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  1. Pixie-Bob

    Country Fused with Irish Traditional

    Since one came from the other, it should be easy enough to fuse the two? Country - Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Outro Irish - The same 16-bar melody repeated over and over (drunken people dancing don't need complexity) Country is typically Ionian, Irish is Mixolydian. This song is called The Sligo...
  2. Pixie-Bob

    Sleepy Maggie

    First things first - Sleepy Maggie is NOT Irish, it's Scottish. It's the only Scottish tune in my Celtic Electric album. What's the difference between a Scottish and an Irish traditional reel? The Scots reel is more melodically complex over a greater span of time. So whereas an Irish reel...
  3. Pixie-Bob

    The March Of Cúchulainn - Celtic Rock

    We've got a disco bass playing octaves, a Korg M1 piano knocking out a house groove, an electric guitar doing power-chords. Then we have an Irish Fiddle and Tin Whistle playing the melody. How does that lot work together? Let's find out...
  4. Pixie-Bob

    Haste To The Wedding - The Biggest Jig of All

    There is no doubt that this is the most popular and famous of all the Irish jigs. My number one objective though was to not produce a cover of the amazing Corrs version of this tune, after all - I'm not remotely as pretty as those three Corrs colleens. In the absence of all that prettiness...
  5. Pixie-Bob

    Roll Out The Barrel - A Rock Reel

    What makes this Irish reel a little different, is the appearance of the iv chord. This is very rare in Irish music. It's only there for half a measure, but it's the getting to it and the movement away from it that creates the unique tonality. Plus, this one has a banjo.
  6. Pixie-Bob

    King Of The Fairies - Fast Irish Rock

    This is my first cut of this 160 BPM Irish rock tune. It started off as an homage to Horslips who recorded a version in the early 1970s and then it veered off into Thin Lizzy-ish territory. We've got the usual stuff: Electric Guitar and Bass, but also some Minimoog sounds in there as well along...
  7. Pixie-Bob

    Celtic Rock - Were You At The Rock?

    This song first appeared in published form in 1847. Here's the Wikipedia page: This is a slow one and my arrangement does take a while to build up, so hang in there! We have the Uilleann Pipes singing the melody and the Tin Whistle doing...
  8. Pixie-Bob

    Celtic Rock - Celtic Electric

    This is my celtic rock arrangement of a traditional Irish reel - Cooley's Reel. I've moved away from the traditional structure and gone for an arrangement that you would be more likely to find in modern dance music (build, drop, breakdown). Along with the traditional, melodic instruments: the...
  9. Pixie-Bob

    Sleepy Maggie - Celtic Folk

    This is my original arrangement of this traditional Scottish reel. There is no singing - I promise. Featuring: Irish Bodhran, Tin Whistle, Fiddles, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Drums & Bass - there's even a Yamaha DX7!
  10. Pixie-Bob

    The Last Thing On My Mind - Irish Country

    I first assembled the parts for this song five years ago, January 2015. Then I tried singing the lead vocal. It was dire, it was wretched. I gave up. I think the problem was that I was trying to sing songs that were not right for my altar-boyish voice (Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Journey...). You get the...
  11. Pixie-Bob

    He Stopped Loving Her Today

    He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones Is this the saddest song ever recorded? Many think so. It is certainly is in the top-ten of recorded mega-miseries. Talking of misery, I started work on this back in 2013 when I bought the cover vocal tracks - but I never got anywhere because the...
  12. Pixie-Bob

    Sliabh Gallion Braes Traditional Irish Lament with Video

    This is a sad song, a lament. Usually sung by a solitary singer accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It tells the story of an individual leaving their homeland in Ireland for the last time and conveys their feelings of despair and regret at having to depart from their native home. This is my...
  13. Pixie-Bob

    My Cover of Merry Christmas Everybody with Video

    “So here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun, look to the future now it’s only just begun” By any standard, 1973 was not a great year, but as it came to a close - Slade, a Glam-Rock band from Birmingham (England) told us to Look to the future. The song, Merry Xmas Everybody was...
  14. Pixie-Bob

    Advice Needed on Amp Head Choice (Solved)

    Main Requirements are: 1. Output will be through a load-box into an audio interface 2. Must have Clean and Gain Channels 3. Clean must be fender-grade good 3. Crunch/Hi-Gain should be Marshall-Esqe in tone 4. My Tele and Les Paul must like this 5. All Tube Design Looking forward to your...
  15. Pixie-Bob

    On The Horns of a Dilemma

    I'm recording the parts for my cover of a big 1970s christmas hit. The original recording used a Tele and a Gibson SG. I don't have an SG so I'm using my Les Paul Standard for that part. For the Tele part I decided to use my American Deluxe Strat with Hot Noiseless pickups. Then today, for some...
  16. Pixie-Bob

    Celtic Rock - The Raggle Taggle Gypsy

    This celtic folk song originated in Scotland in the early 1700s and made its way to Ireland and beyond where it has been performed and recorded many, many times. My version features the traditional Irish instruments: the Fiddle and Tin Whistle along with Acoustic and Electric Guitar. I recorded...
  17. Pixie-Bob

    What's The Best Lap-Steel for Under £500?

    I've given up on trying to cheat with Lap Steel Kontakt libraries and must now bite the (steel) bullet and buy (and learn) the real thing. What should I be looking for at under £500? I am absolutely clueless - please help.
  18. Pixie-Bob

    Which Modern Amps Can Do This?

    Some years ago I had a Marshall TSL601 - 60w combo tube amp. One of its features was "Silent Recording", here's the explanation from the user manual... "Master Volume: User Hint - As the (rear panel mounted) speaker emulated D.I. output is derived from this circuit you can balance the sound...
  19. Pixie-Bob

    Sliabh Gallion Braes - An Irish Lament

    There are lots of laments in Irish music. In fact, growing up in Dublin in the 1970s - lamenting was second only to following the English First Division football team. Sliabh Gallion Braes is an old Irish Lament which tells the story of someone leaving their homeland for the last time. The...
  20. Pixie-Bob

    The Merry Blacksmith - Irish Traditional Reel

    Following on from my arrangement of “Whiskey in the Jar” two weeks ago, here we have something a bit more traditional - or is it? Whiskey in the Jar I’ve been asked a few times, “what is your style or genre?”. Well...
  21. Pixie-Bob

    American Deluxe Stratocaster - Reborn

    I bought this Shawbucker version for the humbucker. Very quickly I realised that I hated that pickup with a vengeance. For me it was: muddy, inarticulate... Last week I decided to sell the guitar, but then thought - it's a great guitar, it just sounds bad. So this week I ordered all the parts...
  22. Pixie-Bob

    Guitar Lick - Please Help Identify Guitar and Amp

    This is a short, country, guitar lick. I'm nearly sure that it's a Tele (but could be a Strat) and that it's the neck pickup. I also think that it is through the amp's gain channel but with very little gain. What do you think?
  23. Pixie-Bob

    What is the Saddest Song Ever

    I'm thinking that the best way to measure this is, to honestly admit which song makes you cry the most - even if you are one of those who "don't cry". If a song can't make you cry - how sad can it be? For me, back in 2013 I attempted to do a cover of the instrumental parts of George Jones' "He...
  24. Pixie-Bob

    Fender Player Tele - All Mods Complete

    My Tidepool Player Tele arrived a couple of weeks ago, which prompted me to join TDPRI. In that short time, I've used it in a production ( and now I've completed the few mods that I wanted to make. 1. Upgrade the strings...
  25. Pixie-Bob

    Solved - Fender Player Tele - Ground Wiring Problem

    I’ve replaced the stock pickups on my Player Tele with Vintage Noiseless. In my haste to remove the old bridge pickup, I disconnected the ground wire from the bridge pickup and failed to make a note of where the wire (see picture) was anchored. The ground wire goes from the pickup to the bridge...