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    Tuner position in signal chain

    I place mine at the end. I primarily play at church or conference settings & like that I can kill the whole board if need be. I’ve had a few times where randomly something will cause a horrible buzz/noise & we don’t always have our amps close by; it’s nice to be able to kill the board so that...
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    Mini/Small tuner WITH power out??

    I use the PolyTune Mini & love the small footprint but recently added a new pedal & need power for it. With my power supply being maxed out this got me thinking about switching back to the full-size polytune due to its power out feature. I’d prefer to stick with a smaller form factor but can’t...
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    Fulldrive 1 Done
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    Spitty, chocked decay fuzz

    Looking to add a fuzz to my board but I don’t want a “typical” fuzz. I’ve owned muffs & fuzz faces & tone benders I love them but I’m wanting something that’s more of an “effect”. I’d like something that’s not too thick & that has that gated, chocked our spitting as it decays sound. I’ve had...
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    Lets see those worship boards

    Yes. The Big Reverb TI has trails & an almost infinite sustain which is accessed by holding down the foot switch. I owned the original version & absolutely LOVED its tone but sold it because it was true bypass & just cut the verb off when it was switched off. It’s not a subtle reverb (as the...
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    Lets see those worship boards

    Loving the new setup
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    Random internet people, talk me down from this EQD Avalanche Run GAS.

    I’ve got one (well the V2). I lead worship. It’s amazing. Buy it. Honestly tho, the magic of this pedal is the way the delay & verb work together. Either on their own aren’t really all that mind blowing. My ONLY complaint is that it doesn’t have the ability to save presets.
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    Any interest in the new Line 6 Helix HX Effects multi-effect pedalboard?

    After years of playing with pedals & trying different multi effects I’ve come to realize I’m not much for them...or even pedals with presets for that matter. I just prefer to see my settings & adjust on the fly as needed. That being said.....if I was starting right now from scratch I may buy...
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    Pedal Power Question?

    You could always buy a regular OneSpot w/ the daisy chain & see if it works well for you. They around $30 if memory serves & always good to have around. If it doesn’t work well enough you’ll at least have a backup
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    Pedal Power Question?

    I’m 99.999% sure you could daisy all of those with a regular OneSpot & be good to go. What are you needing to run at 18volts?? If you NEED 18volts for something I’d suggest the new(ish) OneSpot Pro CS-6. It’s designed to fit UNDER these flat pedaltrain boards. Has truly isolated power, 9, 12 &...
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    Strymon Ojai....Thoughts?

    I moved over from a VL PP2+ to the Truetone CS7. Needed more mA than the PP2+ could provide. VL was the champ but has fallen behind when it comes to the current current needs (LOL see what I did there?!) In the video I posted from Truetone he mentions that the true current is actually higher...
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    Strymon Ojai....Thoughts?

    The video is a bit long but he covers what makes the onespot pros unique
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    Strymon Ojai....Thoughts?

    One of the “hidden features” of the onespot pro is that even though some of the outputs are labeled 200ma they can actually put out a lot more current. I’m powering a Nova delay at 12volts off on of the outputs labeled 200ma. The Nova is notorious for being power hungry (450-550ma) especially at...
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    Strymon Ojai....Thoughts?

    OH YEAH and it comes standard with all the mounting hardware for pedaltrain boards so no need to spend extra! Not bad for $120!
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    Strymon Ojai....Thoughts?

    I’ve been a longtime PP2+ user but have also run into issues with its ability to keep up with power (voltage AND mA) pedals. I recently upgraded to the newer True Tone OneSpot Pro CS7 & I couldn’t be happier. It’s got similar tech to the Strymon power supplies but for WAY cheaper. Highly...
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    Impressed with MJT body

    Thought I’d add some up close shots of the checking...seriously love this guitar!!
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    How to get the Baptist Hymm memtality out of our singers?

    Something I’ve found helpful is to expose members to LIVE worship that is inline with the direction we are trying to go. Obviously we all have our own style as a church (be it because we desire it or simply due to the particular gifting of the company of musicians we have) so I make it clear we...
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    witch delaypedal for THE sun records sound/slapback?

    Simple 3 knob delay that sounds like an EchoPlex.... Maybe?
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    Klon copy

    I’ve had the pleasure of playing a “real deal” Klon (borrowed from a good friend for several months) & having had a few klones over the years I can agree with others that the klones get you close enough. Personally I didn’t find the Klon circuit to be a good match for my playing but I do love...
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    Impressed with MJT body

    Had to replace the body of my beloved Tele. Found a deal on a MJT body & took a chance. I must say I’m very happy! Just thought I’d share a pic as I’m pretty happy with this esquire build. The relicing is tasteful. (FYI I’m not a relic lover or hater but I do prefer nitro finish). This one is...
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    Les Paul Jr wiring in an esquire??

    I’m overhauling my Tele & converting it to an Esquire. Looking at all the different wiring options & thinking I may just forgo the switch all together as I’ve yet to find a diagram where I like all 3 options. My thought has been to go with a simple volume-tone wiring & I keep coming across Les...
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    Eldred Mod plus Grease Bucket Esquire...possible?

    This may be a really dumb question but I'm converting my tele into an esquire, I'm pretty set on doing a grease bucket tone knob as I feel it gives more "usable" sounds to the tone knob which is important on a one pickup guitar. Is there any reason I couldn't also do the Eldred mod? I've been...
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    I think....yeah (low gain)

    I've been playing professionally for 15years. Been thru a LOT. Changed my mindset a lot over the years too. As I get older & have more things on my plate I want to spend less time learning how new gear works. This is just intuitive & straight forward. I've owned several Barber boxes in the...
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    I think....yeah (low gain)

    I may have inadvertently found my ideal low gain pedal. Anyone who knows me (haven't been on much in the last while) knows I've owned a LOT of low gain dirt boxes (I'm an addict really). Name a low gain, forum famous, dirt box...yup I've owned it. (Tim/Timmy, Klon, LTD, Raw, 72*, Morning...