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  1. Jowes_84

    Forget Cargo Pants

    Duly noted for next gig
  2. Jowes_84

    Forget Cargo Pants

    It is so hard to be funny in a foreign language… so I stick to pics…
  3. Jowes_84

    Forget Cargo Pants

    Yes absolutely So had my dad… they now are mine
  4. Jowes_84

    Forget Cargo Pants

    Hot Pants it is
  5. Jowes_84


    Sorry too many posts crossing to quickly. I think we got it though Have fun with the amp. Imho running the two speakers in parallel and the amp with a 4 Ohm load is not the most terrible idea in the world. I recently converted my Vibrosonic Reverb to a Head and occasionally use it with a 4 Ohm...
  6. Jowes_84


    Check the link. I think so. Interesting though.
  7. Jowes_84


    No. Vibrosonic 100W came with MV Yes. It is.
  8. Jowes_84


    According to the 100W Silverface Schematic 022897 is correct for a Vibrosonic Reverb Link here Pic attached I have one in its original cab The face plate is very worn so I would consider...
  9. Jowes_84

    Deutschland Sticker on B-bender telecaster

    Prefer the Frankfurt sticker. As a German I am not on great terms with the German flag but if you think it’s cool do it! I could possibly hit a tourist / souvenir shop and send something over. Just be aware that if ever in Germany or maybe even around Europe, you might get questions depending on...
  10. Jowes_84

    My deluxe 85 doesn't have red knobs.

    Yes looks like aftermarket as there are red switches. I think that some other models had both, black knob and red knob versions, eg Princeton Chorusses. I am not sure but think the red knobs came with the gray-blackish grille cloth, the black knobs with a more traditional-looking light gray...
  11. Jowes_84


    Mh lecker.
  12. Jowes_84

    Light and Gig worthy Bass amp

    MarkBass LittleMark250 or the bigger brother 500 served me well, also features a DI out. I have a Fender 135 Head and 2x15 cab with EVs… but more practical is bringing the tiny MarkBass 250. fits in my little bag with cables, things and ear protection.
  13. Jowes_84

    Birkenstocks and Tele-People

    Yes. Broke my left pinky toe yesterday. Maybe I need Birkenstocks. The correct way over here is with white socks.
  14. Jowes_84

    Matching guitar to voice?

    Surprised no one mentions trying different strings. That could have a bigger effect on your playing volume. I have an old beater, short scale, with steel strings (sorta like e guitar strings but made / marketed to acoustic) Very quiet Easy to just practise quietly and hum/whistle over
  15. Jowes_84

    Itching to play in band.

    Monsieur Welcome! Here is what I do in terms of guitar playing (I am playing bass and drums in bands, guitar.. not so much) 1 Find a friend who likes to sing 2 Practise a couple of numbers together 3 Perform your literature somewhere in a controlled, known environment (eg friend‘s party...
  16. Jowes_84

    79 UL Twin Cascade/modernizing

    Wally has it and tons of experience. So listen to him. Just to add to be complete on „cascading“ those MV Push Pull boosts: You should already have a boost circuit on your Twin and a nice SPDT 1Meg push pull pot - the master volume. Most people don’t like the boost in stock form, me neither. You...
  17. Jowes_84

    Quiet 12at7 for reverb send?

    The Custom 68 have a rep of being noisy due to lead dress and other design things. A 12AU7 could maybe help maybe not. Many people seem to prefer a 12AU7 in that position in Fenders.
  18. Jowes_84

    Are 500 volts of signal going to be expected on the plate of a 6L6?

    I like a simple approach… so if I were you I would start with the secondary, you have a speaker impedance to work with. Then all you need to know is the turns ratio and there you have your AC on the primary.
  19. Jowes_84

    Alnico 12" Jensen (current production) Speakers

    I too like the Jensen Neo 12/100 and the Tornado… not sure it sounds like a P12Q, probably not exactly, but weight and power handling wise it is a great fit. Sometimes they show up used priced low-medium.
  20. Jowes_84

    I Miss Real Drums, Rhythmic Variation, Song Dynamics . . .

    Whenever I play on my Roland SPD pad I wander off into techno land, 4 on the floor, boom boom and so forth. Then add the MicroKorg. No matter how much you think you despise it… it is easy to digest, danceable and spreading good vibes. It’s a good thing, hard to resist. Also, killing floor has a...
  21. Jowes_84

    What’s on your TDPRI resume?

    Meh, nothing, I’m a Drummer..
  22. Jowes_84

    90s/00s American Standards

    Well I am playing a 2009 as my main guitar and it’s a great guitar. Does it have the magic twang on the bridge? I don’t know, but I can get all sounds I want out of this, and if the bridge alone is too shrill - either dial back the tone slightly (just a little touch on the no load pot), go to...
  23. Jowes_84

    Tired of my 5e3

    Probably not helping much neither If I were to re-purpose a 5e3 then I would opt for a Princeton delete using same Trafos and chassis Even the number of holes for pots would match You could get different voicings for mids through a 3-way switch - More scooped, stock, raw… But to your question...
  24. Jowes_84

    Thought experiment: two wires measure 120 VAC, you have no ground reference, which one is hot and which one is neutral?

    Just in case this was some sort of riddle… the second wire is a switched hot for your lamp… and there are two or three more wires. Not sure. So there would be 2-3 hot wires - and at least a neutral that you did not mention / measure :)
  25. Jowes_84

    Thought experiment: two wires measure 120 VAC, you have no ground reference, which one is hot and which one is neutral?

    There are different grid types. In most places you would go with your amp the Neutral is grounded. So there is (almost) always a ground reference. If you measure 120Vac on both something is wrong. Either your measurements or the electrical installation. In theory, if you have no ground reference...

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