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  1. Blue Bill

    Musicians- with made up first names

    I suck at this... :oops:
  2. Blue Bill

    Musicians- with made up first names

    Oops :oops:
  3. Blue Bill

    Musicians- with made up first names

    Prince, Ringo, all the Ramones. Elton John has two made-up first names. Freddy Mercury, his name is Farrokh. Bing. Alice.
  4. Blue Bill

    Got pretty pedals? Do show.

    One of my grandkids drew this. I scanned it and glued it onto a TS kit I built…
  5. Blue Bill

    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

    Commander Cody
  6. Blue Bill

    pig brains, duck tongues, and other delicacies.

    Yook, that sounds offal!
  7. Blue Bill

    What, exactly, did I buy?

    It sure is pretty!
  8. Blue Bill

    RIP Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf

    Wow, sad news. He was certainly unique. I respected his full-on commitment and sense of humor. I got to meet Carla DeVito in '76, right before she went on tour with the Loaf, that was cool. I still have a crush on her too. RIP, good sir.
  9. Blue Bill

    1964 Deluxe (non-reverb) barn find

  10. Blue Bill

    My current guitar collection :)

    Welcome aboard, that's a nice collection!
  11. Blue Bill

    neck debate

    I agree with the crowd: A mahogany neck will be fine with either a flat or an angled headstock. I have a Musikraft mahogany neck on a Tele, it's a great neck. I don't see any possible advantage to adding a scarf joint. Pictures, please. I stuck a maple veneer on top of the headstock, to...
  12. Blue Bill

    NPD- New Partscaster Day.

    If Dan Calhoun's spirit can see you now, he's very happy.
  13. Blue Bill

    Can anyone identify this pickup?

    Or a Squire. Those wires look Chinese to me. What guitars did you have that it might have come from?
  14. Blue Bill

    Suggestions for putting a decent “dad band” together?

    I'm lucky enough to be in a Dad band, although. it's more like a Grandpa band, as we're all over 60. I was in a cover band, Moms and Dads, for a while too, but the C thing ended that. I met the other guitar player through a mutual friend, we've been playing together for 6 years or so. We've...
  15. Blue Bill

    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    You mean recently? Looks like the last famous thing to happen here was some white folks moved in in 1616: The first European to settle at Biddeford was physician Richard Vines in the winter of 1616-1617 at Winter Harbor, as he called Biddeford Pool. This 1616 landing by a European predates the...
  16. Blue Bill

    Strat resonance issue low E string - can you help please?

    Sounds to me like there's that little hump in the neck, around the 12th fret. You may want to consider raising the saddle on that string a tad, or adjusting the truss rod a smidge to get a bit more relief. It may be the pickup being too high like Peegoo said.
  17. Blue Bill

    Zippo! Who still has one?

    I have a couple. I got to take a ride on a destroyer class navy ship once, they had a little souvenir shop on board; the Zippo I got there turned out to be brass plated and it got all corroded and bogus-looking over the years. I have fond memories of being 9 or 10 years old, somehow my friends...
  18. Blue Bill

    What’s you favourite compilation?

    Essential Chicago blues. A great collection.
  19. Blue Bill

    Hello from western MA

    Welcome aboard, Arlito! Nice Tele. I lived in the Amherst-Noho area for 25 years.
  20. Blue Bill

    NGD - The one I always thought was out of reach

    That's a holy grail axe, nice going! Just one thing, make sure you put a note somewhere, so in the unlikely and unthinkable event of an unexpected demise on your part, she doesn't sell it for the price of a used Squier. Just sayin'...
  21. Blue Bill

    2nd String Tree on Tele-type??

    It has never even dawned on me that a tree could make a difference in how a string sounds. Great, another thing to worry about. :lol:
  22. Blue Bill

    Any reason I couldn't use this as a tone cap in a guitar?

    Yeah, no problem.