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  1. Dacious

    I don't want to sharpen my knives

    Just ignore the voices......:eek:
  2. Dacious

    Meatloaf went all the way last night, paradise, no dashboard light...

    It's one of the ten best selling albums of all time bar none, not just rock or pop. No lie. You don't get to 'lie' about album sales. Studios can fudge the early figures by ordering too many. But that's unsustainable.if noone is buying them in retail. And his sales were mainly people buying...
  3. Dacious

    ID help. Vintage 1x15 speaker

    Sound reinforcement speaker. Maybe out of a pa speaker.
  4. Dacious

    Oh Canada

    :We're sorry about Nickelback yeah that was a mistake':lol:
  5. Dacious

    Can a guitar tech please explain?

    Guitars like pianos are tempered instruments. What that means if you tune all the 'E's dead on the exact hertz, both the high 'E' and low 'E' will sound out. The high E will sound sharp and the low E will sound flat. This is due to the way your ear works. Hence piano tuning is an art - they have...
  6. Dacious

    US Vox Super Beatles actually used in song?

    The issue is, they'd record multiple takes with different guitars and amps and pick what worked best. Paul ran most of those sessions - it's doubtful he'd remember. This track at 1.20 you can hear what I'm pretty sure is a SS Vox US amp distortion - maybe MRB - from that era.
  7. Dacious

    Help me Troubleshoot Fender HRD

    I'd replace all the caps. I can't see those but they look like the 450 VDC early caps. Hopefully the new kit is 500vdc..there's also bypass caps on the board. They should all be replaced if it's a 90s.
  8. Dacious

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    67 is still the code, and many of the current lines have a direct lineage to those 80s speakers.
  9. Dacious

    US Vox Super Beatles actually used in song?

    The Beatles did use Vox solid state amps on some songs like 'Getting Better'. I think the lead of Taxman too. I have a pic in a book somewhere of a line of them in the studio, there's a Royal Guardsman and several others. The ones with the funky top-front mounted panels with massive knobs.
  10. Dacious

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    There was also Utah, CTS was also still supplying the square magnet and odd ohmage 4, 32ohm stuff although mostly for SS or non guitar amps. You could still option JBLs in the Rivera era, I've seen a Concert with the grey speaker and badge. And of course the Rivera era 6V6 amps like the...
  11. Dacious

    Is this red plating ?

    If you should buy new tubes, ask the vendor for a matched pair with low(er) current draw. Bad Cat does run tubes hard.
  12. Dacious

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    Not just from Eminence. I had the Clapton Vibrochamp which is the 5F1 handwired with additional tremolo circuit That comes with a Weber Signature straight cone alnico with an FSD sticker.. Eminence may be their current main supplier but not their only.
  13. Dacious

    Can playing guitar cause ganglion cysts in the fingers or wrist?

    They're like a blowout on a weak area of inner tube. I had one removed two years back and it hasn't returned. It looked like one of Barney or Fred's ears. The doc said they're random. Don't hit it with a phone book. That can just spread them. Started interfering with chording. It was about 30...
  14. Dacious

    Blackstar-Cheap HIFI version of Marshall?

    I briefly had a HT 60 Venue series I acquired in a trade. Seemed very solid. Celestion 7080 speakers. Two modes per channel, the ISF control which actually did affect voicing. It seemed like a TSL60 clone. Heavy. Solid. There were usable tones in it. Fenderish to JCM800 on the vintage to...
  15. Dacious

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    Fender Special Design is indeed a sticker that's applied to any brand. I've seen it on Jensen (68 Vibrochamp) CTS (80 Vibrolux) and Eminence (83 Superchamp) and the Eminence in my Superchamp is the same part number but bigger voicecoil than earlier ones - possibly even a production error or...
  16. Dacious

    NAD Orange Rocker 15 Terror

    Still loving my Tiny Terror for the young people's band had a line on a Rocker 32.very interesting amp.
  17. Dacious

    Excelsior loses volume after warming up

    Here's a very old cafe gig of my old farts band - I think first gig we ever did. You can hear in the first half the post-mod amp.
  18. Dacious

    Excelsior loses volume after warming up

    The Excelsior board, and tube sockets mounted on the chassis on fly leads, is exceptionally tough. Blues and Horrid Deluxe and Juniors can only dream of such a sturdy board. Nice thick traces. Probably depleted uranium..... but like out of a tank. Plus ceramic sockets. The tube shields are...
  19. Dacious

    Excelsior loses volume after warming up

    On the s/h Excelsior I owned it worked for 20 minutes then fizzled out. After a half hour it'd fire up again. The guy before had been tube rolling. These are a 6V6 Tremolux with a MOSFET driving the tremolo instead of a tube. He'd used some NOS or old pull 12AX7 that position and it was...
  20. Dacious

    80s Fender ( Eminence ) Special Design. Like or Dislike?

    Eminence like all speaker makers has better and lesser offerings. If it's good, it's good. The Legend is Eminence's self-badged version of a Fender OEM speaker.
  21. Dacious

    Trace Elliot Velocette?

    What people ask for on Reverb and what they get are two different things. $600 and broken? Dreamin' This is a case where rare does not equal sought after. It's a nice little amp but an Orange Tiny Terror combo secondhand would be a better buy. Or a Vox AC10 brand new. I worked on a similar...
  22. Dacious

    Trace Elliot Velocette?

    $500? No. Unless it comes in a solid gold box. Couple hundred tops. Nice amp but not $500 nice. The Mesa - yes. But loud and heavy. .
  23. Dacious

    Talk me into, or out of, getting a tube amp

    Buy the Vox. A 5 watt tube amp can be freakin' loud esp with a 12" speaker. . Two tubes, three controls, a bit of Vox jangle but you can dial natural overdrive. No onboard reverb but not much sounds worse imo than cheesy cheap artificial digital verbs. Cheap, cheerful little amp that you can...
  24. Dacious

    ‘65 Fender Deluxe Reverb RI w/clean boost

    The BF preamp is not particularly high gain, and due to the negative feedback and preset mid resistor it tends to sound compressed it you boost it with normal tube screamer type devices People are right saying if you're at the edge of volume control breakup you can't really substantially...

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