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  1. Stanford Guitar

    Buddy Guy and Elvin Bishop at Mountain Winery 9-22-2022

    Incredible show! Buddy sounds like he's 40, at 86! Some great stories from his life. Elvin was great as well, covered his hits.
  2. Stanford Guitar

    Lady GaGa at SF 9-8-2022

    Incredible show.
  3. Stanford Guitar

    Random Daily Photos September 2022 Edition

    The goal for do you! I won't be posting as much, but stopping by on occasion to keep the fire going. The Hendrix Woodstock Strat for your viewing pleasure.
  4. Stanford Guitar

    Joe Russo Almost Dead @ Frost August 13, 2022

    Happening right now.
  5. Stanford Guitar

    What music did you listen to as a young child?

    If you can remember. My mom was an avant garde music fan and played things like this constantly. I can actually remember being very, very young in my crib and hearing this tune from Ornette Coleman being played. The radio was always on in my room as a toddler, usually jazz. I still really love...
  6. Stanford Guitar

    The Temptations and Four Tops at Mountain Winery August 13, 2022

    Still lighting it up after 60 years! The Four Tops The Temptations
  7. Stanford Guitar

    Old School Bodybuilding

    The period from the 1940's through the 1980's, I love it. The attitude, the work ethic, everything about it. Before it became the modern day freak show. I still contend that non-competitive recreational bodybuilding is one of the best things for longevity and quality of life.
  8. Stanford Guitar

    Charo -- Recuerdos de la Alhambra

    Charo studied with Segovia. I guess she decided to have a bigger career in show business, than just being a classical player. Big talent.
  9. Stanford Guitar

    Getting Back To Classical Guitar

    My family and friends are requesting more classical stuff lately, so brushing back up on my former self. What are some of your favorite pieces? Working on this one at the moment.
  10. Stanford Guitar

    Jake Shimabukuro and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ Mountain Winery Aug 6, 2022

    Incredible night of swing and ukulele!
  11. Stanford Guitar

    PSA: How to deal with cheap easily stripped screws

    This stuff is a miracle worker. DAP Tank Bond Liquid Grip Of course this assumes you know what bit to use for a given screw type etc.
  12. Stanford Guitar

    A History of Eddie Van Halen's Guitars

    This is a fantastic short documentary of Eddie's guitars through the years.
  13. Stanford Guitar

    A Show of Hands

  14. Stanford Guitar

    Why Does Food Turn In A Microwave Oven?

    How does this relate to playing a harmonic note on a guitar? Discuss......
  15. Stanford Guitar

    Bach to Bowie Ballet at Frost August 3, 2022

    Bach, David Bowie, and an incredible ballet company.
  16. Stanford Guitar

    Buddy Guy and Elvin Bishop.....Just Got My Tickets!!!!!!

    To see this Guy, and Elvin, at Mountain Winery in September. And I got good seats, I mean really good seats! Photos to follow! 😀
  17. Stanford Guitar

    Favorite Hot Sauce Recommendations

    This is my current favorite.
  18. Stanford Guitar

    Sliding Bike Rack Could Be Modified for Guitars?

    I'm building one of these in my garage for my vast bike collection. Thinking, I could hang my guitars or guitars in cases in a similar manner. Sliding them out of the way when needed in my studio. Would also eliminate the need to mount wall hangers on studs, as only at least the two ends of...
  19. Stanford Guitar

    Random Daily Photos August 2022 Edition

    Let's get to 1500 posts! The trees are watching!
  20. Stanford Guitar

    Hi Fidelity Ear Plugs

    Any recommendations? I’m going to several concerts per month and I don’t want to worry about hearing issues down the road. Looking for something high fidelity and reusable.
  21. Stanford Guitar

    Train, Jewel, Blues Traveler at Shoreline July 31, 2022

    Pat Monahan has an incredible voice and stage presence. Some great duets with Jewel and John Popper during the Train set. Jewel and Blue Traveler were fantastic as well. John Popper is unreal on the harmonica.
  22. Stanford Guitar

    Dianne Reeves @ Stanford Jazz Festival July 30, 2022

    Amazing show. Dianne Reeves playing with both a quintet and full orchestra. The incredible Romero Lubambo on guitar and Vince Mendoza conducting. Quintet Dianne Reeves, vocals Peter Martin, piano Romero Lubambo, guitar Rueben Rogers, bass Terreon Gully, drums Opening Act SJW 50th...
  23. Stanford Guitar

    Michael Franti & Spearhead @ Mountain Winery 7/28/2022

    Incredible show.