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  1. idjster

    What's The Best Book You've Read Recently?

    I re-read this fairly often. A really marvelous novel. Sadly, out of print. I read it first in the early 1970's.
  2. idjster

    Going back under the knife again!

    All the best, Billy3! I know what being under the knife is like, of late. Best of luck!
  3. idjster

    Maggie does it again!

    Very nice! Great talent!
  4. idjster

    What's your costliest Guitar & Price?

    PRS Custom 408 Jade. About $3500 Canadian when I bought it in the early 2000's. Haven't bought a guitar since. My #1. Not my pic. I really have to take one someday!
  5. idjster

    Forum reader from Oz saying hello

  6. idjster

    Band Pics, Circa 1974

    Wonderful photos!
  7. idjster

    Husband Goes In For A Double ByPass On Tuesday

    Every good with and prayer! Nice new home, too!
  8. idjster

    What do you buy at the grocery?

    Pretty much like cometazzi. Right now I guess I'd add fresh veggies to the list. We don't buy so many in the winter. Not so much stomach relief stuff.
  9. idjster

    Things That Get On Your Nerves

    Especially #2!
  10. idjster

    Do You Remember Your First Pedal?

    Boss distortion pedal. DS-1. Bought it at a local shop who were clearing them out. They must have bought an overstock as the pedal has been around since '78. Needed distortion, bought distortion. I liked it, but don't need it anymore. Long gone.
  11. idjster

    PRS SE upgrade overboard?

    Like a dream! It's very nice indeed. I'm glad I took the plunge - it wasn't cheap, but it was my dream guitar, and now my #1.
  12. idjster

    PRS SE upgrade overboard?

    Just beautiful! I have a stock custom 408 in Jade Green that I don't have a photo off. Here's one from the 'net. It's pretty close...
  13. idjster

    Random Daily Photos August 2022 Edition

    My first pedal board was on a board. Cool picture!
  14. idjster

    A baseball memory

    I never had the chance to go to a game, but it sounds like you had some really great experiences, starting with a wonderful oldest brother. Congratulations! It sounds like it was great and IS a great memory!
  15. idjster

    Fellow Canadians?

    Welcome to the forum! I'm out here in the bald prairies of Saskatchewan!
  16. idjster

    Non-Leather Guitar Straps

    I've used a number of Couch straps and they've been wonderful! Just watch the vinyl ends on your nitro finishes - don't leave them sitting for longer periods. I've also had some good luck getting straps from various Etsy makers. Straps don't have to be an issues, and they don't have to be leather.
  17. idjster

    Let's talk Soup

    I love French Onion Soup, and I love Clam Chowder, but my favorite of all is Borscht. High dill content Borscht is the best!
  18. idjster

    Having a Stent put in while awake the whole time

    WOW! I would not want to be awake for that either!
  19. idjster

    Organ Simulator Pedals

    I've got both the B9 and C9 and I just love them! Not perfect pedals (note comments about the compressors-less-ness) but both can do really fun things. Great pedals!
  20. idjster

    My 25 year old Affinity Tele (with lots of pictures!)

    Really good work, and a really fine post! Congratulations!
  21. idjster

    Finally got my 335!

  22. idjster

    I'm thinking about buying me an airplane.

    Beautiful plane!
  23. idjster

    Hi from The Shire