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    OT5PP Frequency Response

    Anyone know if there is a published frequency response anywhere for the OT5PP transformer? Hammond publishes freq responses for their transformers, but I can't find one for the OT5PP (which I know isn't a hammond transformer). I'm wondering if a different output transformer could give me more...
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    Tele with strat hard tail bridge and strat pickups possible? (Madcat)

    Title basically says it. I basically want a madcat, but don’t want to pay over 3k for a used reissue and dont want a cheap knockoff. Can I mod a stock fender tele? 2 questions: 1. Can I replace a Tele bridge with a hard tail strat bridge? If so, what hard tail bridge would match the screw...
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    My Blackvibe EF80 Tremolo Circuit

    So I think I was successful on my first circuit mod I did myself. I wanted to add a tremolo to my stock Blackvibe Micro EF80 build. I use the tremolo circuit on the GA-19RVT as a starting point, since it is also a cathode biased amp. I pull the B+ for the plate on the tremolo circuit from B+4...
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    Line Filter Capacitor Across Heaters

    Would there be a benefit (i.e. noise reduction) in placing a capacitor across the ac heater lines? Mr. Robinette mentions doing this on the transformer secondary where it enters the rectifier tube: "50 or 60Hz buzz is sometimes caused by power line noise and can be addressed by applying a...
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    Blackvibe Micro EF80 Help

    I think I'm going to have a few questions/problems, so instead of starting a bunch of threads I will try to consolidate them here: 1. Something is wrong with my tube rectifier. The voltage is measured at 200 VAC off each of the power transformer secondary wires going into the ez81. All of the...
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    Ef80 Ot5pp wiring

    Want to double check on the wiring when using a OT5PP transformer in place of a 125B. On the EF80 build the 125B calls for connecting orange and yellow to the output. The OT5PP it would be black (0) and yellow (8) instead of yellow (8) and orange (16) right? Or do I still wire it orange and...
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    Black Vibe EF80 With 6G15 Verb

    So, I've built many circuits (mostly preamps and rack compressors or BBD designs) but I usually have used pre-existing circuit designs. I really want to build a Rob Robinette Black Vibe EF80 WITH reverb. I've attached my draft design. What I have added is in red. I wanted to leave the main EF80...
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    Blackvibe Micro / Micro EF80 V1, V2 Plate Voltage

    I’m a little confused by the difference in plate voltage on V1 between the standard black vibe micro and the ef80 version. On the standard version the voltage prior to the V1 plate load resistor looks to be 345 volts. On the EF80 it looks to be 295 or less (I haven’t calculated the voltage drops...
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    Rob Robinette Key/Legend

    Is there a key for Rob Robinette’s (awesome) amp layout pics? I’m talking about the physical turret board layout pics not the logical circuit schematics. For instance the resistors: I understand that brown is carbon comp, blue is metal foil, silverish is metal oxide but what are the black resistors?
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    Did I ruin my new speaker?!

    So, I am a dumb a. I just bought installed a new celestion heritage 12h(55) in my combo amp. It sounds great, but I’m worried now I tightened the screws wrong. There are little dimples near each screw in the cone. Is this normal or did I do something stupid over tightening things?

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