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    Anybody using pure nickel strings?

    I totally get why one would think that, but it' is simply not the case. I'm not a pro, and I have a few guitars in rotation, but they get played more than that. The pro's who hipped me to them are also leaving them on that long. No other string lasts past 4-6 weeks, if that long. It's not...
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    Best Vietnam War Book?

    Rumor of war.
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    If you had $10k to blow

    50s Gibson ES350
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    The "Blues Album" to learn every lick from ?

    Wow, no love for Lockwood? @ndcaster at least mentioned Bill Jennings. This album has basically every modern Lockwood idea. No, you won’t find his harp comping on it, but you will find just about everything that paid his bills for 30 years. I’d have a hard time not choosing this album:
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    Bedroom pedals???

    They should be calling them CougarMuffs
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    Looking for an almost clean boost with no compression

    Maybe consider something from Nocturne. Either a DynaBrain or the new Detroit Casket.
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    Questions re. Bigsby'd Teles

    The really only major adjustment for me was right hand placement. l like to play back by the bridge a lot. That is a little more challenging with a bigsby on the tele as my hand rests on part of the bigsby and changes hand placement a little. Small nuance, but noticeable in practice.
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    Would you forget and affair from your wife?

    If an annulment is in play I'd seriously consider that. Otherwise, I don't, that's tough. They make songs about that. "Cheaper to Keep Her."
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    Bedroom pedals???

    I've got a Throbby that's great in the bedroom. I hear vintage Big Muffs are making a come back.--that is Big Muffs from the 70s/80s
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    Bedroom pedals???

    I'm going to sound a bit against the grain, though I mean no offense. I play an 8 watt octal tweed princeton type amp for practice and casual jams. Sometimes I add bit of reverb at home, but mostly just plug straight it. Full disclosure, I'm not a huge pedal guy to begin with, though I do...
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    Drunk guitar buying? Fess up

    Or that you need to find out of the 7 kids you didn't know you fathered.
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    Best ES-335 Era - On a Budget

    I've bought from them before. They are good guys. I'd give them my money before Norman's.
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    Paul in Colorado has passed away.

    His struggles are over and the world is now sadder because of it. RIP. I always enjoyed his thoughts, muse and contributions here. I am just a pilgrim on this road, boys This ain't never been my home Sometimes the road was rocky 'long the way, boys But I was never travelin' alone We'll...
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    What Gauge Strings Are on Your Telecaster?

    I use those on other guitars. My Tele doesn’t seems to benefit fro Them
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    What Gauge Strings Are on Your Telecaster?

    I run my action at the 12th fret just under 2mm on the 6th and just at 1.5mm on 1st. I can actually go lower on the first, but a 7.22 radius fretboard doesn't like that. I former mentor of mine gave me this gem when I asked about playing steel licks on a tele with 11s. "I think you're not...
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    Josefina blackgaurd pickups

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    Josefina blackgaurd pickups

    Wow. Only $500 Anyone tried these? I'm not interested, but man booteek marketed pickups are really getting expensive.
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    What bridge pickup to go with a P90 in the neck?

    Duncan quarter pound. Seriously.
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    Thoughts on an Arch Top Guitar

    I love archtops. They are what I play the most. If you need some more eye candy, check out the thread I started about a month ago regarding archtops. Lots of great ones owned in this community. I have: '49 Epiphone Zenith with an FHC pickup '61 Guild CE100 with 2 Franz '63 335 2008 Asian...
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    Thoughts on an Arch Top Guitar

    You never need an excuse or reason to post those pictures.
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    Modern to vintage tone

    Always love hearing Joel. I’m not sure why they are called Texas hots, but they are suppose to be their version of classic 50s pickups. The bridge is a little hotter for balance purposes. I’ve never yet played an antiquity pickup that I didn’t love. I’ve got antiquity flat poles in my Tele.
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    Modern to vintage tone

    I’m going to try the Texas hots. No loaded pick guard, just a set. I’ll let you all know what I think.
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    Modern to vintage tone

    Thanks for you help guys, maybe I'm just not a strat guy. However, like I stated earlier, I hear some (not a lot) get good tones out of them, and 2 random MIJ's walked into my buddies house and they didn't have that really stratty, bright, airy, glassy tone that I'm not fond of. And they were...
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    Modern to vintage tone

    I play through either a tweed pro (5c5 based circuit) or a tweed princeton type circuit in a 12" cab. The amp at my buddies house is a tweed pro. I'm pretty in tune with how pickup height adjustments make a difference and I play 12's. I have already decked the bridge cause I don't do a lot of...