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    How long are your JJ el84s lasting in your monoprice 15w?

    I haven't changed out the JJ el84s in my stage right 15w since sometime before the pandemic started. They may have been in use for close to 2 years or longer. For most of the last year I have been using the 1 watt switch but the amp had lots of gigs and rehearsals at half volume or louder before...
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    I didnt get a new amp today. I thought you'd want this information. Because I'm important. And you need to know.
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    Anybody bothered by squier nuts being narrow?

    Anybody miss that last half mm?
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    Butterscotch/Maple front P/U no height screws

    So im adjusting PU height on my new GC affinty squier and i see that the neck PU has no height screws. Whats up with that?