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    The Grateful Dead Movie

    Great Movie. I saw it when it first came out with the trucked in sound system at the New Yorker theater in Toronto.
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    Seldom Seen Old Pics of Famous Musicians

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    Air Duct Cleaning

    I know this thread was revived because of spam but here's a story on filters:
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    Hagstrom Swede (Deluxe) vintage

    Have a look here:
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    Alexander Howard Dumble RIP ?

    RIP Howard you certainly brought the magic.
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    Can a guitar tech please explain?

    context is important for the quotes. It was a description of his audition as a tech. “We go out to 5150 [studio], Matt takes a guitar out of a gig bag and hands it to me, and he said, ‘You’re to set this up the way you think Ed would like it, and I’m to give you absolutely no information to go...
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    Jimi's Radio One Strat

    That would have been a good show
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    Any Hate For Guitarist Prior To The 70’s?

    Well the lead guitarist as an icon is a recent development. There's really no one before Clapton and Hendrix. Which is not to say there weren't good guitarists before them but most of the fifties rock guitarists were part of a band and not the main focus in the same way Hendrix was. Maybe Lonnie...
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    Any Hate For Guitarist Prior To The 70’s?

    Will it make you feel better if I say mean things about Wes Montgomery or T-bone Walker?
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    Where to buy lefty pots

    Philadelphia Luthier has the cts ones
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    PRS is teasing an SE version of the Silver sky!

    849 USD/1099CAD Price point is good, colors are ok preorders are up now.
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    When guitar brand have very unlikely players in their ads.

    That's not Bjorn Borg it's Vitas Gerulaitis, he was friends a jamming partners with Eddie. McEnroe owns or used to own a lefty Burst. Here's Vitus with the guitar Eddie gave him in 83 at MSG Here are the duo with Aerosmith with John holding the guitar Eddie had made for him:
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    Joe Bonamassa - Does he have a hit song?

    You do realize Swift either wrote or co-wrote every single song she has ever recorded. And she was responsible for a boom in guitar sales because wait for it, she plays guitar on stage.
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    Joe Bonamassa - Does he have a hit song?

    So the ultimate goal is to be a talented musical genius, who is extremely relevant but has no fans or audience?
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    Joe Bonamassa - Does he have a hit song?

    Joe plays too many notes Joe has too many guitars Joe makes too much money Joe has no fans except the tens of thousands who pay to see him every year. Does that cover it?
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    Looking for a simple 60-100 watt amp project

    The OP might want to have a look at the Solid State Guitar Amp Forum
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    PRS is teasing an SE version of the Silver sky!

    this might be a hint: They have a prs se factory in Indonesia
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    How did the great rockers repaint their guitars?

    He painted a portion of all the custom shop sets. " Page visited our Custom Shop in Corona, CA and personally painted a portion of the dragon design on each guitar."
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    Fender Serial Number in Relation to Production Question

    from an old post of mine There's not really any actual sales data available the only Figures that are around are for 1966 from Tom Wheeler, The Fender Archives: A Scrapbook of Artifacts, Treasures, and Inside Information...
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    Petty, Springsteen and Keef Tele color?

    If you look at the old catalogs the tele is described as: lots of old catalogs here: The butterscotch blonde color enters with the 86 model year. the previous years vintage tele models were offered in blond
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    1971 Rosewood Tele: Any recs for routing repairs? (ideally SoCal/AZ)

    I'm in the buy a new pick guard camp but this is the guy you want to talk to JW Guitar Restoration and this is why:
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    "A woman sued by Eric Clapton after listing a bootleg CD for €9.95 on eBay now has to pay his legal

    Allen Klein sued not Jagger and Richards. And in any case the twins signed over their share of the publishing to Ashcroft and Oldham bought a watch strap.
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    Nile Rodgers Sells His Teles and Those Other Fender Guitars

    The hit maker is a hardtail. 60 body 59 neck. The black strat that went for 150k was also played by SRV on family style and Let's Dance