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  1. 1300 E Valencia

    Hi, This is Jose, I am new Here. Welcome Me.

    Jose, can you see?
  2. 1300 E Valencia

    This is a great explanation of why tube watts sound louder than solid state at about 6 minutes in

    Yeah, but no. The emulation of 22 tube watts takes place in the modeling section, not in the power amp. 100 watt class D amp doesn't emulate anything, it's just there to make the modeling louder. It's 100 watts solely for the purpose of eliminating any possibility of digital distortion. Think...
  3. 1300 E Valencia

    Most beautiful Jazz Ballad ever....

    One too many quarter notes per measure to be technically a waltz, I'm afraid...
  4. 1300 E Valencia

    Fender Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb

    And yet... How old is your phone? What did you pay for it? I agree we live in a throw-away world, but that's because it's cheaper to replace than fix. The Number One biggest overhead expense in any business is Payroll. Quick parts replacements instead of time-consuming trouble-shooting and...
  5. 1300 E Valencia

    setting up an eq

    Subtract, don't add. This is what old-schoolers will tell you. Of course, as guitar-players we know better, which is that everything sounds better on "10".
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    CV Tele 50s, 60s, 70s model, Which body is lightest?

    The Thinlines. Because they're hollow. But you knew that.
  7. 1300 E Valencia

    Strictly Sixties!

    Did someone mention Petula Clark? She's 10 years older than Paul McCartney. Old enough to be my mom, and I'm old enough to be your dad! Take that, zygotes! :lol:
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    Witchcraft Elitism

    tl/dr At some point, you can no longer blame your parents for your poor life choices.
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    There is a Special Place

    What!? You don't have a dedicated clipboard checklist for this stuff!? :lol: This is why you have two IEC cables. One in the bag, and one in the car. There are two levels of spares: The spares in the cable bag that gets loaded in every time, and the second bag of "deep spares" always out in the...
  10. 1300 E Valencia

    Speaker polarity ?

    1) RED is "+". 2) "+" should be stamped somewhere near the RED terminal. 3) The tip, or "+" terminal on the PLUG* is (or should be, as per convention) connected to the RIBBED side of the two conductor speaker cable. (It actually doesn't matter as long as both ends connect to the same...
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    Where Do I Get Foam Pedalboard Inserts?

    Check out furniture re-upholstery businesses. I've bought high-density sheet remnants 8 feet by 3 feet. Lifetime supply!
  12. 1300 E Valencia

    Question about a guitar. - Resolved with NGD.

    That's the way it's meant to be! I grew up in Fullerton and never, ever, ever, saw a Jaguar without the full block pearl inlays, never saw one with dot inlays. It's just not done in polite society.
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    FedEx let me down....UPDATED

    I hate when this happens... People do this all the time. They print a shipping label, then actually drop the item off at the shipper four days later. People toss stuff in their back seats and think they'll get to the P.O. later then forget. Please, folks, it doesn't count as shipped unless it...
  14. 1300 E Valencia

    FedEx let me down....UPDATED

    The fact the seller didn't require a $3 signature on a $1300 item is on the seller, not the shipper.
  15. 1300 E Valencia

    Ok... what's going on with these spiders?

    You live close to a noo-kyu-lur power plant? Look out for those three-eyed fish!
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    okay, I finally have a phrase gripe....

    Somehow I cannot see Marvin Gaye singing "May We Get a Witnessss?" :lol:
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    Raised prices on Reverb today.

    Wow, lots of information here. Few facts, however. When started up, they were cheaper than eBay. So after a while, eBay reduced their fees on musical instruments (only) to be more competitive with and eBay now had equal fees. It’s been this way for the last...
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    How long do I wait?

    You need to wait 14 days before filing a claim, not 45. You also gotta make some noise. I would keep filing claims until something happens. You can do it on the USPS website. You'll need the package info and tracking number. Do it every day. Go to tour P.O. Claims end up on the desk of the...
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    Fender Princeton '65 or '68?

    Muddiness is going to depend on how loud you play, and how much you turn up the bass knob. It's a "blackface" Fender. Which means the louder you play, the more you turn down the bass knob. The Princeton is actually a mix of blackface and tweed, and it's low-powered, so the bass is prominent and...
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    If attacking a castle, what pedals should be loaded in the catapults?

    You could always string a bunch of MOOER minis together with cheap cable couplers and use 'em as grapeshot.
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    Hobos. The Old Ones.

    Well, now we know where the term "easy mark" comes from.
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    DHGate advertising on TDPRI

    No, the real advice is if it sounds too good to be true, IOW, a Les Paul for a hundred bucks, it probably is too good to be true... It's good thing us Americans is too smart for this, otherwise we wouldn't be at the pinochle of success we is at today.:lol::lol::lol:
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    Does anyone else spend their whole work day daydreaming about their guitars

    It's so confusing when people use their fancy homonyms. They're all starting to sound the same to me.
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    It's official: the Eighties are back.

    Best Tone Evah! :lol: I looked up Billboard charts for February 1982, when my kid was born. I was in a band then, and to my everlasting shame, I still know every one of those tunes! Every one of which had a Boss CE-2 on it! :eek: