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  1. rocking rooster

    Name that tune ?

    Yesterday listening to internet radio, I heard a really rocking country song. I'm sure it was George Strait and it was almost "Six Days On The Road" with different lyrics. Any ideas please?
  2. rocking rooster

    They built 'em tough in those days

    For many years I was a bass player and for most of that time I used a Fender Precision that I bought used in 1971. Many years ago I removed the neck and I’m convinced that the date stamp on the neck said Oct 62 which is in line with the serial no. on the neck plate. However, the headstock decals...
  3. rocking rooster

    Guitar photography

    It’s a thing that we all like to show off what we’ve got (ooh err missus!) at every opportunity. In the recent “Let’s see those 12 strings” thread I was very aware of the great difference in quality of the various photos. My own contribution looks dreadful in comparison to some of the better...
  4. rocking rooster

    it followed me home, honest........

    Me and Mrs R took the Lowrider for a quick blast last Thursday. We went to a bike dealer a few miles away which has a nice cafe and stopped for coffee. As you do, I checked out the second hand stock and now I seem to have bought a 3 year old Bonneville America. It gets delivered next Friday...
  5. rocking rooster

    Chris Ledoux

    Up till 3 weeks ago I'd never even heard the name, as far as I know he was totally unheard of in the UK. On my latest USA road trip I was in a truck stop in Georgia and they were playing the Garth Brooks song that name-checks him and decided to find out who he is (was). I've now spend hours on...
  6. rocking rooster

    current model Mustang

    Anyone have, or is familiar with, the current Ford Mustang convertible? Myself and Mrs R are heading across the pond soon for a little road trip. We were going with friends and so booked a rental Ford Taurus but now our friends have had to bail out because of illness. With just the 2 of us it...
  7. rocking rooster

    Covers that you can't stand

    There's been many threads and posts over the years on the subject of great covers that transcend the original, but what about the other end of the stick? As I type the radio is playing Guns and Roses "Knocking On Heavens Door". Two songs previously it was Poison "Your Mama Don't Dance". I'm just...
  8. rocking rooster

    Vintage planes

    It was a lovely day today, not a cloud in the sky but a bit nippy. The temperature was around 9c-10c but otherwise perfect so me and the current Mrs R went out for a ride on the Harley. We went to a grass strip airfield where the cafe sells superb home made cakes. The place is a regular...
  9. rocking rooster

    Gram Parsons - gone 45 years

    Today is the 45th anniversary of the passing of Gram Parsons. Just thought it was worth a mention. I've always thought that he sort of wrote his own obituary : But he was just a country boy, his simple songs confess And the music he had in him so very few possess RIP Gram, gone but never...
  10. rocking rooster

    A strange thing happened (ngd)

    A couple of days ago I walked into town and as I was standing outside the local music shop, an alien space craft materialised above me. I was taken aboard via their tractor beam and obviously lost consciousness immediately. When I came to, I was back standing outside the music shop exactly as...
  11. rocking rooster

    screw the bridge down ?

    I have a 1982 Stratocaster which I don't use anymore and in fact for the last 4 years has been out on loan to the singer in my band. He only plays rhythm and when I was using it I never used the whammy bar at all but I've left it set up with the bridge floating so it's ready for some vibrato...
  12. rocking rooster

    pic test

  13. rocking rooster

    What were they thinking ?

    I know that lately, slagging off Gibson has become a popular game on TPDRI but as the owner of 3 Gibsons I've tried not to join in. Until now! I was just looking online at their 2018 acoustic range and while it's great to see the Dove back even if only as limited run, some of the colour options...
  14. rocking rooster

    testing 1 .... 2 ......

    test test test
  15. rocking rooster

    Flower power is back (NGD)

    Just when I thought I was all done with GAS, they went and released a new batch of FSR Paisleys and Florals in the UK. I have to confess that this has caused me to fall off the wagon. I always thought that the Pink Paisley was cooler than the Blue Floral, but not £300 cooler (that's about $375...
  16. rocking rooster

    New Monitors

    The band has splashed out on a new monitor system. Instead of 4 floor wedges we got 4 of these little Behringer powered thingies. They put out 150w per unit and sizewise are only 7.30" x 11.42" x 8.70", weight is 7 lbs We've...
  17. rocking rooster

    NGD (The Dove flies south tonight)

    Having asked the opinions of the TDPRI’ers on the merits of a Hummingbird vs a D-28, I read all the advice and then went out and did something completely different. I spent a long time playing a lot of high end guitars and decided that while Martins are fabulous, they are not for me. I ended up...
  18. rocking rooster

    Hummingbird vs D-28

    Some advice wanted please. I’ve got a bit of spare wonga and feel the need for a nice dreadnought. I’ve always been an electric player and know nothing about guitars with air in them. I’ve always loved the idea of a Martin D-28 but while looking round I see that I can get a Gibson Hummingbird...
  19. rocking rooster

    cool plane

    We took the bike out for a ride today to Compton Abbas airfield, which is a little grass strip on a hill overlooking Shaftesbury, Dorset. While we were there, this landed. From what I can find on the interweb, it's a Ryan STA which is an aerobatics capable trainer dating from the mid 1930's...
  20. rocking rooster

    Fender Champion 300

    Our singer has been given a Champion 300 for free. It's in good cosmetic condition but won't power up, not even the pilot light comes on. According to the owners manual that we downloaded there is an internal fuse which I guess is the first thing to check (as well as looking for broken /...
  21. rocking rooster

    Telebacker, Rickencaster ?

    I was browsing online for some 6 string loveliness today and came across this from Banning Guitars. ( They've got some fabulous stuff on this site but as someone who is into both Teles and Ricks, this one really floats my boat. Anyone else digging this ?
  22. rocking rooster

    Country(ish) songs in a minor key ?

    Me and our singer were looking at our set list the other day and he pointed out something that has been bugging me for a while. We have about 3 hours worth of country, country rock and Americana and there's only 1 song in a minor key (South of Santa Fe by Brooks + Dunn) Your mission, should...
  23. rocking rooster

    Anyone use M-Steel strings on a Tele ?

    Just saw an advert for the Ernie Ball M-Steel strings, does anyone here use them ? Their claims are quite impressive and normally I'd just have a punt on a new type of strings, but seeing as they cost £15 here (that's $24/$25), I'd like to gather a few opinions first before splashing out the...
  24. rocking rooster

    GAS done got me again (NGD)

    For the last few years I've been living under the illusion that I was cured of GAS, till last week when the voices started and now I've splashed the cash on this little baby I guess I'm still a hopeless junkie. She's second hand but you would never know it, no dings or buckle rash at...
  25. rocking rooster

    Lap steel advice needed

    I’ve been offered a 6 string electric lap steel complete with stand and case at a very reasonable price and need some advice before I go for it. I’m a competent lead player and am quite handy at bottleneck blues type slide in an Elmore James / Jeremy Spencer / George Thorogood style but have...