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  1. cjp60

    Bigsby Autocad file for Telecaster?

    Does anyone have an Autocad layout on where to place a B5 Bigsby tailpiece on a telecaster?
  2. cjp60

    Repairing a vintage CRL 1452

    Years ago I was looking for a CRL 1452 for my 1960 Telecaster Custom and came across a broken one with an extra CRL 2190 switch for parts for $15. The 2190 is basically the same switch except it has temporary positions for 1 and 3 and is fixed in position 2. I bought them and put them away while...
  3. cjp60

    GOT inspired Tele build.

    When the GOT series guitars came out I thought the Telecaster was the best of the bunch. However, at $25K that just wasn't going to happen. My son wanted me to build him a new telecaster so I suggested a GOT inspired build. Pickguard, control plate, and border inlay water jetted from .050" thick...
  4. cjp60

    My first Telecaster Build.

    Had a piece of Alder laying around just waiting to be turned into a guitar. Here's my first Telecaster build. Warmoth neck, Texas Special pickups, 4 way switching. Parts I made or had made: All router patterns, body, aluminum pickguard, stainless steel control plate with angled switch with more...
  5. cjp60

    Telecaster Bass DWG file?

    Anyone have an Autocad dwg file they’d like to share for a 1950’s Telecaster Bass?
  6. cjp60

    Telecaster Autocad File?

    Does anyone have a telecaster AutoCAD file they'd like to share? I'm going to make my son a custom telecaster. I have access to some automated milling machines and would like to do something unique. Even just the outline of the body would do. Thanks in advance! Carl Also, does anybody know what...
  7. cjp60

    1960 Tele Custom Ready for paint

    Here's my 1960 Telecaster Custom rebound and ready for paint. I'll have a thread about the entire process once I get it back from paint...which could be a while. The guitar was in desperate need of new binding and paint because of someone's foolishness years ago long before I purchased it. The...
  8. cjp60

    1966 Telecaster Regrets!

    Here's a few photos of a 1966 Telecaster I owned in the 90's. It was my first Tele and wasn't quite into them at the time. 100% original with factory wide frets and the flamiest neck I've ever seen on an old Tele. This is the one guitar I regret selling. You can't keep them all!! Enjoy!
  9. cjp60

    Vintage Tele Bridge Saddles ?

    Are the saddles of say a 1960 Telecaster the same saddles found on a 1960 Duo-Sonic?
  10. cjp60

    1960 Tele Custom, Alder or Ash?

    What would be the proper wood type for a 1960 Telecaster Custom in a sunburst finish? Alder or Ash? I'm thinking if it were a solid color like Dakota red it would be alder.
  11. cjp60

    The Black Guard Christmas Present!!

    My favorite present this year!! Can't believe how heavy this book is! Great photos so far!! Merry Christmas!!!
  12. cjp60

    Routing Tele Binding Channel Question?

    I'm getting ready to route a binding channel on my Telecaster Custom I will be refinishing. For those of you that have actually routed a tele for binding, how do you get the router bit into the tight radius in the cutaway. I purchased the router bit and bearings from Stu Mac but the radius of...
  13. cjp60

    1960 Telecaster Custom Binding Thickness?

    I have a 1960 Telecaster Custom that was poorly refinished when I purchased it years ago. I want to re-bind and refinish it correctly but am not sure what size thickness the original binding should be. It appears that it's .250 wide but the thickness is hard to tell. When it was refinished it...
  14. cjp60

    1960 Tele Custom Binding???

    I have a 1960 Telecaster Custom Slab Board that has some issues. It's been Groverized, possibly chemically stripped leaving the binding in poor/pitted shape and poorly refinished. Perfect mint green guard, correct pots, switch, bridge pickup, bridge, input jack, knobs, contol plate, strap...
  15. cjp60

    Paint Spraying Rigs!

    I've refinished several guitars over the years using laquer car paint and my Binks 2001 siphon type spray gun with good results using a 6 hp compressor that puts out 13.5 cfm with about 50 feet of copper piping coming out of the compressor before my air/water separator/regulator to keep moisture...