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  1. Cesspit

    Are You A Tourist In Your Own Town?

    The world has steadily moved to a point where I feel I no longer belong. I don't know anyone and don't want to. I'm ok with that but it is sad it's worked out that way.
  2. Cesspit

    Snark shade - This settles it for me - No snark 'bout snarks

    Got a couple of Snarks for home use but recording, rehearsals and gigs I use a boss pedal tuner. Don't ask why, just the way it has worked out...
  3. Cesspit

    The weight of putting a dog down

    I had our beloved Dexter put down on November 29th 2021. Like you I held him in my arms as he took his last breathe. Devastated does not come close to how I felt and still feel and I'm not to proud to say I am welling up as I write this. He was only 8 and had very aggressive cancer so I had to...
  4. Cesspit

    The title says it all...

    My poor, recently departed Dexter could clear a room in seconds, it was vile. Only ever heard him fart once and when he did he jumped up and span round as if some one had bitten his ass. He then looked at me as if to say 'what did you do?' i laughed out loud....
  5. Cesspit

    Wishbone Ash - Live 1972

    I've seen them a few times over the years. The Argus album was responsible for me changing from drums to guitar as a kid, around 1970/71 I believe. So many brilliant albums, I can't pick a favourite and it is one band I have listened to consistently since the 70s.
  6. Cesspit

    Time marches on

    I was the wrong side of the pond for those events but I remember them on the news in the UK.
  7. Cesspit

    Online Guitar Purchases that showed up Perfect !!!

    I have brought two guitars from them with no complaints on both counts. Can't say more than that really. Oh, good free shipping, well wrapped and protected too.
  8. Cesspit

    Online Guitar Purchases that showed up Perfect !!!

    I'll second Andertons in the UK. Just got an Epi 59 Led Paul. I changed the strings as I always do and I can't put the thing down. Danny good service.
  9. Cesspit

    For aircraft enthusiasts: WW2 aviation, where designers got it wrong and other disasters.

    The battle of Britain and the decision to invade Russia were pivotal points in Europe. Britains air victory meant there was a base from which the invasion of Europe could be launched in 1944. The russian campaign was doomed from the start with Germany fighting on multiple fronts. In the...
  10. Cesspit

    For aircraft enthusiasts: WW2 aviation, where designers got it wrong and other disasters.

    Cheers Blazer, as always excellent stuff.
  11. Cesspit

    For Aircraft Enthusiasts: here's a question for everybody who served in the navy.

    Well you live and learn. We had the R1 version of the Nimrod. Electronic recon aircraft, very secret. They used to fly across to Russia and gathered radar signals and the like. That was 1974. British Government didn't admit their existence until the 90s.
  12. Cesspit

    For Aircraft Enthusiasts: here's a question for everybody who served in the navy.

    We often worked at each others stations, I used to love working with you guys (decent food). Once saw a U2 at Alconbury and the US officer with us tried to distract us from it, pretending it wasn't there, made us laugh. I remember the F4s were covered in names (pilot & rear) and ground crew...
  13. Cesspit

    For Aircraft Enthusiasts: here's a question for everybody who served in the navy.

    1975, I had been in the RAF one year. The RAF had Buccaneers and F4s but not at Wyton where I was stationed. We had Canberra PR9s and Nimrods, all photo recon and up the road was RAF Alconbury, an American base, also photo recon using F4s. My God, happy days for an eighteen year old.
  14. Cesspit

    too much technology ?

    Technology may make some things easier, but that does not always mean better. I have to say, clever as it all is it's not for me. I don't own a mobile phone and my life is none the worse for that.
  15. Cesspit

    60+ years of music existance - all at once

    I was lucky enough to be around as it happened, brought the albums and went to the gigs, it was easily accessible then and the excitement of a new album and associated tour was just brilliant. Yup, I am old.
  16. Cesspit

    Most tendetious food ad ever ?

    All ads are tedious.....
  17. Cesspit

    Are you a Mark Twain kind of guy, or just a guy going down the road?

    Me, I'm a nobody. I know of six people who would be upset if I died tomorrow, that would last about six months. Such is my impact on this brilliant but confusing world. Thing is I am comfortable with that, even though I know I don't fit in anymore. Happy days....
  18. Cesspit


    It's strange, Until recently I have never really considered my service to my country as anything other than a job. But with the upsurge in the publics acknowledgement of military personnel and first responders I realise I played a small part in all that for a total of 34 years. Peace was...
  19. Cesspit

    What five people in the history of guitar would you most like to personally thank if you could?

    Eric Clapton Rory Gallagher Andy Powell Andy Summers Eric Johnson
  20. Cesspit


    There's a lot of us around, I learnt to play in the early 70s, self taught and I have done a bit over the years. Semi-pro for about 15 years, doing the day job then gigging, a little recording, supported some 'ex-famous' people and had a great time. Now we mainly record what we like and do the...
  21. Cesspit

    Uriah Heep!

    My first ever live show. Saw them (1971?) Edmonton, London at the Sundown. They were supporting Three Dog Night. Heep were amazing, everyone on their feet bopping to the high paced rock. I loved it. 3DN however didn't go down so well, we were all to hyped up by the time they came on and their...
  22. Cesspit

    Do you sound like your guitar …

    Took me a long long time to accept and eventually quite like how I sound and boy, I fought it for about forty years. Different amps/guitars/effects, until I gave up trying. So now I just play. Strat, Tele and a Blues Jr and you know what. I'm happy.
  23. Cesspit

    Pickup Height - Critical or Subjective

    I start very low...and leave them there. It's the only way.
  24. Cesspit

    Jimi and Dusty

    Have you seen the one with JH on the Lulu show. Starts with Hey Joe then goes into sunshine of your love. The faces on the first 3 rows of the live audience is brilliant..'What is that????'