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  1. Dan Miller

    Bass Amp - Ampeg B15 Clone Project

    Having just acquired my first bass guitar (and an SS amp), it only seems natural to build a tube amp, to accompany my other homebuilts. I've pretty much settled on some flavor of Ampeg B15, and have managed to score transformers and tubes: This rabbit hole has led to two primary...
  2. Dan Miller

    Mystery Pickup

    Trolling through my junk box today and decided to take a closer look at this pickup. It came off a garage sale guitar in the 1980s-sadly, the guitar was a classical and someone had converted it to steel strings and added this pickup. It measures 4.24 k-ohms. Just curious if anyone knows what...
  3. Dan Miller

    No. 4 - Princeton Reverb

    I must have started this one sometime before I spent half a year in Australia just before the pandemic. Finished up a major project, so I took the time to clean off the electronics bench and pull out my PR project that has been on hiatus for a while. It's taking some time to remember all I was...
  4. Dan Miller

    Building the Harmony H-191

    Some of you may recall my false starts in recreating this little amp, documented in these threads: Armed with proper info (thanks to a hit-and-run...
  5. Dan Miller

    Valve Heaven DIY Tube Tester?

    Has anyone tried the DIY tube tester posted on Valve Heaven? I'm thinking of giving it a go...
  6. Dan Miller

    Twin HT-191s - Harmony Tribute Build

    So there I was working on my Bassman Micro ( when I found I was short a couple components. Fired off an order, and decided to dive into this one. Don't tell my wife, she hates it that I start projects at a faster rate than I finish...
  7. Dan Miller

    Positioning an Isolation Transformer

    I'm about ready to install an isolation transformer (and fuse and grounded mains) on a Harmony 400A. Are there any "rules of thumb" regarding location, orientation, etc. relative to the rest of the circuit?
  8. Dan Miller

    Reverse Engineering the Harmony H-191

    It's not like I don't have enough projects ongoing already. Nevertheless, here is a new one. I was visually drawn to the Harmony H-191 - probably because I like curves, and also the Art Deco-ish nature of the cab. Long story short, I sprung for one. Paid too much I am sure. Got it, plugged...
  9. Dan Miller

    No. 2 Build - Bassman Micro

    High on the success of my first build (, I'm diving right into MooseTone amp number two - a Bassman Micro using Rob Robinette's great instructions here: I'm liking these low-watt amps - we...
  10. Dan Miller

    Choosing a filter choke.

    I have a new project for which parts are starting to trickle in. I still need to order the filter choke, though, and need some advice. The project calls for a 3.5 henry 50-ma choke. The closest I can find are: Hammond 154H - 4 henry, 50-ma Hammond 157Q - 3.5 henry 150-ma I am guessing the...
  11. Dan Miller

    A Stupid Jack Question

    I'm making my first attempt at a pedal - a SHO that I hope to stuff into an Altoids tin. I thought I ordered a stereo 1/8" jack for input, but it turns out it is a four connector. Which pins do I use for signal and battery disconnect? Thanks! Dan
  12. Dan Miller

    Champ Micro - First Build

    Off and running on my first build! Parts started arriving today (hope I got the right output transformer). First thing I did was trace the openings in the chassis for future reference (couldn't find drill patterns on-line). Lots of garolite for future projects :D and a few chassis punches in...
  13. Dan Miller

    Basswood Bass

    Well, they named the wood for a reason, no? :rolleyes: In the spirit of other, long-drawn-out builds (see for example,, here is my thread about building a basswood P-J bass. I helped out a friend who needed to turn parts...
  14. Dan Miller

    First Build: Champ Micro or AX84 P1?

    I am about ready to embark on my first amp building project. I've been doing a lot of reading and googling, and have narrowed down my choice for first project to the Champ Micro or the AX84 P1. Both appear to have the same relative difficulty level (that is, good for beginners). I like the...
  15. Dan Miller

    First builds - a pair of pinecasters

    I am new here - have found these forums to be a wealth of information! I've been wanting to build guitars for years, and have a couple other projects started but then put on hold. Decided a month ago or so to build a couple of teles. It's been a learning process - but so far so good. Weird thing...