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  1. Felino

    What is your favorite risky behavior?

    Playing guitar other than Telecaster (well, sometimes), have enough courage to admit it here, then coming back to Tele, on my knees, in tears. Purifying experience.
  2. Felino

    Digitech Pedal Owners Club

    Sadly, I don't own Gokulator... Well, you gave me another toy to GAS for, that's for sure.
  3. Felino

    Ever wonder why contemporary music sucks?

    Well, in one way or another, contemporary music always sucks. Throughout the history. Sent from my 8079 using TDPRI mobile app
  4. Felino


    They start to treat them as a panacea (universal cure) for every traffic problem and they put them everywhere, with and without any logical explanation. Sent from my 8079 using TDPRI mobile app
  5. Felino

    How many pedals do you have?

    Over 50.
  6. Felino

    Pick up covers--dumb question

    I agree. I have two sets now. They sound great.
  7. Felino

    Why Is the Spaghetti Western Sound Still Cool?

    Why? Because the composer, Ennio Morrocone is talented and well educated classical music composer. Edit: I like his work, and I like spaghetti western music very much.
  8. Felino

    Your favorite pedal manufacturer

    EHX any day, and Mooer for budget ones.
  9. Felino

    Who loves cats?

    I do.
  10. Felino

    All you "Keef" fans: Time for him to just shut up!

    I try to keep myself away from the words of people that I admire for their music work. It can't always work that way, of course. Usualy, I don't even care for what they say about anything. Beside their work, they are (personaly) strangers to me, and as I am not intersted in what some strangers...
  11. Felino

    Counterfeit Shure 55SH series II?

    Yes, shiny one looks fake, especially its box with somehow rude design with big letters "Shure microphone", and nothing else printed on it.
  12. Felino

    Electro harmonix ring thing, maybe a misunderstood pedal ?

    It's a very good price! I would buy it in a heart beat for 100 euros. Unfortunately, used ones are rare around here, not to mention that I would expect them to be about 200 euros.
  13. Felino

    Electro harmonix ring thing, maybe a misunderstood pedal ?

    Yes, that's the price, 240 euros is 300 US dollars. I use Thomann as a reference. I agree it's a great pedal, I might buy one some day, but it's some kind of a deal breaker when I see such a lower prices in USA.
  14. Felino

    Electro harmonix ring thing, maybe a misunderstood pedal ?

    The pedal sounds great. I love EHX pedals and own them but I wish that their price policy become more friendly towards European market. It's kinda hurt when you see that Ring Thing is 220 US dollars in USA but 300 in Europe...
  15. Felino

    Quest for tube-sounding, natural-sounding mild overdrive pedal

    Take a look at AMT pedals.
  16. Felino


    Maybe they can download your favourite songs to your pacemaker. So your heart can beat in the rhythm of your favourite songs! Thoughts and prayers. Good luck!
  17. Felino

    Are we having low standards these days?

    "Good enough" thinking where result with a little more effort/cost can actually be great, is the thing that annoys.
  18. Felino

    Anxiety and depression

    Blowtorch, don't give up, we are with you. Such a great guy as you are (clearly obvious from your posts here on forum) deserves to live a great and happy life. Best wishes!
  19. Felino

    Another Newbie Thread - Recording Equipment Question

    You are already targeting SM57, it's a classic, standard mic for recording a guitar amp. When I record guitar amp, in mono, I use AKG C414TL-II and Shure SM57A, simultaniously. Every mic gets recorded at the dedicated channel, and I mix them later. Works best for me, I get the best from the...
  20. Felino

    Mooer Red Truck?

    Mooer also have a new multi fx, GE 200. I have'nt tried but it gets good reviews. It's on my to buy list. Black track looks like a more usuful tool than Red truck.
  21. Felino

    Bootstrap Pickups

    Looks great!
  22. Felino

    What does "Woody" tone mean to you?

    "Woody" tone? Depends on tonewood, of course!
  23. Felino

    Thinking like a producer

    Mixing starts with an arrangement.
  24. Felino

    What are you listening to?

    Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
  25. Felino

    Yet another outstanding Win10 experience...

    It looks like their support level is micro, and reliability is kinda soft...