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  1. powerwagonjohn

    1961 Ampeg M-12 Tube Question

    That is a great idea from Antony. I run a bucking transformer with my 62 Ampeg Reverberocket and my older Gretsch/Valco amps. They sound better and they run cooler. Thanks john
  2. powerwagonjohn

    Bassman Speaker Question

    The speakers in your cab are Jensen Vibranto/Concert speakers. They are replacement speakers from 1967 or so and could have been installed soon after the amp was new. LMI refers to Lifetime Musical Instrument and they are ceramic [Syntox]. These can be very nice speakers if in good condition and...
  3. powerwagonjohn

    Twin reverb on the cheep

    Here is Fender Twin Reverb that just popped up on our local C/L I don't need the amp, I am running out of room as it is. So it's up for grabs. If I went and tried the amp I am sure it would follow me...
  4. powerwagonjohn

    Does a modern Deluxe Reverb exist?

    You might check with David Allen. He may have just what you need. He did for me! Thanks John
  5. powerwagonjohn

    New Old Ampeg Day

    Life is good! I pulled my 1967 SG Jr out for a change of pace. It has been a long time! Thanks John
  6. powerwagonjohn

    New Old Ampeg Day

    I appreciate all the comments. As I said I was chasing this amp for a while as I wanted this particular configuration and I am not disappointed in the least. It has a great tone and bloom. It is as good an the best of my amps so it is a real keeper. I was out of town for a long weekend and...
  7. powerwagonjohn

    New Old Ampeg Day

    I guess your correct but I consider the tubes, capacitors, cord as necessary replacement items. The stock I was referring to was transformers, speaker, reverb pan, covering and grill cloth, knobs. I was chasing this amp because I wanted the octal preamp tubes and 6V6 power tubes. The navy random...
  8. powerwagonjohn

    New Old Ampeg Day

    I wasn't going to buy any more amps but we know how that goes. I have been chasing this Feb of 1962 Ampeg R-12R Reverberocket for over a year now and finally the price came to where I thought was fair. The amp has the random navy flair covering and grill cloth all in great shape for such an old...
  9. powerwagonjohn

    Vintage Gibson ga-77 amp

    Just like an old Dodge truck, you need to know the right people. Good luck with the amp. Thanks John
  10. powerwagonjohn

    Got Tweed?

    To those that commented on my Guild guitar, it is a Guild GSR Starfire VI made in New Hartford CT at the old Guild/ Hammer and Ovation factory. It has a laminated spruce top and is 15 of 18 made. My wife bought it for me. Thanks all for the comments. John
  11. powerwagonjohn

    Got Tweed?

    I forgot about this one, it's a copy of a particular tweed Bassman. It's a Chicago Blues Box built by Dan Butler. Thanks John
  12. powerwagonjohn

    Getting down with the browns and blonds

    Since we were doing a tweed thread I thought I would start one on brown face amps. The wife was out last night and I pulled these out of the music room. 1962 Pro and it's voluptuous little sister my 1962 Vibrolux. Both loaded with vintage Jensen speakers. Show off your brownface amps. Thanks John
  13. powerwagonjohn

    Got Tweed?

    tweed in a brown suite. My Allen Classic 57 is a 5E7 Bandmaster circuit with a 1x 15 pine cab with an old Jensen P15N. Thanks John
  14. powerwagonjohn

    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    I guess I could throw this one in the mix. It's a 1967 Gretsch 6152 built by Valco. It is 5W with reverb and tremolo and a 12" Jensen C12R Thanks John .
  15. powerwagonjohn

    The big "Show your mini amps" thread.

    How about one of the most iconic of the small amps the Pignose 7-100 and my favorite small amp my Mesa TA-15 Thanks john
  16. powerwagonjohn

    Cathode Follower Tube Rolling?

    Elliot and all, I did some tube rolling the other day in my 5F6A clone, actually a Chicago Blues Box BG-60. Now I am not really a tube snob but I do like to run vintage tubes in my vintage amps so I do have a small stash of good old tubes. When swapping tubes in the CF position I did notice a...
  17. powerwagonjohn

    Amps So Bad, They Are Good

    I had a Kustom 100W with the blue tuck and roll. Looked better than it sounded. Amp disappeared but the cab stuck around for a while. I really don't know what happened to either one. I also had a Pignose 30/60 for a while but then in the early 1980's I got my 64 Tremolux and the other amps...
  18. powerwagonjohn

    Cathode Follower Tube Rolling?

    I thought we were discussing tubes used in a CF position. Some of the Supers and others used a 12AY7 in this position. Thanks John
  19. powerwagonjohn

    Cathode Follower Tube Rolling?

    I also wonder about using a 12AY7 as later tweed amps used. I have rolled 12AX7 in my Allen Classic 57[tweed bandmaster] when I first bought it but I didn't really notice a difference in tone between new production, old production RCA, Sylvania or a GE so I stuck with an old production GE. I was...
  20. powerwagonjohn

    Has anyone compared the Eminence 820H to the Jensen 8s?

    I don't know if they would work but there is a guy on my local C/L with some 6" CTS speakers. Midwest Speaker in Roseville MN has their own line of VOR speakers manufactured by Misco. They are...
  21. powerwagonjohn

    Brown Face Fender Amps...

    As Chuck Berry said " nothing like a browneyede handsome amp" I may have that wrong? Or not! Thanks John
  22. powerwagonjohn

    Brown Face Fender Amps...

    I find the 62 Pro with the 15" speaker and SS rectification works great with my archtop guitars like my L-4CES and Guild X-170 for a nice punchy early rock-n-roll tone. The Vibrolux is more of a blues tone and works best with semi and solid bodies. I think the fact the Pro also has a presence...
  23. powerwagonjohn

    Brown Face Fender Amps...

    I have a 1962 Pro and a 1962 Vibrolux. these are with out a doubt my favorite amps. Thanks John
  24. powerwagonjohn

    Chicago Blues Box BG-60

    Before this thread goes to the dust bin of history. I wanted to mention this amp was designed to run 3 12AX7 pre tubes but as with my 5E7 Allen amp I am running a 12AY7 and 2 12AX7 tubes. The amp has a bit more headroom and still plenty of drive. I am still loving this amp. I am surprised no one...
  25. powerwagonjohn

    Alnico in Fender style amps

    With all the negative press I hear about the reissue Jensen's, the 4 P10R's in my CBB [tweed Bassman] amp sound great both low and clean and at full bore. I have several old Jensen's in several of my old fender amps so I know and like what the originals sound like. Thanks john