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  1. Duggo

    Built this in a building class last week. My first non-kit.

  2. Duggo

    Color preference poll

    Wondering what everyone else thinks...
  3. Duggo

    Need to pick an amp kit

    Hi all, I want to purchase an amp kit to learn more about tube amps. I already own a reissue 68' deluxe reverb and a JC-40. What would be a good amp kit to learn with that maybe doesn't duplicate what I already have? Thanks in advance, Duggo
  4. Duggo

    Vee build question

    Hey all, I am considering building a flying vee. I have a piece of black limba I would like to use. It is 5' x 5.75" x 1.75", and is still just rough sawn. Before I spend money on a template, is 5.75" going to be wide enough for the wings after planing? Thanks in advance.