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  1. Piggy Stu

    Hellø from Denmark

    How has no one mentioned Lego yet? On behalf of our UK chapter I would like to express gratitude for all the Lego I have played with
  2. Piggy Stu

    Martin CEO 7

    With a wound G I have had this when I need a new string
  3. Piggy Stu

    8 000 posts.

    This inspired me to see I am 17 short of rolling into 5k, but I don't know what might inspire me to write those next 17 - feeling sorry for myself of late
  4. Piggy Stu

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    Would like to hear second mother as well
  5. Piggy Stu

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    Come on, tell us your mother's maiden name and first pet
  6. Piggy Stu

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    Odd coincidence: I use my buddy's name and birthday where it doesn't matter and is form filling gibberish. Any email I get in that name or regarding that birthday is guaranteed marketing trash and deleted
  7. Piggy Stu

    I know people are afraid to post their mugs ...

    Where are the tinfoil hat brigade saying these photos will be used by the lizard men from Mars to control our minds during the invasion?
  8. Piggy Stu

    NGD Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic

    2 knobs... 3 way switch.... Frets on the fingerboard.... Probably both say Epiphone on the headstock
  9. Piggy Stu

    How did the great rockers repaint their guitars?

    Cellulose on top of cellulose wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world I expect most people just asked a friend from art college who was known to be able to spray. My dad has been in the motor trade for over 50 years and still gets requests for nitro spraying by guitarists
  10. Piggy Stu

    christmas wish list-your list

    Prepare to be horrified at used prices
  11. Piggy Stu

    Do you display your diplomas?

    Me and my father have the same name so he hung my law degree on the wall at HIS house to impress guests who didn't know me eventually my mum passed it to me in a box: I put it in the loft More or less everyone I know works in law so displaying it would be as impressive as a certificate proving...
  12. Piggy Stu

    Just had hernia surgery Friday. Any advice from those who've had it done?

    I ate a load of green leafy vegetables after mine, even though I dislike them normally Turns out phytonutrients aid repair, so I see it now
  13. Piggy Stu

    Should I Take Free Lessons?

    I agree with the observations above and myself would probably take the free lessons, but I would also observe that the most expensive things I ever got in life were given to me for 'free'
  14. Piggy Stu

    Let's see your workbenches!

    i had a bit of a brush up today so that my bench is visible, and thought you all deserved to see the squalor this little piggy exists in
  15. Piggy Stu

    Let's see your workbenches!

    I have different coloured tapes with names written on different bins holding anything. Still can't find it. Only thing I ever did that works was segregating spare parts in the order they affix to a guitar, ie tuners/nuts/frets/pups/pots/saddles etc
  16. Piggy Stu

    BIC 4 Color Pen

    I would repeat the quote that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but this pen based tattoo limbo danced under it
  17. Piggy Stu

    Oh, what the's on its way.

    The statement it is making is 'a wap wap a wappa woo'
  18. Piggy Stu

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  19. Piggy Stu

    The furnace and putting the guitars in their cases with humidifiers...

    Am I the only person drying laundry on the bannister to moisten my home? I keep my best guitars in a hard case and don't worry
  20. Piggy Stu

    Let's see your workbenches!

    ENVY My imagination cannot even create something this neat. People flew to the moon in less precision
  21. Piggy Stu

    Let's see your workbenches!

    I think quite often how a cluttered workbench has a certain fractal arrangement to it that is never properly replicated by films who want a mad scientist bench to look well used and cluttered. There are sedimentary layers, disrupted by pushing some things back, small areas of focus, big...
  22. Piggy Stu

    Man Cave

    I think the term Man Cave should be left alone for the proctologists to use as a euphemism during a colonoscopy No one ask for a picture of my Man Cave please
  23. Piggy Stu

    BIC 4 Color Pen

    blushing at the obscenity of that right here:oops::oops::oops:
  24. Piggy Stu

    Burnley Buttlift

    I can tell my buddy you are interested in the idea of buttock implants. He is in a long term relationship with another guy right now but I am sure he will help a pal
  25. Piggy Stu

    NGD Martin

    3 pictures aint enough How about some close up of the grain on the soundboard? And the peghead? Thirsty times out here