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  1. Twang Deluxe

    The Desert Island Amp brand revisited

    Tone Master Deluxe Reverb because on a desert island you can't buy replacement tubes
  2. Twang Deluxe

    Help me to choose a second guitar...

    I would take a entry level Martin as second guitar
  3. Twang Deluxe

    I visited Thomann

    When I went there I only bought a set of Harley benton Value Strings for 0,99 €. It was a great experience. At the Flohmarkt (flea market) Thomann sold all kind of stuff at low price. They sold broken Harley Benton guitars for 20 €, but also stuff from major brands at low price
  4. Twang Deluxe

    Best budget 12 string

    I really like my Martin D12x. I bought it used for 250€.
  5. Twang Deluxe

    I visited Thomann

    Thomann is really great. Especially the Flohmarkt (which has been cancelled this year). There you find really great stuff at incredible price. You should also go to Bamberg, which is pretty close. A really amazing city
  6. Twang Deluxe

    What’s relatively inexpensive in the UK?

    Tone Bender pedals
  7. Twang Deluxe

    How to keep your fretting hand dry?

    You can put Odaban Deo on your fretting hand. This will help
  8. Twang Deluxe

    Still 335 Dreaming. And Am Wondering . . . . .

    One of the best comments on tdpri about resale value!!!
  9. Twang Deluxe

    Original 1978?

    The Neck looks like a 1978. But he put a fake Custom shop Decal on the back of the headstock and the tuners are not original. I don't know if the body is original. Perhaps a refinish. I am pretty sure that Fender did not make guitars with this colour in 1978
  10. Twang Deluxe

    Has any played with the Peavey Cropper Classic?

    I like his white 60s Tele so much The Peavey is so 80s
  11. Twang Deluxe

    Boss 3-pedal board (BCB-30 or 30X) - which three pedals?

    I would put the following pedals on the board: - TU 3 (I always need a reliable tuner) - BD2 (as Boost OD or Fuzz) - FDR1 65 Deluxe Reverb (Overdrive, Vibrato and Reverb in one Pedal) Pros: -your guitar is in tune -you have the classic surf effects Vibrato and Reverb in great quality -you can...
  12. Twang Deluxe

    No luck finding a good used guitar :(

    Also here in Europe it's getting harder to get a used Fender at reasonable price. Last week I tried a few entry level Gretsch Jet guitars and I was surprised about the good quality for the price
  13. Twang Deluxe

    Is it actually cooler to be a bad singer???

    I agree with you. My favourite singer is Bob Dylan
  14. Twang Deluxe

    Fender Ultra OR Fender Ultra Luxe?

    I would get a used Standard (Mexico or USA) and change the pickups. This would be much cheaper
  15. Twang Deluxe

    Doubling, Tripling Up On Your Favorite Pedals?

    I am thinking of buying another Bad Monkey, before they become too expensive
  16. Twang Deluxe

    Any Gibson SG Owners Want To Say Something Nice About Their SG?

    I love to see videos of George Harrison and Robbie Krieger playing SGs, but I played in a coverband with a mediocre Angus-Wannabee who tried too look very tough with his SG and his cargo pants. Because of him I never bought an SG. I don't want to offend any AC/DC fan, but I will always...
  17. Twang Deluxe

    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    Amazing guitar!!!! I think that it is even older because of the logo. Perhaps a 66/67?
  18. Twang Deluxe

    Will Fender ever produce Electric Pianos and Organs again?

    The Crumar Seven is lighter than a Princeton Reverb and it sounds amazing. If Crumar would start a Cooperation with Fender, they could make a digital Piano with original Fender Hardware from the Blackface/Silverface Amps Tolex, Knobs, Corners, Handles. If they would use a Silverface panel on the...
  19. Twang Deluxe

    Will Fender ever produce Electric Pianos and Organs again?

    I own a Rhodes Mark I and I built a lightweight case for it. So it is not so heavy. Vintage Vibe is building amazing lightweight electromechanical Pianos. Perhaps Fender could start a cooperation with them
  20. Twang Deluxe

    Will Fender ever produce Electric Pianos and Organs again?

    Hello everyone, I am a big fan of the Fender Rhodes Pianos and I also like the Comtempo Organ from the 60s. Do you think that Fender will ever produce Keyboard instruments? If they would start a partnership with the new owners of the Rhodes brand and start to produce the Rhodes Mark I and the...
  21. Twang Deluxe

    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    I can't understand why Fender does not offer 60s style Guitars and Basses with a decent looking Target Sunburst Finish under $ 2000 (like the Tele of Ray Davies or the famous Strat of Bob Dylan).
  22. Twang Deluxe

    Inappropriate Guitar Thread

    It looked always so wrong to me, when great musicians from the 60s and 70s, who reached the bottom of their careers in the 80s started to play pointy Super Strats in awful colours, wearing jackets with rolled up sleeves and playing horrible synthesizer pop
  23. Twang Deluxe

    Is this 1980s Mexican Esquire Tele?

    I don't think that it is a Fender body. The spape of the horn looks a bit strange
  24. Twang Deluxe

    Fender Vibro Champ Reverb versus Yamaha THR 10 for home practice.

    I would get the Champ or a Vox Pathfinder
  25. Twang Deluxe


    Nice picture. When I buy a guitar I try to regard it as a tool and not to becone too much sentimental (I only have two guitars which I got in my teens which I would never sell). I would get a used Classic/Vintera 50s or 60s. If you would sell the single pieces of your guitar separately you can...