing?

    I almost always look at the fretboard unless I'm just strumming a simple I-IV-V or similar. Our bassist has a bad habit of playing in the wrong key, so when it starts sounding like a mess, I need the visual reinforcement to know it's not me. ;)
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    High End Guitar Picks

    I bought a BlueChip TD 45 and love it. It really makes a difference, which surprised me. However, I'm not sure I'd replace it if I lost it; as great as it is, the cost is prohibitive -- Dunlop PrimeTones are much better bang for the buck, in my opinion.
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    Happy 72 Adrian Belew

    This one always reminded me of Harry Nilsson. Would have been great if they had collaborated.
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    Songs with a date in them

    April 4 4th of July
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    Npd. Help is on the way

    Make sure you get the 18v version because the 9v that I had couldn't handle the clams that I was throwing at it.
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    I'm not convinced all EMGs sound sterile. I submit this as evidence:

    When I first tried my EBMM Luke II, I thought the EMGs were a little sterile, but I bought it anyway because the neck was so comfortable. When playing it solo, it still sounds a bit sterile, but in our band's mix, it sounds great.
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    Do you own any Boss pedals?

    Changed my vote. I had a BF-2 but I replaced it with a Walrus Polychrome. However, I still have a Roland GP-16 (which is a collection of '90s Boss digital effects in a rack unit) fwiw.
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    All time best US rock and roll band?

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ... I'm a fan but not a huge fan, but that's what came to my mind immediately
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    My favorite Robyn Hitchcock

    Thanks for the reminder! So You Think You're In Love is a great pop song from Perspex Island .. and Ultra Unbelievable Love @ ~4:00
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    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

    I imagine Jeff Lynne's dog looks like the one on the right!
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    The Tremolo Club

    Nice collection! Conspicuously missing a Strymon Flint and a Voodoo Lab Tremolo, but it looks they'd be somewhat redundant, lol.
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    HOLIDAY HOOCH - What's your favorite liquor to give or get?

    Bourbon and Port -- this thread has good taste (pun intended). I normally only drink beer (IPAs mostly), but bourbons and ports are always a nice treat.