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  1. kuch

    Sometimes I swear he’s almost human.

    nice puppy... :)
  2. kuch

    Can't find a good Tele!

    +1 what models? What fretboard radius? Fret size? String gauge? If your strat works for you, what are the specs on your strat?
  3. kuch

    I touched a 335 today.

    got a sunburst in 02-03(?) brand new in Portland (no sales tax) just over $2k. It's on "loan" to my son these days (been for years). I'm kinda partial to my es 330 these days... mickey mouse club! Never say never, it sets your mind up for cancelling possibilities....
  4. kuch

    Hey guys! New girl in town.

    Happy B-day and welcome to the club... watch out for the flamers and trolls..... just like the rest of the internet Have fun
  5. kuch

    I'm going to stay 100% sober every day for the rest of my life

    Hey BB, good job taking the 1st step!! As the yoda said "there is no try, just do or do not" I quit smoking about 35 years ago and it only happened when I did it cold turkey. I had told myself many times before "I going to try to quit"..... never worked. One day I crushed my fresh pack of...
  6. kuch

    Expecting my first kid, surname conundrum

    Have you picked a first name? I would go with the arrangement that "rolls" best with the first name....
  7. kuch

    The Last Things....

    Hey TC, I'm 69 in good health but you never know what's around the corner. I created a will about a year ago before I went in for back surgery, had it legally notarized, and gave copies to my family. Included in my will are instructions for what I want after my passing. I have set aside...
  8. kuch

    Treble Boosters

    +1 on the GE-7 for boost But I hardly use it....
  9. kuch

    Are all of your guitars the same ?

    I think it just means you've figured out what you like! I do have 3 teles: fender 52 vintage hotrod and american standard ash, and a G&L thinline; 1 ej strat; 1 gibby es330; and 2 martins. I also have on "loan" to my kids/grandkids: 3 martins, es335, 2 LPs, 1 strat, several amps..... but we...
  10. kuch

    NGD, but is it a keeper?

    Or this: my Fender 52 vintage hotrod
  11. kuch

    Sealing pine cab?

    Just finished my pine cab with 7 coats of tung oil and 2 finish coats of wipe on poly. I cut the 1st coat of tung oil 50/50 with mineral spirits. I put a coat of that on the inside of the cab just to "seal" the wood. have fun Edit: look for post "Pine Cab Finishing" 6/27/2022
  12. kuch

    What music did you listen to as a young child?

    My parents had a set of maybe 50-75 33rpm records of big bands like Dorsey, Ellington, James, Miller, Goodman, etc ... Later on I remember we got some records with stories like Peter and the wolf, etc. My oldest brother who is 7 yrs older than me started buying albums and 45s when he was...
  13. kuch

    Pine Cab Finishing

    I got the finish on the cab done. I went with 7 coats of tung oil and finished with 2 coats of wipe on poly for protection.
  14. kuch

    After all these years - string suggestions

    +1 on EB regular slinkys 10-46. they last a long time if you wipe them down before putting your guitar away I put that **** on everything..... electrics anyway
  15. kuch

    What's the best line you've come up with lately?

    This might be lame but.... I got my family start calling "lame" people/actions Lorenzo. As in Lorenzo Lamas.... lame a**
  16. kuch

    Looking for the ES-295 sound (Eastman AR380CE or ES-135)

    P-90s, Hollow body ES-330?
  17. kuch

    Why is TDPRI checking my connection to see if it's secure?

    I just got that message when I logged on. Maybe they were attacked by hackers....
  18. kuch

    Tung oil finish?

    Here's some pics of my cab. I recently added 2 coats of rub on Poly for a little more protection:
  19. kuch

    Join me, won’t you ? Wish my 2002 F-150 a happy 20th birthday !

    Happy B-day Blackie! I have a 97 F150, 6 1/2' bed, 2 tone maroon and silver 4WD with about 90K miles and still going strong. Great, dependable rig. No regrets :)
  20. kuch

    Tung oil finish?

    I'm doing a tung oil finish on a solid pine Princeton Reverb cab. I followed this guys method of thinning the 1st coat 50/50 with mineral spirits followed by undiluted. I let it dry completely and added 4 more undiluted coats.
  21. kuch

    NGD, but is it a keeper?

    Is this what you're looking for? It's a American Standard Ash
  22. kuch

    Happy With 65 Princeton Reverb Stock?

    Yes the real question is are you happy with it stock/original?
  23. kuch

    What drill bit do I need?

    You might try one of these:
  24. kuch

    Help me find my favourite knob...

    nice knob job.....
  25. kuch

    Would this mod devalue my guitar?

    +1 mods de-value guitars +1 it's a squire, go hog wild on it, it doesn't have much value to begin with If it was a vintage or higher end guitar, resale value goes down if you mod it If you're going to keep it, who cares

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