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  1. muscmp

    Epiphone ea35t amp

    great amp. similar to a gibson amp counterpart. gibson tube amp group on fb for more info. play music!
  2. muscmp

    Do you think second-hand gear prices will ever come back down?

    if most is junk, as you seem to imply, who cares? maybe only those who don't do their due diligence. play music!
  3. muscmp

    Do You Ever Just Look At Your Guitars?

    usually every thursday. play music!
  4. muscmp

    Guitar sounds good with one amp but not another

    no, i've always been able to tweak the guitar and/or the amp so that any guitar works with any amp i have. i will admit that i do like certain guitars with certain amps tho. play music!
  5. muscmp

    I think I may be a goner.

    whew!! thought you were serious. glad you are ok! play music!
  6. muscmp

    Please Recommend Combo Reverb/Tremelo Pedal

    tremolo? and reverb would be strymon flint. still the best. play music!
  7. muscmp

    So the new Frontier is a Tacoma?

    it used to be that you could put something on your antenna to help find your car. those days are long gone! i'm shocked that people buy black vehicles in places with hot weather. better get that ac going!! play music!
  8. muscmp

    Any of y’all ever recone a speaker yourself?

    yes, and it was a failed attempt. this was a cts from an old gibson amp. all seemed well until i tested it and it acted exactly like it did before the redo. low 6th string made a terrible sound. i spoke to a friend who doesn't live close but has done it before and he said i may not have got...
  9. muscmp

    Tell me I don't need a 2nd Princeton!

    if you must, look for a real princeton with no reverb. play music!
  10. muscmp

    So the new Frontier is a Tacoma?

    most all cars and trucks look alike to me is that a buick or a toyota? a kia or a honda?...... play music!
  11. muscmp

    Do you look at the fretboard while playing?

    my fretboard(s) have never moved and are always in the same place! ha! unless i am trying to figure out a detailed chord, note by note, i try not to look at the fretboard. one thing that has helped me is to play in the dark. that way you have no choice. play music!
  12. muscmp

    Gibson GA9 amp

    i have a few gibson, and fender amps. this is a 58 ga9. not in the best shape but a fun little amp to play. only 10 watts but two 12ax7 and two 6v6. so it is a later version. i do have some with the octals and field coils like ga20 and ga50t and they are great. check out all of the early...
  13. muscmp

    Logic pro X and Apple rant

    relax and use all of the tutorials provided above. but don't just watch them; do them. and, if you are on FB do check out the logic group. i use logic, reason and ableton. i've found they have some of the same things across the board and some things that are different. i get around each...
  14. muscmp

    Anyone here own or have tried a Lucky Dog?

    that's what i was referring to. a hot dog vendor. he wasn't a franchise but did a great biz for a while in a mini mall. too bad. play music!
  15. muscmp

    Anyone here own or have tried a Lucky Dog?

    we had one here but it went out of business. play music!
  16. muscmp

    I Slept On Old Peavey Solid States for Way Too Long

    most of the time it is not the amp but the player's inability to dial in their sound they are looking for. it isn't the amp's fault. play music!
  17. muscmp

    Two dumb but related questions: 5F2a impedance and NFB

    i have a 59 princeton 5f2a and it is 4 ohm, actually 3.4 ohm. it has the 125a2a OT which apparently was used more in the harvard. 606943 schumacher code. when i got it there was a 65 utah in it that i've replaced with a great weber. PT is triad 66079. i keep thinking about adding nfb but it...
  18. muscmp

    Good 12AY7s?

    i have eh in a couple amps that sound great. they didn't sound great in a couple others. exactly same thing with jj. worked in a couple and not in a couple. play music!
  19. muscmp

    How are AlNiCo covers mounted on Weber 12A125A's?

    i have two of them and i pushed on each one's label and can't feel a screw underneath but it is a thick label. may want to contact weber for sure. play music!
  20. muscmp

    The Bias Rite seems to be extinct...

    i made my own two-tube model to use for el84. then made a two tube model for 6v6, et al. rather cheap and don't have to pull chassis. play music!
  21. muscmp

    Dual amp setup: ground loop and electric shock issues

    you are in the u.s. i use a humx by ebtech for ground issues. don't know if op is really worried about shock or just confused. play music!
  22. muscmp

    The effects of using Lighter Fluid to clean a pot.

    it does sorta go along with burning fingers tho! amazing story! play music!
  23. muscmp

    Ever exit a room and swat at the light switch like 3 times without hitting it?

    better check with your doctor re: the light switch. could be worse with the kids as i was called "barney" the dog's name before they got thru the kids' names to me. play music!
  24. muscmp

    If Hagar had not joined VH, who should have been the new singer?

    after two terrible ones they should have become an instrumental band. eddy would have been enough and wouldn't need anymore bad singers! play music!
  25. muscmp

    Most Underrated Amp Brands

    vox, underrated? first i've heard of that! i love my ac15c1. i'd like to say harmony or supro or magnatone but now they've been redone. people have picked up on gibsons so i really can't think of any except maybe univox or oahu. play music!