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  1. Axis29

    Guitar stand rubber/foam

    I tried black velvet in a guitar cabinet I made.... That was a mistake, it discolored the binding on one of my Les Pauls. White cotton is the only thing I can say 100% does not react. I know there are other things, but white 100% cotton is a guaranty.
  2. Axis29

    Dust collector tips & tricks share

    I run my DC a lot these days... Been building a lot of (mostly kitchen) cabinets recently. I use it for my big tools as well as handheld stuff. MY DC consists of a Harbor Freight unit, a big plastic barrel separator and some piping (that needs some upgrading!). I currently still have the...
  3. Axis29

    New Quilter SuperBlock Mini Heads, $249

    Except they aren't $249 any more. I looked at Sweetwater yesterday and they had gone up to $275...
  4. Axis29

    Shellacking Grill Cloth Guitar Cab Yay or Nay?

    Looks great! Only suggestion I would make is not to use mineral spirits to thin shellac... Use denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol (with a percentage above 80%) or Everclear. Mineral spirits doesn't dissolve the shellac. It may make it runnier, but the shellac is not evenly distributed in...
  5. Axis29

    Had a chance to play a Fender Pro Reverb.

    I think it's funny, actually.... For years on this forum, folks whined about how Fender discontinued the 1x12 Vibrolux, and didn't replace it with a blackface counterpart. People talked endlessly about how they wanted a 1x12, 40 watt with reverb and trem. Everybody said it'd be the perfect...
  6. Axis29

    Shellacking Grill Cloth Guitar Cab Yay or Nay?

    Put the shellac on. It won't hurt a thing. I have used odd fabrics for speaker grills before, even including a coffee bag! I have used spray lacquer and spray shellac, as well as sprayed my own shellac on grill cloth. The stiffness does not have any tonal effect. It helps it get installed...
  7. Axis29

    Alerts not going away...

    So, i think I finally figured it out... The background color of the read alerts (butterscotch), is so close to the 'unread alerts' is so close that I can barely tell the difference on my MacBook. Have to go see if there's any setting I can change...
  8. Axis29

    ash vs tulipwood vs birch for cab?

    You are correct about plywood's flexibility in that particular situation, over a 'long' unsupported span. Most solid wood, of the same thickness, is stiffer in the long grain direction, but not in the cross grain direction. Because plywood is made of layers with the grain aligned at 90...
  9. Axis29

    ash vs tulipwood vs birch for cab?

    Actually, solid wood is not stiffer than plywood. BUT, you are correct, it is more resonant! The beauties of plywood are it's strength and it's stability. Of course, some plywood is stronger than others. Typical sheathing usually has big, wide cores, that are of some really crappy fast...
  10. Axis29

    Is there one do-it-all amp?

    Gonna need a lot more info.... What kinda music? How much gain? Channel switching? Do you need a loop? Do you like warm and fat? Crunchy? Grindy? What size venues? Just the bedroom? How sensitive is your wife to loud noises? Do you need silent recording? How about a direct out? I...
  11. Axis29

    Friend smoked champ

    Actually, it has nothing to do with product design... It had to do with modification after the fact. The parts that failed were NOT stock parts. The speakers I replaced the blown Webers with handled everything I ever threw at the amp after that.
  12. Axis29

    Friend smoked champ

    The amp handled it fine. It was the speakers. Weber P10Q's are not rated for that much juice. They were the speakers that were in it when I bought it... The same ones mentioned in the ToneReport article about the Vibrolux Reverb. Anyway, did not mean to derail the thread.
  13. Axis29

    How and why to patch unused holes in chassis?

    I like this idea.... more than I should.
  14. Axis29

    Friend smoked champ

    I had a guy come over to try my '69 Vibrolux Reverb. We kinda knew each other through The Gear Page. He';d never played through a Vibrolux, did I mind him come checking it out. Of course not... Why would I? Nice guy, plays big vintage Marshalls all the time... dimed, it seems. He dimed my...
  15. Axis29

    Guitar sounds good with one amp but not another

    I have one guitar that makes EVERY am sound good... It is one of my cheapest guitars, my Gretsch Electromatic 5127. No matter what amp I plug that guitar into, it just shines! My Tele is probably my most troublesome of all my guitars. But, honestly, since I started using flat wounds on it...
  16. Axis29

    Alerts not going away...

    I do like the new layout and upgrade. Thanks! My one issue is pretty small, really. But, early in the morning, before I've had enough coffee, it get's a little confusing... It will show that i have 8 new alerts. But, when I click on the alerts icon, I see every alert since the upgrade. I...
  17. Axis29

    Amp strain relief ?

    I reused the one in my '58 Twin.... It was fine. Not brittle or anything. (Cheap) Strain relief pliers was definitely the way to go!
  18. Axis29

    Thinking of buying another Twin Reverb

    I honestly would wager that if you replaced the speakers in a newer '65 Reissue, you might just be sittin' pretty... And happy with the tone. I don't think you'd need to spend billions either. Although, I cannot honestly recall the last time I saw a Twin on Craigslist.... I think I've seen...
  19. Axis29

    Olde Amp Smell

    Baking soda works to get rid of smells... Slowly, and it can be messy. An ozone generator is the best method for smell removal that I've ever found. I worked in a marina for a while (I am a woodworker and did all the wood repair that comes with sticking things in water for long periods). We...
  20. Axis29

    Thinking of buying another Twin Reverb

    As the owner of a '58 high power tweed Twin, I can tell you that clean is not it's strongest point. Harmonic content is the true star. It is clean, compared to my '59 Bassman Reissue (rewired to 5f6-a specs). It is warm, thick, but even the low volume cleans still have a bit of hair on them...
  21. Axis29

    5F6A Settings

    I do like the idea of the switchable NFB. That sounds like an interesting mod. As for the Mids.... I find scooping them out gets you closer to the brown and blackface tones. I like warmer, fatter and thicker... more congested, almost. As my sainted mother used to say, 'That's why they make...
  22. Axis29

    Build a new studio

    Here in the States, one of the big trash collection companies ells bags in some of the Home Depots that work like a small dumpster... I work as a cabinetmaker and furniture maker Not sure how to help you locally. Maybe someone from The Great White North will be along soon to help?
  23. Axis29

    Garage heater suggestions?

    I have an electric radiator style heater I will run when temps are just a touch chilly, and a big propane heater that I use when it actually gets close to cold (I do live in SoCal). I tend to run the propane heater to take the edge off, then once I'm working I turn. it off. Because, by then...
  24. Axis29

    Fender Vibrolux Reverb 40W vs. Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 35-watt

    There's been a lot of discussion about a number of the amps with the moniker Vibrolux Reverb over the years... The used one you listed is a Custom Vibrolux Reverb (CVR). It was the second generation of the '63 Vibroverb Reissue. As stated above, they took the '63VVRI, added reverb to both...
  25. Axis29

    1x12 vs 2x12, 1x10 vs 2x10, etc.

    For quiet play, at home? One speaker's probably gonna do you solid. When we record, a lotta time, you just mic one speaker... That's kinda the sound we're used to at lower volumes, yeah? 2x, or more by, for me, is about filling a room. My favorite really is my 4x10 Bassman. I have the...