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  1. giginthesky

    Solid State amp you've known and loved,,, or hated,

    Mid 80's Fender Japanese Sidekicks are my favorites. I use them all the time.
  2. giginthesky

    Ugly Telecasters: Let's See 'Em

    I was gonna refinish this in a sunburst when the finish began falling off in huge shards. I wound up kinda liking the look of it all beaten up..... So I put a coffee ring stain on it and named it Javacaster. It's an '87 MIJ neck, 2000 50's Classic series body and an '83 American Standard pickup.
  3. giginthesky

    Attn: 52 AVRI Experts.

    why does he have to strip the headstock?
  4. giginthesky

    RAT Lovers Front and Center

    i dig the HM2. (i have 2 of them) it's one of the few boss pedals i love.
  5. giginthesky

    RAT Lovers Front and Center

    thanx for the info, ranjam. that would explain why these pedals remind me of my old, old rat pedal. you're right about price, too.... i probably spent about $100 for both.
  6. giginthesky

    RAT Lovers Front and Center

    i traded my rat II and use a peavey hotfoot on 1 board and an ibanez fat cat on the other. the rat II doesn't sound like the rat i remember from the 80's. probably just me but i prefer these copies.
  7. giginthesky

    New (for us) sound clip approach.

    that is just really smart. i really wish this was "standard procedure" for all pickup sound clips. i suppose it would work well with effects, amps and so on, too!
  8. giginthesky

    If you only had to have one overdrive and one distortion?

    the next distortion x and the electra 600d.
  9. giginthesky

    What Concerts Are You Going to This Year?

    i'll be seeing david gilmour in april at MSG. after the price of that ticket.......... i don't think i'll be seeing any other shows this year. :shock::shock::shock:
  10. giginthesky

    What Fender accessories do you own, beyond instruments & amps?

    i've got several pedals from the 80's that i still use pretty regularly.
  11. giginthesky

    Got my '75 Fender Strat back!!!

    it's a late 74' early 75' and it's on the lighter side. i bought it second hand back in 1986. i wore the frets so bad you almost couldn't feel them. i was a nervous reck when i left it for the refret. i was afraid it might get ruined. rick emery did an amazing job. turned out better than i ever...
  12. giginthesky

    Got my '75 Fender Strat back!!!

    had mine refretted about a year ago. she's been in heavy rotation ever since!
  13. giginthesky

    Last piece of gear you've bought?

    just installed this SD SSL5 in my 86' MIJ squier. 40 bux well spent. (the pup is already in the strat in the pic. i used the old cover.)
  14. giginthesky


    my advice... marry that girl!
  15. giginthesky

    Need help ID of this body and pickups

    if that pick guard is a thick one ply, i have two of them from squire affinity's from the late 90's. they even turned tan like the one in your pic.
  16. giginthesky

    A '74 Tele for 1500.00?

    with the original finish gone, i wouldn't consider it an investment piece. i recently picked up a 20 year old AVRI 57 strat for $750. in my mind, that's a deal.
  17. giginthesky

    Oh, my lowly Frontman 25R... why oh why

    i don't know how the FM's or champion's compare to the old sidekick line but seems to me they'd be similar. my bud picked up a champion 110 and a blues jr a few weeks back. the champion reminds me of the sidekicks i own. i must add.... i'm a huge fan of the sidekicks from the 80's!
  18. giginthesky

    Multi track iPad

    4pickupguy, nice job! the bass guitar and kick drum were a little boomy on my computer speakers but your mixing skills are awesome. i can hear every instrument clearly and separately. good ears, man and props to you!
  19. giginthesky

    62 MIJ Custom Telecaster Maple Fretboard

    i'm unaware of any MIJ guitar with the decal over the finish. it's common on custom shop and AVRI's though. i'm pretty sure the MIJ's with fender stamped on the neck plate are the top of the line for fender japan. that's a beauty, jethrotech. i wish they'd offer a model like that. i had to build...
  20. giginthesky

    NGD! (Image Heavy)

    i'd think changing the value of the volume pots would fix the roll off issue. not sure about the blending issue, though. being they are buckers, i assume they are 500k pots? nice score telecastertodd! i've been impressed with the squier VM and classic vibe line. reminds me of the old days when...
  21. giginthesky

    Please advise a BASS amp!

    i've got at least 7 or 8 bass rigs and had them for years. if i was looking for my first decent bass amp today i'd definitely consider the fender rumble series. i used to pass them off and think they were more like toys or a novelty until i wound up plugged into one. i was checking out a vintage...
  22. giginthesky

    Does this look like a 52 AVRI to you?

    a few peeps have referenced road worn, i assume they mean the MIM series? if so'i'll add this... all of the 50's classic series MIM's that i own have their 12th fret dots closer together than the neck in the pic. also, if the fender logo is above the finish on the headstock, it's most likely...
  23. giginthesky

    What's your love story?

    i was cutting class in high school and went to hang with friends who had lunch that period. my wife was sitting at the table next to us. when she went to the bathroom, i asked her friend for her name and tel#. we've been together ever since, 27 years. we are a prime example of "opposites...
  24. giginthesky

    maxed out saddles.... what would you do?

    what i got from rolloman's advice was to slightly make a few (very shallow) holes the same depth to use as a reference and make sure i'm sanding evenly. (on the butt of the neck) seems to me that would assure that i don't sand it on an angle.
  25. giginthesky

    maxed out saddles.... what would you do?

    great idea rolloman! thanx!