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  1. giginthesky

    nostalgia happening! gibson Ga6 amp.

    just wanted to share a pic. i'm holding my friends gibson ga6 amp while he changes his residency. he bought this and some other gear back in the mid 80's (we were like 14) from another friend for about $30!:shock: it's really a GREAT sounding amp but it's definitely a one trick pony. mind you...
  2. giginthesky

    maxed out saddles.... what would you do?

    hey all, a while back i picked up this ibanez silver series maple cap strat neck. it's a great feeling neck but i had to max out the screws in the saddles. if i lower them even a hair, i'll get string buzz and "fret out". i was wondering if anybody had some trade secrets on how to lower the...
  3. giginthesky

    fender sidekick question....

    i have several of the 80's mij sidekicks. i'm curious if fender has made any similar amps in the years since. i was looking at a 112 deluxe and it got me thinking, could this be built on the same platform??? or maybe the princeton chorus'??? anybody know what (if any) fender amp resembles the...
  4. giginthesky

    heil talk box question

    from the amp.......anybody know if i can use a line out with an instrument cable into the talk box as opposed to using the speaker out with a speaker cable into the talk box? thanx in advance for any help!
  5. giginthesky

    seymour duncan STHR-1

    hey all, just wanted to share a little project.... now that the honeymoon's over, i'm in shock at how much i love this duncan STHR-1. i bought in on impulse because it had the pots and toggle included. (had to trash the pots and toggle in the end because they were junk :roll:) 6 months in and...
  6. giginthesky

    fender 85 amp and dirt pedals.

    i picked up a fender 85 a while back for a good price. i was wondering if anybody has used one of these with distortion/overdrive pedals. the amp sounds GREAT clean but no matter what dirt pedal i try with it it always sounds like a buzz saw. i'm curious to know if it's the amp itself that...
  7. giginthesky

    input through the output door

    i went to use a pedal board that i seldom use today and bam, no signal to the amp. pretty quick i realized the output jack on the electra distortion was kaput. the cord just slid in and out real easy cause the post inside snapped in half. i'm not well learned with electronics but i wondered if a...
  8. giginthesky

    Refretted 1974 Strat

    it took me years to get up the nerve to have my beloved 74 strat refretted. i was sick with the fear of something going drastically wrong. whelp, that was wasted agony. Rick Emery who owns Mainline Music in Ardmore PA did one hell of a job. in the 28 years i've owned this strat, she's never...
  9. giginthesky

    probably my final guitar center purchases...

    good evening all... this isn't so much a rant as it is the end of a relationship.:lol: last year around black friday me and a friend were given free string club memberships while shopping in guitar center. (i was unaware the string club even existed) well, this month my membership was up and...
  10. giginthesky

    my humerus is a femur.

    according to the radiologist report at cooper health, this is my transplanted right femur. amazingly, i have no scar on my leg either. saddest part is, my ex dr. didn't notice the discrepancy in the report.
  11. giginthesky

    antigua... it's real.

    welcome to my grandmothers kitchen.:shock: i've been wanting to show this to you folks for a long, long time. today is the day.:lol:
  12. giginthesky

    no "click" switch???

    hey all, i have an old electra distortion that doesn't make a "click" sound nor do i feel a click when i press it down. is this a particular type of switch or is it just old and lost it's click? if switches like this are available, i'd like to install one on my rocktron delay pedal. thanx!
  13. giginthesky

    1983 american standard pup? how to install this???

    hey, i purchased this (listed on ebay as an american standard from 1983) pickup and i'm a little confused with the wiring. 2 wires come out of the pup into a wire mesh kind of covering and only 1 wire is visible at the other end. anybody have a clue how to wire this thing up? i'm thinking...
  14. giginthesky

    classic vibe saddles and 50's classic series.

    hey all, i've been looking for a set of notched saddles for one of my 50's MIM tele's but they're kinda hard to come by. anybody know if the classic vibe saddles will fit ok in the 50's MIM bridge plate? i've seen the entire CV bridge and saddles for sale on ebay for $15 and under! i just...
  15. giginthesky

    calling 11 gauge

    i figure you might know more than anybody if there is a more current pedal that was easier to be had than these vintage loco boxes. do you know if any companies make a copy of these? i know the originals were branded under several different names but i'm trying to find out if anybody still makes...
  16. giginthesky

    emg's in my tele...... what the heck is this?!?!

    bought a tele with emg's a while back and the volume and tone controls never worked right. when i crank the volume it get's distorted. anyway, i just figured it was an easy wiring problem till i opened it up and saw this! does anybody know what this tone pot is or where i can get a diagram to...
  17. giginthesky

    keystone strat diagram

    does anybody have a simple to understand diagram for a set of strat keystones? the third wire per pup came as a surprise to me and bill's diagram is over my head. a picture would do me wonders!!! i'm aware that 2 of them are ground... i just want to wire them up correctly and play them so let's...
  18. giginthesky

    new strat and a half day

    1992 mim standard blue agave. 50's classic body with 1986 mij squier neck. (just added the neck to the black one)
  19. giginthesky


    i'm sure hoping they're as good as some folks say because i just ordered 2 sets for a couple strats.:smile:
  20. giginthesky

    The "i'm so old" thread.

    i can remember inspection stickers on the right side of a windshield.
  21. giginthesky

    quick clapton strat question...

    is the headstock decal applied above the finish? my bud has a friend who thinks he might have a fake because the fender decal is over the finish. i told him i thought that was correct ala vintage reissue models but wasn't 100 percent sure. it does have the walnut at the adjustment hole so that's...
  22. giginthesky

    radial tonebone classic.

    anyone ever swap the 12ax7 for a 12au7? it states clearly on the pcb "use 12ax7 only" so i figured i'd inquire instead of possibly blowing it up. thanx, gig.
  23. giginthesky

    studio 1525 effects seller

    anybody ever heard or dealt with them before??? they have a couple pedals i've been looking for however, their address is listed as an apartment in N.Y.... needless to say, i'm skeptical.
  24. giginthesky

    NAD fender eighty-five

    picked up a fender 85. paid a dollar a watt! going to run it in stereo with the sidekick 65. nice sounding amp!
  25. giginthesky

    tube swap for bk butler tube works 901.

    anybody swapped out the 12ax7 for a 12au7? if so, what brand did you use? i'm seeing many different types. also, is there a difference between black plate and gray plate tubes? any info would help. thanx!