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  1. Doug Ferguson

    I'm finally ready to upgrade my classic 30

    I used a Classic 30 for years, until it finally gave up the ghost about a year-and-a-half ago. Very durable little amp. I kept it stock, except for the tubes. Went to JJ's for the 12AX7's and Tung Sol for the power tubes. If I'd made a speaker change it would have been either an Eminence...
  2. Doug Ferguson

    REALLY vintage guitars

    I, too, really enjoyed the the MMA's stringed instrument collection. Lots of unique and lovely finished instruments on display. It's one of the best collections I've seen.
  3. Doug Ferguson

    RIP Dom Deluise :(

    Yes, I was sorry to see this, too. His "French Mistake" scene in "Blazing Saddles" (thanks for posting the clip, Yoni) is one of the funniest comedy bits ever committed to film. A funny, funny guy. R.I.P., Dom, and thanks for your humor and all the laughs.
  4. Doug Ferguson

    BBQ Grill: Big Green Egg?

    Another vote for the Weber kettles. I'm on my second one, and it's about 15 years old, with lots of miles left on it. It does straight-up grilling just fine, and can slow cook some mean jerk pork and chicken, too.
  5. Doug Ferguson

    What is eating you right now?....

    Two things: Willie Nelson's coming to town, and it's soldout. An Lucinda Williams is coming town, but I'll be out of town.
  6. Doug Ferguson

    Any Tom Waits fans here?

    Oh yes, definitely a T.W. fan, have been since I heard "The Heart of Saturday Night." A couple of years ago, one of my son's got me "Orphans" -- great mix of stuff on there. Oh, yeah, I also dug him as Dr. Heller in "Mystery Men."
  7. Doug Ferguson

    The Tele Neck You Like The Most?

    The vintage 7.25's on the Classic 50's.
  8. Doug Ferguson

    just got a classic 30 -- question or two

    Congrats! I used a C30 for many years and loved that little beast. You've gotten the answers you need. They are very prone to tube rattle, so a tub tamer would no doubt help. Anyway, enjoy!
  9. Doug Ferguson

    Blues Junior

    True, they aren't much in the high gain department, but that's not why I went for on. They do deliver a sweet blues/jazz tone. I swapped out the stock speaker for a C. Rex and a 12AY7 in the preamp to mellow things a bit more. I'm planning on getting a couple of kits from Billm to add an ext...
  10. Doug Ferguson

    funny thing that happened at the bar

    +1. Sounds like a good place.
  11. Doug Ferguson

    Uriel Jones, RIP, Motown drummer

    He picked up so much from Bennie Benjamin, but infused it with his own heart. He and Pistol were a great team. It's sad to see the Funks passing one by one, although their legacy will never be forgotten. R.I.P., Uriel and thanks for the grooves.
  12. Doug Ferguson

    Which one to convert to Esquire?

    Wow, that is tough. I'd probably convert the CV since I think they're just a perfect candidate to be "Esquired". But e-merlin has a good point.
  13. Doug Ferguson

    string advice for my new telecaster

    Yes, strings are a very personal thing. I use .011's on my acoustics (Thomastik-Infeld Sprectrums), .010's (Thomastik-Infeld Blues Sliders) on my teles, and .009's on my strats (Carl Verheyen and ghs Nickel Rockers. From time to time I'll change things around, except for the Sliders which I...
  14. Doug Ferguson

    NEW Classic Vibe Colors

    Very nice. The two-tone 'burst is still my favorite, but I wouldn't say no to a Lake Placid Blue. It's great to see Squire expanding the color selection. Haven't checked to see what they're doing with the tele's.
  15. Doug Ferguson

    Ash body?

    This will probably get me in trouble, but I don't think the wood of a solid body has that big of an effect on tone. Ash is great for translucent finishes because of its close grain. Harder to work with than alder because it's open-grained. And it's a bit heavier. Fender originally used pine for...
  16. Doug Ferguson

    Winner! The Scattesquire

    Congrats Scatter Lee, and to all who particiapted. It was loads of fun watching all those ideas take shape and come together! Thanks!
  17. Doug Ferguson

    Replacing 80W Speaker w/ 50W Speaker? What Badness Could Happen?

    With 15w's output a 50w speaker is very safe. Many 30w amps run 50w speakers.
  18. Doug Ferguson

    Bonehead move maybe?

    Nope, nothing bad about it. Done it plenty of time myself.
  19. Doug Ferguson

    My 1st Tube Amp; Blackheart BH1H Killer Ant

    Love my little KA. Haven't done any mods to it yet, aside from swapping out the stock tubes. Just finished building a 212 cab using the Lady Lucks from my Blues Custom 30 (going to build a cab for the amp) and the cab of a Classic 50 410. The KA sounds, well, killer through those dual 21's. The...
  20. Doug Ferguson

    Who is your favorite TDPRI member?

    Well, I like most of the flks here. I've learned a lot from almost everyone.
  21. Doug Ferguson

    Hello from Edmonton, Canada

    You'll find everything you need here for a build. I know I have. Welcome aboard!
  22. Doug Ferguson

    Alone in Massachusetts

    Welcome. I have two Squire Affinity's, and two Classic 50's. Both are wonderful guitars. Not a thing wrong with Squires in my book.
  23. Doug Ferguson

    Greetings from Belfast, Norn Iron

  24. Doug Ferguson

    Newbie to the Forum as well as Fenders!

    Welcome to the TDPRI and the wonderful world of Telecasters.
  25. Doug Ferguson

    Chi Chi

    Welcome aboard!