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  1. AAT65

    Loose pickups workaround?

    Have you got springs or rubber tubing over the pickup screws?
  2. AAT65

    Need some input please…

    Open string only?? Almost certainly nut-related.
  3. AAT65

    Who likes/hates Fades (guitar finishes)?

    I’m not a fan of bursts and I haven’t seen a fade that I‘m keen on either… but at least a fade isn’t a sunburst or a butterscotch blonde!!😄
  4. AAT65

    Sunset after 1700 CST

    Sunset is 16:22 here today. My Dad’s birthday is 5 February: as my Mum always said, that was when you noticed the days were getting longer and the end of winter was in sight. Up in these latitudes that’s about when sunset is after 5pm - it’s a definite psychological tipping point.
  5. AAT65

    What's it mean if a pup won't give output, but can hear it.....

    So I'm guessing that you are measuring DC resistance (on the guitar lead). Since the resistance of B+N in parallel is lower than Bridge by itself then the Neck pickup isn't an open circuit: but it doesn't go down much so its resistance is pretty high. Throwing some quick numbers in a calculator...
  6. AAT65

    Olympic white tele, thinking about changing the pickguard, what ya got?

    My old Olympic White Strat came with a white pickguard: I liked it better when I'd changed it black, but in retrospect tort would have been even better!
  7. AAT65

    Nashville Wiring Brain Teaser

    You can do almost anything with a Superswitch! Looks to me like you'd use two poles to do the normal Strat 5-way thing and then another two to switch in the middle pickup blend pot. Pole 1: B B - N N > out Pole 2: - M M M - > out Pole 3:pot- - - - > out Pole 4: M - - - - > blend pot The middle...
  8. AAT65

    It’s not Leo’s fault, but . . . .

    Whichever guitar I'm playing I hit pickups sometimes. Doesn't bother me except when I drop my plectrum...! What does annoy me is hitting switches (mostly if they're in the LP / upper bout position) and the volume control (Strats, I'm talking about you!).
  9. AAT65

    Help! Newly Installed Electronics/Pickups. But Now Tone Pots Do Nothing

    Are the pots grounded? If not then you might see all the effects you are talking about.
  10. AAT65

    Indiana Jones

    Wow, there must be a weird edited version of Temple Of Doom that goes round on American TV or's never been tedious and lame when I've seen it! But there you go, can't all like the same stuff all the time...
  11. AAT65

    Indiana Jones

    Do yourself a favour and only watch the real 3 films... there is no 4th Indiana Jones movie...
  12. AAT65

    How Wings Create Lift (Bernoulli's principle stands corrected.)

    I'm not sure it's BS, but the video doesn't explain this very well IMHO (perhaps because the guy who made it says himself he's not a physicist...). The act of turning the airflow by the aerofoil, however it's accomplished, will produce lift. The air is pushed downwards, therefore the wing is...
  13. AAT65

    Is this red plating ?

    Excellent debugging advice!!
  14. AAT65

    One Word Song Title Transference Game

    BB & KF are conspiring to get us stuck in a loop! Must… escape…. What Ever Happened To All The Fun In The World? — Frank Zappa
  15. AAT65

    I did a thing...PRS SE content.

    Very good! I’ve had an SE245 for nearly 6 years and it is a great guitar. Very comfortable to play, very well set up and well finished. Mine has the original simple fixed lightning-bolt bridge which intonates perfectly well with 9s or 10s. (I got fed up with the 4-knob controls and hacked it up...
  16. AAT65

    What in the dang heck is this?

    Definitely a good combination. The Jazz Strat they did a couple of years later was pretty nice too.
  17. AAT65

    One Word Song Title Transference Game

    Welcome To Japan — The Strokes
  18. AAT65

    What in the dang heck is this?

    Parallel Universe Jazz Tele - 2017 iirc..?
  19. AAT65

    Options for Mustang style switches

    There used to be a Mustang (Pawn Shop ?) that has 2 humbuckers and uses the slide switches to select the coils individually or as a humbucker pair for each pickup, plus a 3-way toggle to select the pickup.
  20. AAT65

    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    I am sure the gilmourish equipment listing is right -- that guy has done a ton of research!! So we can settle on Strat for the original, like the rest of the AHM album. The video I posted is Gilmour's band from 2006 or so -- same as on the Live In Gdansk set I believe. Steve diStanislao on...
  21. AAT65

    Any Pink Floyd Fans Out There?

    To answer the question, yes I'm a fan of Pink Floyd -- everything up to The Final Cut, but their post-Waters records can't keep my attention. (Neither can Roger's post-Floyd records!) Regarding Fat Old Sun, Gilmour certainly used his Tele for that in recent years - I thought it was a Tele on...
  22. AAT65

    Blondie Chaplin playing a Telecaster

    We saw Brian Wilson live (well, he seemed kinda half-alive himself, but what a great band!) and Blondie Chaplin sang Sail On Sailor and played that same guitar. Pretty sure it's an American Elite Tele (same as the one I have, Mystic Black with maple fingerboard).
  23. AAT65

    PRS is teasing an SE version of the Silver sky!

    Well, remember that the UK price includes all taxes. So it won't be a spectacular deal but you need to take that into account.
  24. AAT65

    Rolled edges on Player Plus Tele Nashville, E string sometimes slipping off

    Yup, loosen the neck screws and give the neck a wee nudge! And btw you know what they say -- this thread is worthless without pictures...😄
  25. AAT65

    Stand By Switch

    That is a good reason -- for those that swap speakers live. Wally also mentioned it: Not so relevant for combos though. 😕 (I know, there are extension and external speaker sockets on many combos.) Maybe they should label it a "Speaker Mute" switch and put it down by the speaker jack sockets if...