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    Out of phase pickups

    I've searched the forums - but haven't found any reference to out of phase pickups from the factory. I have a 2020 AO 60's Thinline I bought used off of Reverb. The middle switch setting sounds like my pickups are out of phase. There is a huge volume drop and it looses all its low end...
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    NGD - American Original 60’s Thinline

    It’s been a long road to a Telecaster for me. My first one was from Wildwood in 2017. A fine looking 52 thinskin reissue. It looked great - super nice craftsmanship, and felt solid, but it never really played all that well for me. The neck didn’t feel great to me, and something about it just...
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    Fender Player Tele Neck Angle Issue

    After a LOT of sleuthing and research, I believe that the issue with my player telecaster, is that the neck angle is incorrect. I am experiencing string buzz all the way up the neck from the first fret. It’s mostly on the 4th,5th and 6th strings. It’s not just a pleasant jangle - it is quite...
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    Player Tele Pickups - not hot?

    Hi - I bought a Fender Player Tele in August. I love the clean tone - through my Deluxe Reverb, my Princeton - it’s just awesome. Plays great too. But I have noticed that it doesn’t break up with my amps. Where I normally get nice breakup at around 3 or 4 on the volume knob, it just stays...