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  1. Old Verle Miller

    Blue Man Group

    Actually there are dozens of groups of them around the world. It started with the original 3 and like circuses, became a small industry.
  2. Old Verle Miller

    What drill bit do I need?

    Right-angle drill attachment - you can find them all over the place for under $30. Don't leave home without it!
  3. Old Verle Miller

    Humorous/crazy hijinks by an artist you’ve witnessed at concerts

    Vince Gill explaining the story behind his dad's opinion of his career and how he once gave Vince a great title for a country song: "It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed Your Ass Out All Day Long." The whole thing is hilarious.
  4. Old Verle Miller

    Need house A/C advice

    78? Warm? That would be uncomfortably cold for us.
  5. Old Verle Miller

    Need house A/C advice

    Not much of the population centers of TX are conducive to evaporative coolers, and there are some places where there ain't enough water to save the grass, let alone run a swamper!
  6. Old Verle Miller

    Favorite Heavy Riffs

    Think longevity - this one was from 1992 and they did it again in 2017:
  7. Old Verle Miller

    what songs taught you the most?

    Peter Paul and Mary (It all started with folk music for me) Johnny Rivers - Memphis Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman The Everly Brothers - Walk Right Back The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face, I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better In 1969 saw Jerry Lee Lewis and one of his songs grabbed me. It was "She Even...
  8. Old Verle Miller

    Dyeing wooden dowels

    Black glossy nail polish. Multiple very light coats. Thin it out and airbrush it if you have the tool.
  9. Old Verle Miller

    1971 Rosewood Tele: Any recs for routing repairs? (ideally SoCal/AZ)

    My guess on that hole is someone at some time had it mounted on a wall with a peg or a screw. Maybe a club or museum-case display, not meant to be moved.
  10. Old Verle Miller

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    Don't count out really good singles just because the artist didn't have what you think qualifies as a full stack of rock hits. I've done Billy Joel's You May Be Right without a keyboard player and sax and with some really creative work from our lead guitar player it was a hit with the crowd...
  11. Old Verle Miller

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    If you don't think Bob Seger's Old Time Rock & Roll is rock and roll I wish you luck in your project. Another direction if you have a keyboard or harmonica is Huey Lewis.
  12. Old Verle Miller

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    If someone has the vocal range look at John Fogarty. Bob Seger still gets lots and lots of classic rock airplay, too.
  13. Old Verle Miller

    Help! Need more hot country chicken pickin' jazz/early instrumental rockabilly!

    Let's not forget the king of dieselbilly, Bill Kirchen. AKA "The Titan of the Telecaster."
  14. Old Verle Miller

    Duets, what ya got?

    Two of the best vocalists you'll ever get to see and hear:
  15. Old Verle Miller

    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    Its Main Street after midnight just like it was before 21 months later at the local grocery store Sherry buys a paper and a cold 6-pack of beer The headlines read that Sonny is goin' to the chair She pulls back onto Main Street in her new Mercedes Benz The road goes on forever and the party...
  16. Old Verle Miller

    Is simpler better?

    No doubt about it. And it works best if you have someone in the band who knows how to entertain a crowd without being obnoxious. If you've ever seen Vince Gill or Brad Paisley live, they are masters at pacing with clever things to say and stories to tell between songs.
  17. Old Verle Miller

    Neighbors been cleaning out…

    No, just a wee bit of an optimist. A crazy person would have taken it home and spent the day trying to plug it in and get a sound out of it.
  18. Old Verle Miller

    50th Anniversary today!

    Welcome to the Golden Anniversary club!!👍
  19. Old Verle Miller

    Top Load or Thru the Body?

    Through the body is easier to change - just make sure you test how smooth the bridge holes are. I use a Q-tip to test them first and sure enough, every once in a while there will be a snag that needs polishing.
  20. Old Verle Miller

    Who you gonna call?

    If you've got little kids put it up out of reach - that will keep them out of there, too!
  21. Old Verle Miller

    What a Learning Experience

    Back in the day when I did absurdly expensive things like custom auto and boat painting I learned a paint booth was only as good as the air pressure and filtration system that had been installed in it. Flawless on anything of size is impossible without it. A drag racer doesn't expect flawless...
  22. Old Verle Miller

    Who you gonna call?

    True - I'd recommend a simple, cheap door bolt latch; at least it can't lock you in the attic inadvertently!
  23. Old Verle Miller

    Who you gonna call?

    Residential building codes most likely wouldn't let you have a lock on the inside where you could inadvertently trap yourself (or someone) in the attic space.
  24. Old Verle Miller

    Who you gonna call?

    Since you say the knob locks from inside the attic, I'm going to assume you have to have a key to open it if it's locked. Where do you keep the key(s)?
  25. Old Verle Miller

    Hot weather in the UK !

    We're tying and breaking heat records all this month, and here in our part of North Texas, it's well over 100 and we haven't had measurable rain for six weeks.

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