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  1. Bill Jones

    Vintage Bicycles

    I know Schwinn's from the late 60's on up to mid 80's very well. I was chief mechanic and bottle washer for 10th largest Schwinn franchise dealership in the country.
  2. Bill Jones

    Vintage Bicycles

    Beauty! Reminds me of my full Campy Schwinn Paramount(1978 Chicago built), Reynolds 531 Tubing, Nervex chrome lugs, Chestnut Brown Metallic. Still have it, and it's cherry!
  3. Bill Jones

    Vintage Bicycles

  4. Bill Jones

    Anyone Still into Muscle & Classic Cars these Days?

    Beautiful car. Genesis to my 1991 NSX
  5. Bill Jones

    MP3 player with big screen

    Check this out. I've purchased quite a few Creative products over the years and have always been happy with them. Including my ZEN MP3 player. This is a good deal. Earphones are real decent. Durable too. I'm thinkin' about gettin' one of these myself. Check out all the features...
  6. Bill Jones

    Wish all my guitars had a bellycut

    Wish all my belly's had a guitar cut!
  7. Bill Jones

    Red Sox Clinch!

    No Losers Yeah!!
  8. Bill Jones

    Red Sox Clinch!

    No Cubs or White Sox Yeah!!!
  9. Bill Jones

    Red Sox Clinch!

    No Yankees YEAH !!!
  10. Bill Jones

    I was a good boy today - no '68 PR for me

    Happier with my Carvin Belair. Stole it for Five large brand Gnu!
  11. Bill Jones

    iOS 7 is here!

    Proud to say: Never have and never will own or use a ChiCom Apple product.
  12. Bill Jones

    Hey beard guys

    Mine's 40 years old. Can still smell my first girlfriend Rosemary.
  13. Bill Jones

    Chicago Music Exchange

    Huge huge amounts of guitars and prices to match. Used to live a block away from the joint in the middle of Yuppieville. Been around at this location for about !0 years or so.
  14. Bill Jones

    Laptop Screen

    $250 to $300 if you bring in in for repair here in Chicago area. If you have a few tech skills and a little patience you can replace it yourself for about a $100 bucks for an exact new replacement screen. Bought mine from a joint in Texas. Search online. You only have to disassemble the...
  15. Bill Jones


    Seein' I'm the one that started this thread i'd like to reply. I agree with you. Lots of bad drivers out there. Many of them are guilty of doing the same distraction causing activities as these pedestrians and bicyclists. Add that in with other bad driving habits and you better be on your...
  16. Bill Jones


    Not me pal, maybe you. I live and teach common sense and street smarts above all else.
  17. Bill Jones


    Yeah, I especially love it when people just wander nilly/willy down the driving aisles of the local grocery store/mall parking lots with their toddlers in tow teaching them to be future generations of mindless morons.
  18. Bill Jones


    I saw it all today when I took my sports car out for a spin. Spotted an extremely safety concerned bicyclist/yuppie/new age knucklehead wearing a Bell bicycle helmet, cycling gloves, etc. etc. TEXTING while riding her bicycle down a main street in an extremely yuppified area in richie...
  19. Bill Jones


    Surprised he didn't give you the finger, like you're the bad guy.
  20. Bill Jones


    I'm very concerned about the fact that most of the time when there's a vehicle vs. pedestrian or bicyclist issue, it's usually found to be the motor vehicle drivers fault. I am, and have always have been an extremely cautious driver. I've always looked out for the idiots both behind the...
  21. Bill Jones

    Indian Motocycles Return - Again

    Just like many other things in society today, they are way overpriced. We can all thank the Yuppies back in the 1990's for jackin' the prices on Harley's, handbags, and work boots when the me generation thought they were all stylish. Now we all pay full boat for them.
  22. Bill Jones


    Read a report recently that shows that pedestrian death rates have increased for the first time in over a decade by nearly 10 percent. Doesn't surprise me in the least. People walking around constantly texting, ipoding, phoning. Even Yuppie moms texting while pushing strollers with babies...
  23. Bill Jones

    Restoring a bike for my girlfriend.

    Yes, it was called a Lemon Peeler. Schwinn also made a white one called a Cotton Picker and a silver/grey metallic one called the Grey Ghost. Both of these colors are more rare.
  24. Bill Jones

    Bike guys, 1972 Chrome Paramount NFSD

    I worked for the largest Schwinn dealer in town when I was younger. Every year or two I would get myself a new ride. Went from a 5 speed Collegiate Sport to a 10 speed Continental. I then progressed to a Super Sport, a Sports Tourer, a Super LeTour, an all chrome Voyager and finally;
  25. Bill Jones

    What type of car did you use for your drivers test?

    "67 IMPALA 4 Door Sedan, Granada Gold, 250 cubic inch six cylinder. Gettin' blown is better than injected.