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    A song of faith

    This is one of my favorites ever recorded. The harmony guitar parts just happened on the fly.Kind of a majestic feel about it? we all hear and feel things differently at times. It's what makes improvisation so special. Bless God!
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    Missing you.

    Back in 2004, I lost the best and only real friend I ever had. Hank Edwards. By friend, I mean "True friend" You know, there are friends and buddies. The way you tell the difference, A friend will never screw you over or take advantage of you. Buddies will. In this life, you'll be lucky to...
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    Songs of Deliverance

    I first heard this song on YouTube and thought it was a beautiful song. The musicianship was top notch. Uplifting and encouraging. So as an un-invited guest, I sat in to jam. I downloaded it, then recorded it in stereo to my Br864. Then recorded my lead guitar on another track. When making a...
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    The first time ever i saw your face "my daughter"

    I believe my daughter has a beautiful voice.
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    Used to Blues

    To catch me playing acoustic guitar is rare. While I owned an acoustic, I wrote songs like crazy. Every other day or more. I recorded everything with one of these. Tascam 424 II , mastered to a cheap Sony cassette deck then later to a cd burner. I've heard some call this kind of music an oxymoron 😎
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    Ready for love, Broke & Hungry Band "live"

    The Picture you see was a band member we lost a few months back. He was 59 when he left this world. I did some-what capture some of the music we did in My man cave where we'd practiced. It was recorded with a boss BR 864 and ambient pickup with a mic hanging from the ceiling. it's OK but didn't...
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    And another original from the 90's Evil. Some might say it's prophetic in nature, but in reality, it's always been this way since the fall of mankind.
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    Hearts on fire

    I think Brian Adams would have liked this song. another original song from the 90's
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    A classic Willie Nelson Country song made famous by Patsy Cline.
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    Another one from the 90's sorry about the feedback, I left the monitor of my stereo on and we were in the jam.
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    Breathe Instrumental

    I love these kinds of jams.
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    I like it!

    Another one from the 90's, again, recorded live with SM57's into an EV BK 12 channel mixer> alesis stereo compressor> to a cheap Sony cassette deck. hey! its all we had.
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    The coming of the rainbow

    (c) (SR) 1990's
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    Sometimes music is used to vent your frustrations. This was one of those times. Work had taken $$$ out of my paycheck and put it into a 401K i never signed up for. I was tic'd to put it lightly.You'll hear me at the end of this song venting. I took it to work and shared the song. For those...
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    Just freaking amazing! don't miss this

    My goodness!
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    Post a blues clip that inspires you.

    I'll go first. No one loves me but my mother.
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    Black Magic Chic

    This classic must be around fifty years old now. Man! time fly's bye so fast. I just felt like jamming. So instead of doing the vocals, I improvised the vocal parts on guitar. All the original Guitar parts are there, except where the backing track cuts out. I add as much of the long version as...
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    Ghost 1990's (c) original music

    Another original Song from the 90's
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    Johnny Stash, I hear my train A coming.

    Thinking back to my first paid Gigs and the Brown Fox. $35 a man a night. 1982/ 83 ish. $1.00 beers haha! This song was one on the list back then. But we never played it like this.... I rocked it and added some blues licks. 9th chords and tha Jimi thing E7#9. Man! the hardest part was programing...
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    While my guitar gently weeps

    What can i say? @ My age, i have plenty of time on my hands.
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    Glen Campbell Tribute

    I've been a fan of Glen Campbell since I was a youngin. Pretending guitar on a broom before graduating to the tennis racket guitar. AM radio was it or TV from a antenna. I never realized how good a guitarist he was, till I saw him Jam with George Benson on a television program. Glen was smoking...
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    Layla "Instrumental"

    This recording was basically learning the song on the fly and figuring out how it was done. Let's say to the best of my abilities. No vocals so have at it if you want to. @ 2:49 the slow part starts to happen where Duane Allman did his slide thing. I worked it out with dual harmony leads. I...
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    From Jimi to Elvis

    This one is my daughter singing a classic Elvis tune. I was going to sing the harmony till I heard her do both parts. I'll stick to the guitars and recording. I believe she did pretty good. As always, we made it ours.
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    The big chord

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    Speaking of Jimi Hendrix "Smash hits"

    Smash hits was one of my all time favorite Albums. Red house, the studio version? Just awesome tone !!!. Watchtower Yes! Band of Gypsys "Who Knows" killer! I've worked on Red House since Santana Abraxas. I got most of it but this one lick. Maybe some day.... Here's Mary with a different swing.