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  1. bigbandtele

    Socially Distanced Big Band!

    I did the audio and video production on this, and you’ll also see me playing my tele - comping behind the trombone soloist.
  2. bigbandtele

    NGD - I’m a tele owner again!

    I haven’t been here much of late, because I traded away my tele last year. I had the chance to grab a Squier Standard tele for cheap, so I’m back!
  3. bigbandtele

    Frequent iPad crashes/reloads

    I'm having constant problems with reloads and crashes on my ipad when using TdPRI with Safari. I'm not a fan of the app, but I'm forced to use it even to post this, as the reload crash problem is so frustrating, I don't even want to visit the site.
  4. bigbandtele

    Tele rocks for traveling!

    I'm heading off on my third cruise ship contract. Didn't take a guitar on the first one, but managed to borrow an acoustic now and then. On the second contract, I purchase an acoustic to use in the ship's home port. Had to sell it at the end of the contract, as I couldn't figure A way to get...
  5. bigbandtele

    Best $25 you ever spent on a pedal?

    I just picked up a barely used Boss DS-1 today for $25. I've got a few dirt pedals around, but this one seems to have some tones I might actually have a use for. Certainly a great deal for what I paid.
  6. bigbandtele

    This is what happens to excess LH teles! I want that...but not for what they're asking.
  7. bigbandtele

    NGD - Schecter Jazz 7!

    image by Merlin Williams, on Flickr Tuning is AEADGBE. Having tons of fun dropping a lot of bass notes down.
  8. bigbandtele

    Don't need a belly cut on my tele anymore!

    Last January, I was 240 pounds. I'm now down to 161 pounds, 32" waist. In January, I was wearing size 42" jeans. I gave away the jeans to my dad as soon as I'd gotten small enough to go back to some older 38s I had. We were visiting my folks on Christmas Day, and thought it would be fun to...
  9. bigbandtele

    NGD - Squier Protone Strat

    Just got this: image by Merlin Williams, on Flickr Traded a Protone Thinline Tele, so I think both parties got a really nice deal!
  10. bigbandtele

    GFS Xtrem on a VM Thinline

    Has anyone successfully put a GFS Xtrem on a Squier VM Thinline? The VM Thinline is a 24.75 scale, and the ashtray bridge. I know that many people have had issues re: not enough adjustment range for proper intonation with the GFS roller bridge that pairs with the Xtrem. I can grab a VM...
  11. bigbandtele

    NGD: Squier Pro Tone Thinline!

    Just completed a trade on Kijiji; swapped a saxophone I didn't need anymore for a Squier Pro Tone Thinline tele. One of the previous owners added a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup at the bridge. AFAIK, the neck pup is stock, as it has the gold cover. Trans red finish, maple board, nice...
  12. bigbandtele

    2XNAD - and some questions (Peavey related)

    I picked up two new to me amps today. First off, a Peavey Envoy 110. It's the teal stripe version, 35 watts. The speaker doesn't look original, and it breaks up very easily. Given that I paid only $40 for the amp, I'm open to replacing the speaker. Any suggestions? I was thinking something...
  13. bigbandtele

    NGD - new Godin Day

    Picked up a nice, barely used Godin LG HB off of Kijiji yesterday. Great deal, and I really like the cherry burst finish. I've been looking at a few different examples of this guitar lately, but this was by far the nicest. Godin_LG by Merlin Williams, on Flickr
  14. bigbandtele

    Wheat Belly

    Anyone else going/gone wheat free? We just finished purging the kitchen and pantry yesterday. I started in earnest on January 2nd, and I'm looking forward to getting below 200 pounds again. It was having to buy jeans with a 42" waist that finally steeled me to the truth of the horrible...
  15. bigbandtele

    NGD: Fender Modern Player Marauder

    Finally laid down the cash for the Marauder I'd been trialling. Love the pickup setup and sounds! This guitar is really a great fit for me - I'm using it for surf/instrumental rock. Got the black version - 'cos black goes with everything! Also picked up a new trem - a BBE Tremor...
  16. bigbandtele

    NPD: BBE Tremor

    Just acquired a BBE Tremor pedal. I've been using a Dano Cool Cat, but found I was changing speeds all the time, and with the front mounted knobs, it was a bit of a hassle. The Tremor has two pre-settable speeds that you can toggle between, and the range of depth adjustment for the...
  17. bigbandtele

    Pondering a Fender Marauder

    I've got a Fender Marauder out on approval from the store I teach at. I'm trying to decide whether to make the purchase. Pluses: 1. I love the look of this guitar. It's the black finish. 2. The range of tones from the 5 position switch is great. I'm even digging the Jazzmaster...
  18. bigbandtele

    Stratford Festival's 12th Night onscreen! The Stratford Shakespeare Festival's production of Twelfth Night will be onscreen at Cineplex Odeon theatres in Canada this weekend. I'm one of the cast of onstage musicians in the show, playing alto...
  19. bigbandtele

    Godin returns to making a T-style guitar!

    I want this, bad! The new Godin Session Custom, just announced at NAMM. Rosewood board for me, please!
  20. bigbandtele


    New Used Pedal Day twice! Picked up a Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive and an Ernie Ball Volume pedal (the big one, not the JR.) for $50 each. Love the clean control on the Sparkle Drive! I tried playing some 13th chords and having note definition and dirt at the same time is pretty cool.
  21. bigbandtele

    Just put an EMG T set into my tele

    I've been really happy with the EMG SA set I put into my Godin SD, so I bit the bullet and got a T set for my tele. Added a third pot, so I have volume/passive tone/SPC mid boost. Lots of tonal options and plenty of power! I think I may end up being a poster boy for EMG! Depending on...
  22. bigbandtele

    EMG SA set in a Godin SD

    I just installed a set of EMG SA pickups and an SPC in my Godin SD. I'm quite pleased with the sonic results, even if some things were a bit of a hassle. The setup is the same as the Gilmour set, IIRC, three SA pickups, a master volume, master passive tone control and an SPC pot. The...
  23. bigbandtele

    NGodinD x deux!

    Just traded in some gear and got two new Godins - an A6 Ultra and an A12. I've been trialling the Ultra for a while, and really like being able to layer the acoustic and electric sounds. The A12 is a beautiful sounding 12. Distinctly different from the Ricky I've been playing on the show...
  24. bigbandtele

    Godin A6 - how can I get the most out of it?

    I'm going to be doing some playing with a trio soon. Me on guitars, bassist on upright and electric, and drummer/singer. The band has always had what I'd term an acoustic aesthetic - lead and rhythm played on steel strings. I'd like to keep the acoustic character, but be able to change...
  25. bigbandtele

    Got 12-string GAS

    I'm thinking about getting a neck from Warmoth and doing a 12 string conversion. I have several options. I can pick up a Squier Bullet hardtail for $69. It'll take the Gotoh 12 string bridge easily, and all I'd need to do is drill the string through holes and add ferrules. I have a...