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    The Roy Buchanan Bluesmaster

    This is one hell of a Strange guitar. Made by the Fritz Brothers of Alabama. 3 singel coil pick ups. A 7 Switch. A push pull for doubling the Switches also on the tone controll 3 more Switches. One for a Strat sound one for a Gibson Les Paul and one Switch för most any guitar sound. Roy...
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    Eric Clapton a Telecaster fan ?

    I was surprised at How many pics and stories there were ablut Eric Clapton and Telecasters. I knew it was his main guitar for about the first 3 years, But it seems to have gone a lot further. some randomiserad pics, there are hundreds of more Eric Clapton Telecaster pics
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    Plastic Mac the death of Paul McCartney

    I was shopping on Amazon yesterday a thing for my son when I saw a book named : Plastic Mac the death of Paul McCartney. I thougt oh this is a book about that long since dissmissed rumour/ joke that was published in the sixties and how people could believe in it. But to my surprise there is...
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    Big star studded charity concerts

    What so you think of big star studded charity concerts like these ?
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    One of the greatest bands ever. Deserved according to me to be as big as The Rolling Stones. I do not believe however as many think that they were on the edge of getting as popular as the Rolling Stones were when their plane crashed. I believe that because of the plane crash they became more...
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    George Harrison No on Fender Stratocaster list

    First I thought this was Fender Stratocasters official page but it was some reporter putting down the best Stratocaster players in the world. Jimi Hendrix obviously No 1 But on No 2 George Harrison. Off course this has more to do with how famous as there are hundreds of more technical...
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    Roy Buchanan Bluesmaster guitar

    Hi, Since this is not a Fender Telecaster I thought it was best to put the thread here. The Roy Buchanan Bluesmaster guitar made by the Fritz Brothers interests me a lot. Anyone played that guitar ?
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    Best foot ball songs

    I got reminded in another thread about Dave Clark Fives Glad all over that Crystal Palace uses as their song. This is one of the greatest audiences I have ever seen. ( even though I am a Liverpool supporter)
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    Telecaster in historical event

    Did a Telecaster help bring down the Berlin Wall ? Joking off course but this concert of Bruce Springsteen brought 500 000 Eastberliners to see him. Sent on national tv and radio and was Said to be known by every youth in the country. Did not bring down the Wall but a Classic moment in rock...
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    Eric Clapton and his telecasters

    Hi, I was a bit confused seeing so many pics of Eric Clapton playing Telecaster. Sorry if this has already been discussed. I thought he started on a tele used it for like 2 years and then went to Gibson then in 1970 or something almost only Stratocaster.
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    George Harrison

    Maybe not so much a telecaster topic beside that famous 69 tele he got special made. But this man seemed such a Nice man and also I think a very competent guitarist. I think sometimes he gets overlooked. Some Nice vids of George
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    Nicest rock Star houses

    This has nothing to do with Telecasters so tell Me if I am posting wrong. I have never seen a Rockstar house as that one of the late George Harrison. House is the wrong description as is it is a 120 room Castle with incredible big garden. Or actually there Where so many different gardens its...
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    Roy Buchanan

    Hi, I am New here so you probably have talked about Roy Buchanan earlier. But I have never seen a guitar player like him. I stumbled pon him a few months ago and just thought ” this is the greatest I have ever seen by far”. Taste is off course different with everybody. But for Me it was like a...