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    The weight of putting a dog down

    Thank you, everyone, for the support and stories. Much appreciated
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    The weight of putting a dog down

    Last night, I held our family dog while the vet sedated him then stopped his heart. He's a family dog, joined my parents household 16 years ago with his brother, who drowned in the pool a few months ago. His health deteriorated in the time since, and a few days ago the tumor in his stomach...
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    would this grain pattern on the headstock bother you?

    Link me to the full guitar, I want to see how it looks with the rest of it
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    Guitar sounds good with one amp but not another

    Everything sounds good through a Fender Twin
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    Finally got a proper Telecaster

    There's always sand paper!
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    Lollar Imperial Mounting Screw Thread Size and Pitch

    Hello. I purchased a set of Imperial Humbuckers for my Strat project and the provided screws were too long. I cut them with a grinder but rushed the job and didn't get a clean cut on them. I know they are non-standard, does anyone know what the threading is for these? Home Depot and Lowes...
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    Ibanez owner defects to Fender

    I feel like most people are defecting the other way. Probably for the reasons you post about this guitar here. I haven't tried these new AZ models everyone's talking about, but for the money I'd still go Fender. Headstock shape matters and Ibanez just doesn't seem to get it..
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    Which one would you buy?

    don't underestimate the value of a good case
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    How old do you think these are?

    so where's the sequel?
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    candles, a good book, and some time for reflect when the world slows down. It ain't all that bad if you don't let it be.
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    This guitar has lost its high end

    Do you play your tele on the bridge pickup right before picking this one up? Tone perception can be pretty relative. Sometimes, you just got to cleanse your aural palette and play a strat in the 4th position with tone rolled to about 8 between guitar switches. You can also cleanse your pallet...
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    Bruce Forman on Barney Kessel, Bruce owns Barney's ES350 cool read

    Great article and breadcrumbs to follow for some good videos. Thanks for sharing!
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    Hang Over Cures ????

    bloody mary with horse radish and celery stick in it. it's like a "transitional" approach and works for me! then chug water after and open your eyes as wide as possible while stretching your arms as high up as you can on your tippy toes.
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    My Wife just bought me a $7000 Les Paul!!!

    I'm with you on this one. I was wondering what one in a million, Dr- Strange-to-ironman scenerio would need to come together for something like this to happen to me.... Nope, none. There are no scenerios where she'd even listen to me test out a bunch of guitars, much less buy me the 7000...
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    Wilt Chamberlain & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Airline Commerical

    yah, I thought about him, but he was always skinny at least as I've seen in footage. Kareem was jacked, then slimmed down. did he go vegan or something?
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    Wilt Chamberlain & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Airline Commerical

    I just had the realization that Kareem was one of the few bigs that actually got skinnier as he aged...
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    What is the oldest Coffee you've ever drank.

    Maybe use it to stain or age some guitar parts if it's sentimental. There's probably little microscopic insect eggs in there or some kind of brain eating bacteria.
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    You think you have too many guitars?

    I've seen this video shared a bunch of times, but I don't have an hour and a half to watch it. Can I get the quick summary? How much gear? How valuable? prize piece? etc?
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    What's your limited time practice routine

    I admire your discipline. And I wouldn't consider 90 minutes a night "time limited"... I probably get that much time in a week. I play in my head sometimes before I pass out at night though, like fretboard visualization and inner ear stuff.
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    Slightly baffled by Eric Johnson

    I'm kind of with you on this. He's one of my favorite guitarists, and I own a few albums, but I don't really listen to them in their entirety. But, I love his improvisations. During his live shows, at least recently, he'll just go off the cuff and play solo for a while and it's beautiful. He...
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    Fast Fret, and wiping beneath your strings.

    I clean my strings about as often as I floss. Never, regardless what I tell my dentist. But, I just had an idea that might kill two birds with one stone.
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    An Embarrassing Admission

    I think if you own a lava lamp and rehearse in a room with a shag carpet, then you can rock one of those pickguards. Otherwise I agree with you.
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    If Lee Iacocca were still alive...

    I think he'd still be retired :)