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  1. northernguitar

    Advice on delay/echo

    The Danelectro Corned Beef reverb is not a reverb pedal, but does one thing: the most perfect Rockabilly slapback I’ve ever heard.
  2. northernguitar

    Who is "thinking snow"?

    No!!!!!! I used to enjoy it….but the older I get, the more I despise winter!
  3. northernguitar

    Tell me about humbuckers with screws on both coils...

    Gibson Dirty Fingers has two rows of screws.
  4. northernguitar

    Best budget 12 string

    Of the budget models mentioned, how is the action on these? I’ve played a Washburn that let me barre like it was my Godin 6-string acoustic guitar. If I get a 12’er, I definitely want something that I can play up the neck a bit.
  5. northernguitar

    Locking Tuners For A MIC (2020) Epiphone ES-339?

    Sorry, man. No other locker experience. Asian Grover’s always seem a good deal. Wilkinson is also a hidden gem when it comes to hardware.
  6. northernguitar

    Locking Tuners For A MIC (2020) Epiphone ES-339?

    Hipshot tuners are the best deal out there.
  7. northernguitar

    Sweetwater has the Mustang Micro on Sale for $89

    If you’re outside California, I think you’re safe. Other than that, the FMM is a sweet little tool/toy. With some good headphones, the amps and fx sound fantastic. My only beef is that the amps have no gain control, nor ability to boost. But the Bluetooth feature is beyond cool and it works...
  8. northernguitar

    Can I combine 2 outputs on a pedal power supply to double the mA?

    I think you’re out of luck. I’ve seen voltage doublers, but nothing to increase the mA. Edit: And within one post I’m wrong! There ya go, OP!
  9. northernguitar

    No luck finding a good used guitar :(

    For a dual humbucker or P90 guitar, nothing beats the Yamaha Revstar in its price range. I have the RS420 and it’s a fantastic axe. Great finish, very ergonomic.
  10. northernguitar

    My "Trusty" Snark Tuner

    Boss has one with an LCD display. Worked for me in full sun.
  11. northernguitar

    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    Highest value guitar is probably my Gibson Les Paul Junior Special. I see them selling for >$1400. I got mine in a trade for a Japanese ES-335 copy.
  12. northernguitar

    Your favourite action movie guy ?

  13. northernguitar

    Stevie Wonder on Sesame St

    That blew my toddler mind, when I first saw it.
  14. northernguitar

    Anyone a Tokai Love Rock expert??

    A few years ago, there were some floating around the Southern Ontario used market.
  15. northernguitar

    Anyone a Tokai Love Rock expert??

    There are Fakais out there.
  16. northernguitar

    Cort Earth Acoustic guitars

    I’ve since soured completely on the idea of a used 12 string. Every seller I ask is dumbfounded when I inquire about winter hydration or if it was stored tuned down. Requests for a 12th fret measure go unanswered. In one ad, a picture clearly shows stings so high, it would be a masochistic...
  17. northernguitar

    Cort Earth Acoustic guitars

    Thanks for the replies. I’m very leery about buying a used 12-string. I don’t need it for stage use, more just to satisfy playing some George Harrison chords. Seller will go down to CDN$350. I’m going to check it out later this week. This is the ad...
  18. northernguitar

    Cort Earth Acoustic guitars

    Hey there…I’m going to look at a Cort Earth 12 string. I’ve heard good things about the brand and the guitar looks nice. Any opinions?
  19. northernguitar

    The # of Pedals by Type You Currently Own? In Use / On the Shelf?

    I use all of these. On the shelf are a Dunlop Wah, Ibanez Phaser and Analog Delay, T-Rex Tonebug OD, Behringer Super Fuzz, and Danelectro FabTone
  20. northernguitar

    Things That Get On Your Nerves

    Kvetch threads. Only thing worse are buttfaces who keep them going at 8 pages.
  21. northernguitar

    Songs that are better live

    Was gonna say Gary Numan. His live shows are breathtaking. The live albums of both The Pleasure Principle and Telekon are brilliant and far superior to the studio classics. However, I’ll go with Highway Star on Made In Japan. If you are listening in the car, right at the point where it kicks in...
  22. northernguitar

    Recommend a Low Watt Tube Head

    Traynor Dark Horse.