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    Mini/Small tuner WITH power out??

    I use the PolyTune Mini & love the small footprint but recently added a new pedal & need power for it. With my power supply being maxed out this got me thinking about switching back to the full-size polytune due to its power out feature. I’d prefer to stick with a smaller form factor but can’t...
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    Spitty, chocked decay fuzz

    Looking to add a fuzz to my board but I don’t want a “typical” fuzz. I’ve owned muffs & fuzz faces & tone benders I love them but I’m wanting something that’s more of an “effect”. I’d like something that’s not too thick & that has that gated, chocked our spitting as it decays sound. I’ve had...
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    Impressed with MJT body

    Had to replace the body of my beloved Tele. Found a deal on a MJT body & took a chance. I must say I’m very happy! Just thought I’d share a pic as I’m pretty happy with this esquire build. The relicing is tasteful. (FYI I’m not a relic lover or hater but I do prefer nitro finish). This one is...
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    Les Paul Jr wiring in an esquire??

    I’m overhauling my Tele & converting it to an Esquire. Looking at all the different wiring options & thinking I may just forgo the switch all together as I’ve yet to find a diagram where I like all 3 options. My thought has been to go with a simple volume-tone wiring & I keep coming across Les...
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    Eldred Mod plus Grease Bucket Esquire...possible?

    This may be a really dumb question but I'm converting my tele into an esquire, I'm pretty set on doing a grease bucket tone knob as I feel it gives more "usable" sounds to the tone knob which is important on a one pickup guitar. Is there any reason I couldn't also do the Eldred mod? I've been...
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    I think....yeah (low gain)

    I may have inadvertently found my ideal low gain pedal. Anyone who knows me (haven't been on much in the last while) knows I've owned a LOT of low gain dirt boxes (I'm an addict really). Name a low gain, forum famous, dirt box...yup I've owned it. (Tim/Timmy, Klon, LTD, Raw, 72*, Morning...
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    Ideas for esquire wiring

    So I'm converting a tele into an esquire. I have a 3 way switch & a pull pot on the tone knob. Open to all ideas.
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    92.4% of the time I'm a dirt & delay kinda guy & my "go to" for adding another dimension is a washy verb but %#?€ it all if a little touch of tremolo doesn't do the trick in such an amazing way! It has to be done right & at the right moment but I seriously need to remember to use it more...
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    Nowhere near new gear day

    I've owned this for years now but just can't say enough about how amazing it is. Just thought I'd share. Even tho I normally hang with the pedal junkies I figured I pop in & say hi to y'all:)
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    2014...gear in review

    IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Time to look back on the year that was & share your favorite & least favorite pedal acquisitions of 2014!! Been doing this for a couple years now & think it can be really fun to hear (after the honeymoon is over) what gear we are really happy with! PLUS this...
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    Back around...

    So I've spent the last 6-7 years trying A TON of pedals & loved most of it. This year...I went back over those I've tried & realized I really loved a few so this year I reacquired them. The list of reacquisition? 1 The Pearl (best 2 OD I've ever owned hands down & they're in the same pedal!) 2...
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    Modulation for a guy who doesnt like modulation??

    So I don't really like modulation effects. My typical set up is Dirt>Trem>delay>verb but I'm looking to add something in the modulation department. My typical issue with mod is how "static" it is. There just doesn't seem to be any dynamics to things like phasers, chorus or flanger. Is there...
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    any tap tempo HARMONIC tremelo/vibrato pedals out there??

    Looking for something like the Catalinbread Pareidolia or other recreations of the rare brownface harmonic tremolo BUT w/ tap tempo...I know the Flint by strymon has it (& I may end up dumping some gear to get one) but I'm not a big fan of the limited verb choices on the flint (us a TC Trinity...
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    Rebuying pedals...& NGD!

    His makes the THIRD time I've bought this pedal!! It's not leaving my board again! This1sMyne "The Pearl" - seriously the best dual OD I've ever owned!! What pedal have you bought-sold-bought???
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    Caroline Cannonball (custom shop wave cannom)

    This thing RULES!! A killer distortion that does some outstanding OD tones & awesome fuzz. Taking the havoc switch & making it a momentary switch is freakin' SWEET!!
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    Another slapback thread...

    Ok so my board needs another delay LOL I've got an el cap for washy tape delay & a DD5 for .8th/rhythmic stuff & now I'm looking for a dedicated slapback pedal. Don't have much room so nothing bigger than an MXR size pedal. What are YOU using for slapback?? How do you like it? THANKS!
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    Greer Amps Ghetto Stomp!!

    A match made in heaven!! Want a greasy, thick & ghetto OD like you get from old Supro, Valvco & Gibson amps?? Look no further!! This thing kills but what shocks me most is how EXTREMELY responsive it is to volume & tone knobs but al just playing dynamics. With just a lighter touch you can get...
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    Dynamic OD/Boost pedals for rhythm

    Thought it'd be cool to have guys who play lots if rhythm share what pedals/amps they're using for "always on" dynamic/responsive dirt pedals! Seems like lots of us like to have an "always on" pedal to help when playing at lower levels (small gigs/churches). Here's my thought: list the pedal...
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    MHP Raw

    Ok seriously....go buy this pedal!! I've been using it as my main OD for the last few months & loved it for it's responsiveness & super tasteful break up character. It really has something that is unique in it's voice. Very open & responsive & great for rhythm work. I'm running it into a...
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    praise for The Looker (tremolo content)

    Just wanted to give some praise to a great trem pedal. I know many of us love trem & this thing has really ended my trem search. Great feature set w/out getting too busy, easy to use & most importantly KILLER tone. I end up using it all the freakin' time on all kinds of stuff I didn't plan on. I...
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    MHP RAW!! Finally got one!!!

    Ok. So I'm a big fan of I went I to this with great & high expectations....well I'm not disappointed!! This thing is K.I.L.L.E.R KILLER! Just a super sweet preamp like OD that adds just that little something to the break up that I can't put my finger on but can't stop playing either...
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    EQD Tone Reaper?

    Hear it's a tone bender based pedal. Anyone own/Ed one? Any info on which TB circuit it's closest to?? I'm getting one in a trade & just curious to get some input on it as I won't have it for a few days. THANKS! Sent from my iPhone using TDPRI
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    Your Personal Best NPD of 2013

    Ok's that time again!! We've done this for the past few years & I for one have really enjoyed seeing all y'all's answers! What was your BEST New Pedal Day of 2013?! Built it, bought it, trade or gift...what's your favorite pedal acquired this year?!?? PICS!!!
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    fire-caster?? tele-bird??

    IDK what to call it so I'll just call it AWESOME!!!
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    El Cap!!

    Just got one of these....holy $h!+ this thing is amazing!! I've owned LOTS of analog delays pedals (DMM, Ibanez, Boss DMs, Way Huge on & on) & played thru a "real" tape echo & this thing KILLS!!! So flexible & just the right amount of tweakability for me! I've got a favorite switch coming...