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  1. johmica

    Guitars that are worth more than they're worth

    I just posted a lefty Ibanez AS83L on the Bay, and it got me to thinking about how I value my guitars. For example, on the one hand is the aforementioned Ibanez. I can't remember what I paid for the guitar itself, but since purchasing it a couple of years ago, I've added Duncan Antiquities, RS...
  2. johmica

    Songs that remind you of Rilke . . .

    For those of you former English majors out there, I woke up thinking about songs that contain the kind of transcendent melancholy that I always associate with Rilke's Duino Elegies. The two that come to mind for me are: Latter Days, by Over the Rhine and Ripple, by the Dead (of course) What...
  3. johmica

    Venomous Snakes

    We've got copperheads and rattlesnakes here in eastern Kentucky, and cottonmouths in western KY, where I grew up. I haven't seen any yet this year, but I see them about every year, when I'm out hiking. More copperheads than rattlers.
  4. johmica


    That bridge . . . But also, if you've gone down the Gretsch path, have you ever owned or played a Billy Bo? I LOVE the profile, and I LOVE Billy Gibbons, but as a lefty, the investment is $4k sight unseen, if I'm lucky (there's not a single one on the market right now). If you've spent time...
  5. johmica

    Is there a downside to leaving my pedalboard plugged in all the time?

    Title pretty much says it all. I'm assuming that they're not drawing much power at all, if they're not on. Is there any reason why I should unplug the board when it's not in use?
  6. johmica

    Talk me out of the JHS morning glory

    Just do it. In in a hundred years, no one will even know that this decision existed. Enjoy life while it lasts.
  7. johmica

    To Bigsby or not?

    Again, this is completely personal preference, but I'd rather use some kind of plug than have a weird plaque across my guitar. I mean, if you're into that particular retro look, then more power to you. But I've never liked the look - it screams "why is there a message on the front of your...
  8. johmica

    Are you, or have you ever been very happy with your tone? (Poll). What are you playing thru? And what music are you playing?

    Absolutely. Right now, my favorite tone is my '77 Les Paul Deluxe pushed through my Deluxe Reverb: A close second is my Sheraton (with Fralin Pure PAFs) pushed through the same amp:
  9. johmica

    NGD! AO Thinline!

  10. johmica

    To Bigsby or not?

    I would say no, personally. You'll have to deal with the empty post holes for the stop bar, and I've never seen it pulled off in a way that I find aesthetically pleasing. That is a stunningly beautiful guitar. Happy NGD!!!!
  11. johmica

    Am I going crazy? Or are used guitar prices plummetting in this economy?

    Yeah, I've been watching them for a while now - lefties are kind of few and far between. The seller was asking $1850, which is actually a good price for a mint one in my experience. I made an offer for $1500, and he accepted immediately. I think that the asking prices for the one or two...
  12. johmica

    Am I going crazy? Or are used guitar prices plummetting in this economy?

    I don't mind, personally. It's just kind of a bad, dad joke. :lol:
  13. johmica

    If you had to learn a few songs to learn how to play rock n roll, which would you pick?

    Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love Beatles - Ticket to Ride Bob Dylan - Don't Think Twice Eddie Floyd - Knock on Wood Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here ZZ Top - La Grange Aerosmith - Walk This Way AC/DC - Hell's Bells Great White - Once Bitten, Twice Shy Black Crowes - Jealous Again Tom Petty - Mary...
  14. johmica

    Musings on Developing Technical Skill

    I've been tinkering with guitar for the better part of 35 years at this point, but I never took it seriously. At the onset of the plague, I purchased an All Access Pass to TrueFire, and the lessons there have revolutionized my playing. I've improved more in the last two years than I had in the...
  15. johmica

    What's your Fav movie line(s)....

  16. johmica

    What's your Fav movie line(s)....

    "I suppose you think that you've raised hell. Sister, when I've raised hell you'll know it." also, "You vouch for this psychic business?" Same movie.
  17. johmica

    NGD - AVRI

    My initial impression is that the AVRI is a little thinner, a little flatter (maybe a vintage radius instead of a compound radius on the AO?), and a little wider. I'd be curious to see the specs of each to compare my impressions to the reality. But it's certainly a different feel.
  18. johmica

    NGD - AVRI

    . . . and one more of the entire family:
  19. johmica

    plumbers out there - shower leaks only when taking a shower

    Sometimes the rubber gasket that seals the overflow dry rots, and it can leak there, even when it's just water splashing against it from a shower: Grout would be my first guess, though. Also, make sure that there's not water on the floor outside the shower. It could be water leaking in under...
  20. johmica

    NGD - AVRI

    The neck pickup is much darker than on my AO. Do these come stock with the original, muddy wiring? I may have to upgrade the harness . . .
  21. johmica

    NGD - AVRI

    Got this 2005 AVRI for a steal: It came with all of the case candy, and the case still had the protective plastic on the hardware. It's a 17-year-old guitar that looks like it's never seen the light of day.
  22. johmica

    Would you consider a Les Paul with a repaired headstock break? (And maybe a cool coincidence!)

    Make a low, low offer. With the economy cooling, you might be surprised.
  23. johmica

    Am I going crazy? Or are used guitar prices plummetting in this economy?

    You know, I could be wrong. 🤣 I've scored two ridiculously good deals on used guitars over the last month or so. But maybe I'm just going through a lucky phase. I should buy a lottery ticket.