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    Temptations bass player Kerry Turman after Gig

    ANOTHER ONE GONE Temptations bass player Kerry Turman dies after show at 59 The Temptations bass player Kerry Turman dies after show at 59
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    Sib Hashian, former Boston drummer, dies at 67

    Sib Hashian, former Boston drummer, dies at 67 during Legends of Rock Cruise
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    nuclear stress test anybody have one

    Hello all, have any of you gents ever have a nuclear stress test done i been kinda haveing chest pains,i all ready had an echo gram this past tessday So next week i have to get the stress test how fast do they rise ur heart beat Im kinda worried i really dont wanna code out on the table, is it...
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    Dark side of the moon is 44 years old today.

    Pink Floyd released their legendary album 'The Dark Side of the Moon' on this day 44 years ago. march 1,1973, the rest is history
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    Cool gear on the joey bishop show today

    I caught the last few mins of the joey bishop show today there was a party in his liveing room.There was a band they where playing fender strat, bass, and maybe a gibson and they have old fender tweed heads and cabs very cool
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    Bad music

    The guy danny from the tv show counting cars has a rock band called count 77 To me they sound like a high school band thats been playing for a week Veey sad flame me if u wanna im use to it lol
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    Best buy stinks

    My G/f got a best buy brand tv last year and she got the extented warrnety out now the tv is broken the gpu fried and they wont replace the tv they stink
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    Singer-songwriter Greg Trooper dead at 61

    Any body know him such a talent rip Greg Trooper.
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    Johnny winter becarefull with a fool

    I wish i could play like this,
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    Rip debbie reynolds

    Rip she died flowing her stroke to day i guess loseing her daugther got to her
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    NGD 50's classic vibe

    Got my self a xmas gift a classic 50's vibe its a sweet guitar the burst on it is nice and the maple neck is awesome its striped.the pick ups, are nice im so happy im just gonna put a new set of strings on it
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    Question about truss rod adjusting on a strat

    Sorry for the stupid questions i belong to other forums but i feel comfy asking them here, cause u guys know me The strat i just ordered is a classic player 50's and i found out that it has the truss Rod adjuster in the heel,now i will never try to adjust the rod my self. I know better,, but...
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    Greg Lake: King Crimson and ELP star dies aged 69

    Greg Lake, who fronted both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died aged 69. Of cancer
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    John Lennon Gone 36 years today

    36 years ago on Dec 8,1980 is when john was murderd rip you are missed
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    Cant get the musicans friend coupon to work

    I put a guitar in the cart and i put the word holiday for the coupon code But it didnt work its a fender classic players 50's strat im doint it right i wanna see how much the guitar is after the discount
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    Fender Classic Player '50s Stratocaster pickup question

    Hey all im thinking about geting one of these classic player 50's strat i like the specs it has the soft v 9.25 neck and it has the 2 point trem & steel block and locking tuners so here is my question it says it has Vintage pick ups what are they?? 57/62"s???
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    700 bucks a good deal for a jimmy vaunghan stat

    Musicans friend has the jimmy vaughan strat for 700 dollars with coupon is this a good deal???
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    Rory Gallagher messin with the kid

    Just going though some videos on u tube found this of rory playing his strat What an aweaome guiatr player he was , i never saw this
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    Happy Birthday jimi

    Happy birthday jimi the great one
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    NEW PICK UP DAY 65 vintage fenders

    Hello all i a set of pure vintage 65 pick ups for mt strat i got a good deal 89 dollars new from amazon im geting a pre wried harness also with cts pots I was told these are the same picksups in a fender 65 reiusse strat
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    Pure vintage 65 pickups question

    Instead of geting a guitar iam gonna upgrade the pickups and pots cause i realy like my squire standard strat it just needs pickupsI really like the sound of the 65,they said these pure vintages Are the ones that come in the ressiue 1965 Strat, early hendrix strat tone that i like Any body have...
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    Fender hendrix strat any body play one

    Hello all i been looking at the fender hendrix strat i like what i have seen in the reviews I can get it for 36 months intrest free from musicans friend, so have any of u played it, i really want it
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    Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits Tab book

    Any of u guys own this book Hal Leonard Jimi Hendrix Experience Smash Hits Play-Along Guitar Tab Songbook with CD is it worth geting Thanks
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    Are these the same pickups need help

    sweetwater has the hednrix strat it has 1965 picks ups this is what they say about them Neck Pickup American Vintage '65 Gray-Bottom Single-Coil Strat Now amazon sells 65 pickups are these the same as the one in the Hendrix strat...
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    Rip bobby vee