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  1. aFewGoodTaters

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Losing Power

    Looking for assistance troubleshooting an issue I'm having with my '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp. The last couple times I've had it plugged in I've lost quite a bit of power after 20 minutes to a half hour of playing. I play around 3.5 to 4 on the volume on the Custom (left) side
  2. aFewGoodTaters

    Requesting Help Diagnosing a Reverb Problem - Fender '68 Custom Deluxe

    I'm trying to figure out a no-reverb issue in my '68 Custom Deluxe. I may be on the right path, but not sure. I've ruled out the most common culprits (footswitch, RCA cable, tubes) and I'm currently focused on the Input stage of the reverb tank. The continuity reading on the RCA cable itself...
  3. aFewGoodTaters

    Questions About this Custom Shop Strat

    Hello All. I recently picked up a used 2000 '56 RI Custom Shop Strat. It's a great guitar all around (best Strat I've ever owned, really), but I do have some questions that I'm hoping some of the Fender experts on here can help with. First, is there a way to tell if the pickups are original...
  4. aFewGoodTaters

    Looking to build my first amp kit...any advice?

    As the title states, I've been kicking around the idea of building an amp kit. I've worked on my own guitar electronics for years, and have successfully built a few I'm looking to take the next step. I'd like to start with a Princeton Reverb kit which I realize isn't the easiest...
  5. aFewGoodTaters

    Hello - Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster

    Hello All, As the title states, I've lurked on TDPRI for some time but I finally registered to say 'hello!' and introduce myself. I used to participate in a different guitar forum for many years but thought I'd dip my toe in new waters so to speak. I've been playing guitar for 25 years and...

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