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  1. ElJay370

    Another List of Bands

    Of Montreal
  2. ElJay370

    Hang Over Cures ????

    Greasy Mexican food A little bit of the “jazz cabbage” A big glass of ice water Couch Blanket Netflix Works for me ;)
  3. ElJay370

    Jimi Hendrix's guitar for sale

    Dweezil has it now. Converted back to a standard Strat setup. He plays it live sometimes.
  4. ElJay370

    ‘78 Tele Antigua finish w/ rosewood fretboard. Is it original?

    I dunno. I’d expect an original to be a lot more boogery colored. Plus, poly doesn’t wear like that, and the finish doesn’t look nearly thick enough for a 70s Fender. All else looks legit. A peek in the neck pocket and at the neck heel will confirm.
  5. ElJay370

    Any experience at storing teles in 120 deg F heat?

    Indoors, in a case, with the strings slacked should be fine. A bolt on solid body isn’t anywhere near as sensitive to environment as an acoustic. I’d expect a bit of easily remedied fret sprout when you finally do retrieve it, but not much else.
  6. ElJay370

    Super Six Reverb.

    Awesome. I’ve played through all kinds of big boy amps, but never one of these. It’s on my list.
  7. ElJay370

    I wired a Strat, pots behaving oddly

    I don’t see anything wrong with the diagram, unless you’re reading it incorrectly. As others have said, pics would be very helpful
  8. ElJay370


    Zoot Allures, Overnite Sensation, and One Size Fits All in current rotation. I’m familiar with his entire catalog, yet I continue to find new things in his music.
  9. ElJay370

    The Who's "mini-operas"...

    This has to be one of the greatest live performances ever filmed. The Who were at their best when they were a wily gang of reckless hooligans breaking stuff. I also love how they legendarily blew foppish dandies the Rolling Stones out of the room.
  10. ElJay370

    How Many Still Listen to Hendrix?

    Live recordings are where he sounds the freshest. I still listen to Blues, Radio One, Jimi Plays Monterey, and Band Of Gypsys pretty regularly. The played out, hippie-dippy studio stuff? Not so much.
  11. ElJay370

    What is your favorite emotive guitar solo?

    Eddie’s entire career was virtually one long guitar solo, but he seems so focused and serious on this track that it stands out for me. Everything everyone loved about him is there
  12. ElJay370

    Opinion Concerning What To Do With This Guitar

    That makes my fingers hurt just looking at it. I believe it would make an excellent wall decoration. Maybe stick a geranium in the sound hole.
  13. ElJay370

    Your favorite song about a city!

    So tight….so rude
  14. ElJay370

    September 18, 1970

    My dad was a big Hendrix fan. Once it became apparent that I was on my way to becoming a musician, Jimi was the only player he went out of his way to point me towards. Thanks dad, and thank you Jimi.
  15. ElJay370

    Getting unwanted grooves out of brass saddles

    Can’t offer much outside of what you’ve already been doing. When it’s brass vs. steel, brass is gonna lose every time.
  16. ElJay370

    What is the Greatest Rolling Stone song of all time?

    Well, obviously it’s “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’” :D The riff, the vocal, the vamp out with the sax and guitar….Iconic And yeah, “Shattered”, “Street Fighting Man”, “B!tch”, “Brown Sugar”, “Heartbreaker”, “Wild Horses”, “Little T&A”, etc But I don’t believe this one has been mentioned. I...
  17. ElJay370

    Gen Z kid names the Best Punk Bands of All Time

    Since the Circle Jerks, Descendents, the Damned, and Bad Religion are not on that list, it is invalid.
  18. ElJay370

    Suggestions on learning how to repair guitars

    You start with an unbridled love of the instrument as a piece of art and engineering. Couple that with a love for building and taking things apart. Add in a bit of perfectionism and a ton of patience. Cobble together a few specialized tools and supplies (many of which you’ll have to make...
  19. ElJay370

    Super Cheap Necks on Ebay: Buy or Pass?

    In my experience, here’s what you can expect from sub $100 dollar Chinese necks: - Garbage fret work - Heels that don’t even come close to fitting in a standard pocket - If finished, totally gobbed up with poly. If unfinished, loaded with scratches and tooling marks. - A worthless, poorly...
  20. ElJay370

    Crazy CT Deadhead Builds Working 1/6 Scale Wall Of Sound

    Pretty impressive…
  21. ElJay370

    Mellow Middle Age Fred Durst and LB

    Don’t know why these dudes didn’t blow up like they should have. “Prayer For My Demo” kicks ass
  22. ElJay370

    Something For All You Old Tool Heads

    A quick Google search didn’t turn up much of anything. I guess it’s a thing that just isn’t made anymore. The one in the video looks like it’s probably 80 years old.
  23. ElJay370

    Something For All You Old Tool Heads

    Cool restoration video of an old fractal vice. I think I need one of these.
  24. ElJay370

    Classic rock -- anyone else here hate it?

    It's not the bands themselves that I'm sick of...there's plenty of great music to be had from all of them. It's the station's programming that sucks. Before I had satellite/Apple Music/Spotify access in my car I'd toggle through all the various radio stations in my area until I found something...