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  1. 'ol hank pank

    ID help

    Hi I found this awesome neck through Stratocaster with no identifying marks. Three peas neck through with two wings which I believe our koa. Although I’m not an expert. Has an old Schecter vibe but I am just at a loss for a manufacturer here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. I haven’t been...
  2. 'ol hank pank

    Pick up identification mystery Cream?

    Hi. Been a long time. Got this in the mail today. Any clue who Made the pup?
  3. 'ol hank pank

    Donated parts tele build

    Hi all. I posted in the 'parts wanted' sections that I can't justify a purchase when money is so tight, not something I would do to my family. I asked for donations of parts, I figured I would build one instead of buy one- my guitars have been sold and I have nothing to plink on. I was thinking...
  4. 'ol hank pank

    New Addition

    Hi- been around since this was the TDP- no RI. Lurking mostly these days. Just got an 85 Schecter Saturn aka PT pete townshend. view the album
  5. 'ol hank pank

    The CV of amps? (from zombie thread)

    peavey triumph 60, it is a 1x12 tho.
  6. 'ol hank pank


    is not just a funny dog. I traded a teal bandit for a triumph w some issues + 40 bucks. I removed the good sounding but HEAVY scorpion for an old celestion G12H-100. Brought it to me local guitar geeks and another 45 bucks of cleaning and resoldering- POW! BAM! The amp absolutely smokes. I don't...
  7. 'ol hank pank

    small project- need affirmation

    Thinking of trading my strat for a Schecter PT Elite- basically a 2HB w coil taps with a maple top and mahog body, bolt on neck. I have a SD JD sitting around that needs a home. GFS sells sort of a swiss army knife bridge that should cover the HB hole in the back. The guit has string through...
  8. 'ol hank pank

    Tele versatility

    So I blew my calf/achilles tendon out at work yesterday, not fully, but enough to take me out for a few weeks. I am in a boot/cast/torture device and taking lortabs, bored as hell. I grabbed my son's vypyr 15, my CV50 and set it up next to the couch. I put the amp on deluxe w no effect, neck pup...
  9. 'ol hank pank

    my guitar, your vote

    I have been wanting to double humbucker guitar for a while, but something different. A local guy on CL wants to trade my import strat for his Epiphone Genesis. I have read some posts here and elsewhere and I am gonna pull the trigger (85% sure). Here is the deal- It (the top) has been...
  10. 'ol hank pank

    is it me or is it hot in here?

    I have been coming around here for a while, now. Just recently checking back in. Does this forum seem to be much more 'flamely', less polite and helpful than in years past? Not feeling as friendly a vibe as before. Anyone agree? I am not trying to stir things up, but just voicing my observations.
  11. 'ol hank pank

    I just gotta give some love here

    I finally got to kick the tires on my Peavey Generation EXP. I played it through my son's vypyr 15 watter. I may have to replace that speaker this week. :grin: I LOVE this guitar. It was such a blast. It needs very minor set up stuff. As much as folks love the GFS and SX stuff (I have been a...
  12. 'ol hank pank

    Bad experiences with Music Store- Drome Sound

    Well, I had one today. Drome Sound in Schenectady made me rather angry today. We got my son an Epi 56 Gold Top for Xmas. Being a chip off the old block, he wanted to upgrade the tuners to kluson tulips. So we did that last week for his birthday, plus Mom ordered a set up. Well the first time...
  13. 'ol hank pank


    I just got back from seeing them in Albany- a free show and it was fantastic. Real pioneers, super tight and fun fun fun. I'm nearly speechless. Heroes of mine I thought I;d never see, and I was upfront, dead center skankin away. This old Rude Boy had a blast. What a super band.
  14. 'ol hank pank

    needs ideas for Danelectro combo body

    The circuit board on a nifty fifty broke (bad handling when moving)- not mine, but I inherited it. Any ideas for a tube amp in there? The chassis is okay- it has an eight inch speaker, what can I replace that with? Thanks OHP
  15. 'ol hank pank

    trading instruments?

    Any place online for folks who want to trade stuff (other than here?). I have a non tele I'd like to parlay into different non tele.
  16. 'ol hank pank

    Bedrock speaker- mystery revealed.

    Hi everyone, I emailed Jay Abend from GFS and former Bedrock, the maker of my amp. Here s how it went. ay, Could you please, please put the mystery to rest once and for all? Who made the delicious 12100E Speaker in my 1202? I will happily post on the bedrock tribute page...
  17. 'ol hank pank

    Right now on PBS

    In Albany NY anyway- a show about Stax Records, already saw bits with Steve Cropper so I am settling for some quality Tele sighting. Rich
  18. 'ol hank pank

    where for parts?

    Just in case anything has changed, where would you recommend for parts- I am rebuilding a guitar (not a tele, but I trust you guys more than anyone).
  19. 'ol hank pank

    Wow, what a forum

    Hi again everyone. I have made a few of these posts in the past 2 years or so, mostly a 'hi I haven't forgotten you' deal. My life has taken off both career wise and personally in the past 2 years, I have barely touched a guitar. Things are very good and have slowed down enough so I can get...
  20. 'ol hank pank

    tweakin (GFS Parts)

    I thought I save the post, oh well. GFS parts, so far so good, look at the process. Rich
  21. 'ol hank pank

    tele bucker bigsby- ROB D!

    Hey ya'll been a while, got a semester break so my thoughts have turned to tele tweakin. I have an affinity, and have made it double swimming pool body (it had one at the bridge, so why not one at the neck?), I wonder if anyone has seen or have or done a double bucker bigsby tele? Hey...
  22. 'ol hank pank

    hello again

    Hi to all, but out of the game for a while, school, kids, work. Just wanted to say hi and I missed you all I am glad to be back and that the page is up and running well post Katrina. Thanks to Paul! 'zup Fuzz?
  23. 'ol hank pank

    capital district tube amp repair

    Hi, the bedrock needs some TLC perhaps beyond my abilities. I get a low rumbling (?static?) sound. Maybe cap job, maybe something more intense. Any suggestions for a tech or me? Thanks OHP
  24. 'ol hank pank

    Can't figure out the poll thing so I'll ask

    Which has the greatest effect on tone? Wood, Pups, Tubes, Speakers? to my ears lately its speakers.
  25. 'ol hank pank

    Ohms and stuff

    Hi- does anyone have a link that explains about 4,8, 16 ohms? Like when its safe to use which setting? I have a combo amp, 2x12- 8 ohms speakers and a plug for 4 or 8 onms out of the amp. I use it on 4 ohms. There has been an intermittent rumbling sound lately, and I want to try it in 8...