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  1. aFewGoodTaters

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Losing Power

    I replaced V1 through V5 within the past six months but haven't replaced the power tubes or rectifier. They seem OK, glow just fine and don't make any noise when lightly tapping with a pencil eraser...but I don't know how to really test them.
  2. aFewGoodTaters

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Losing Power

    Thanks for the input and suggestions. I started with the least invasive suggestion first and checked the reverb tank leads. I had upgraded them to higher quality right angle RCA leads a year ago and they appear to be in good shape - hit the plugs with a bit of DeOxit, plugged them back in and...
  3. aFewGoodTaters

    '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Losing Power

    Looking for assistance troubleshooting an issue I'm having with my '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb amp. The last couple times I've had it plugged in I've lost quite a bit of power after 20 minutes to a half hour of playing. I play around 3.5 to 4 on the volume on the Custom (left) side
  4. aFewGoodTaters

    Cooked an “Impossible Burger” ..close but no cigar

    I buy the Impossible Burger patties from Costco. I think they are pretty good to be honest. It's not quite like eating a real burger, but for someone who no longer eats beef, it scratches the itch pretty well.
  5. aFewGoodTaters

    Body Ink Gone Wrong

    I’ve had three tattoos but gotten two of them laser removed. Who would have ever thought that what is cool when you’re 19 and on a head full isn’t quite as cool when you’re in your 30s!?
  6. aFewGoodTaters

    Too Good To Be True?

    The fact this is still up on the site after 22 hours is another red flag. You have to figure the seller has received multiple inquiries on this guitar, possibly several offers as well given the low price. As others have said, the guitar in the photo may well be legit but I don't think the...
  7. aFewGoodTaters

    Too Good To Be True?

    He has all the candy and the COA...but I do agree the headstock that is a bit strange...but it could just be the angle / photo. Here is a side by side of an image pulled from Fender's website for the American Ultra:
  8. aFewGoodTaters

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    You're essentially saying NO YOU CAN'T throughout this entire thread by rejecting nearly everyone's suggestions. It's too this or that, too much of a downer, not hip enough, too pop, too challenging. Christ.
  9. aFewGoodTaters

    Are blues/rock based jam type bands over with?

    I would argue blues-jam-rock with lots of guitar noodling and solos isn't currently in-style...but it does have a niche crowd. I don't know that it was ever really in-style aside from a brief period between the late 60s and mid 70s.
  10. aFewGoodTaters

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    Please make sure to report back when your cover band packs Wembley by taking a different approach.
  11. aFewGoodTaters

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    A stadium sized crowd showed up to see the Foo Fighters (one of the most popular bands in the world) and Jimmy Page (a living legend of rock music). Your cover band could do nothing but Foo Fighters and Zeppelin songs, play them note for note like the record, and you won't draw even a...
  12. aFewGoodTaters

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    I don't really know what you're getting at....but I will say there are maybe a handful of rock bands that have a shot at packing Wembly statium, and a classic rock cover band is not one of them.
  13. aFewGoodTaters

    Building a Classic Rock Setlist

    Honestly, everything you've ruled out is what I would expect to hear if I was seeing a classic rock cover band. What you're proposing to play (with the exception of Free, maybe) would leave me a bit underwhelmed. Of course, I'm a gen-Xer, so maybe I'm out of touch...but does the younger...
  14. aFewGoodTaters

    What's some of your most memorable concert experiences?

    I went to a show on this tour. Captured this photo which is still one of my favorites I've taken:
  15. aFewGoodTaters

    What's some of your most memorable concert experiences?

    My wife and I were on vacation in Vegas and went to a Ringo Starr & His All Star Band show at an intimate theater, maybe 1200 seats or so. Sitting 8th row right in the center. The show was on my wife's birthday, and being we are both massive Beatles fans we thought it would be a great way to...
  16. aFewGoodTaters

    Been wonderin': Did Fender "invent" the 7.25" neck radius???

    It's very possible Leo invented it...but I'd be really interested to know the radius of the Paul Bigsby Merle Travis guitar that Leo borrowed and studied before releasing his Broadcaster design. On a side note, I love the 7.25" radius on Fenders. Accept no substitute!
  17. aFewGoodTaters

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    Probably my BYOC Silver Pony II. It's a Klone on the right side and a pure traparent clean boost on the left. I'd miss some of my other pedals, but I could get away with that.
  18. aFewGoodTaters

    Venomous Snakes

    One benefit to living in a cold weather state is we don't have to deal with poisonous snakes...or poisonous anything for that matter. I guess we have a small amount of rattlesnakes but it's not something anyone is concerned with. You don't really have to watch out for them when hiking, etc.
  19. aFewGoodTaters

    Why The Decline In Guitar Forums Participation?

    There are just a lot more options now. Facebook, Reddit, even Youtube and Instagram all compete for the guitar forum space. I personally haven't noticed a huge decline in numbers on forums, but I guess I haven't been looking either. Also, this ^^^^
  20. aFewGoodTaters

    3 dirtboxes from your arsenal that give a good, solid, strong sound

    Xotic SL Drive Xotic BB Preamp BYOC Silver Pony II
  21. aFewGoodTaters

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Put together this grab-and-go board over the weekend. I think I could cover most bases with this - I'm tempted to ditch the larger board altogether: Signal path: Mini Crybaby > PolyTune > Exotic SL Drive > BYOC Silver Pony II > Phase 90 (modded) > BYOC 'Lil Echo
  22. aFewGoodTaters

    What Guitar Have You Been Playing Lately?

    KILLER guitar, Sir! My Les Paul Jr has neck measurements in that range. An absolute joy to play a nice Louisville Slugger neck.
  23. aFewGoodTaters

    What Guitar Have You Been Playing Lately?

    I try to cycle through my guitars so each one gets love. I've had a hard time putting this one down lately, however:
  24. aFewGoodTaters

    Favorite Modulation Effect?

    I've had a script modded block logo MXR Phase 90 on my board for years, so I guess I'll go with that. I've been experimenting more with Univibe circuits recently though, and have been enjoying what those have to offer.
  25. aFewGoodTaters

    Show me your dirtiest guitars

    Les Paul Jr.