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    Proper Cable for Fender Bassman Piggyback

    I just recently got my old 1964 Fender Bassman (serial# A 00185/AA864 circuit) head repaired and am going to try it hooking it up to a V.T. Bassman 15" (serial# 9790) cabinet. It's been so long since I used it that I don't have my old cord to connect the two and I'm not sure what to use. Will...
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    Photo Upload

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    5F1 Troubleshooting

    I built a Boothill 5F1 several years ago. Since I'm not a player, I never did much with it. Recently I had a harmonica player try it out to see what kind of tone it would produce. At a mid level volume with full gain on the It has a bit of hum at higher volume but the biggest problem was the...
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    Any experiences with this vendor?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone else has had dealings with buying from: I placed an order for some tubes to experiment with in early December and haven't received them yet. Finally got around to contacting them about it and did get a response from...
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    You just gotta have one (or two?)

    For those who shop at Parts Express. You sure don't want to miss out on this 'deal of the day'. I don't know if they're serious or not, but the reviews are a hoot.
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    Standby Switch Question

    While reading through RidesGlide's 5E3 build. 'I was looking at the link below that Telenut62 had posted. My question is: What is the function of the 100K resistor and the .047 uF cap across the standby switch? I...
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    5E3 Transformers

    Getting ready to order some transformers, including a set for a 5E3 project that's been collecting dust for a while. The line voltage here is typically at 121 volts, so I am thinking the 40-18016 for the PT. Looking at Classictones, there appears to be four options, two of which are rated...
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    Comparing Two Output Transformers

    In a slight change of plans, I am changing my harp amp build project from the Weber 5F2H to the Lone Wolf 6L6SE. Surprisingly, or maybe not, they both use the Weber 022772 PT as well as the Weber WSE15 OT. I can't see that there would be any difference between the WSE15 and the Classictone...
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    02772 Transformer Questions

    So I have been kicking around a few tweed amp builds, the 5C1 and 5F2H(Weber's layout). While looking at PT's, here's the options I come up with...
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    Checking out a Speaker - P12Q

    I came across this speaker for sale. It is within driving distance from me. The problem is that I'm such a newb that I don't know how to verify its authenticity. It is claimed to be a 1954 model. The number is 2220447. The cone also seems really fresh to me. Does it look like an...
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    Eminence 1028K

    I have spent a lot of time lately trying to figure out which way to go for a speaker in the Harvard style amp I'm building. This is an interesting speaker that I don't seem to see anyone mentioning. Is there something about it that i should be aware (afraid) of...
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    Building a Harvard

    Well, I've mentioned before I was going to attempt a 5F10 style build so here's the proof. I've ordered and received most of the parts. Still having a little trouble with the trim pot for the bias. Ordered the wrong part, so I have to think of what else I can pickup to make another Mouser...
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    "Harvarti" in the works

    OK, so it's kind of a cheesy title, sorry. Ever since I started looking here, I've been interested in the 5F10. Maybe just because it hasn't been done so often. Just don't think I need all the power of a 5E3. Still trying to decide whether to replace the selenium rectifier with the...
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    Doing the 5F1 Boogie

    Hi all, I've been kinda hanging out here recently and got sucked into the first build syndrome. I originally started out looking for online for information about getting my '64-65 Fender Bassman AA864 back in working condition. It didn't take long to realize that I could make its worth...
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    Hide Glue for Installing Tweed?

    Not really too sure of this fact, but were the Tweed amps originally covered using HHG? If so, I'd like to find out more about the technique. Since it is a heat activated glue, it wouldn't seem practical to apply the fabric and glue at the same time. I would guess that a coat of glue is...
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    How Do You Know if They're Bargain Speakers

    I found a speaker cabinet for sale. Turns out it has a Sears Roebuck label on it, part # 257-14253200. Number doesn't mean anything to Google. There are 4 12" speakers. The code 138-29 is ink stamped on the magnet. The code W12016 is printed on the back of the paper cone. I didn't pick...
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    Speaker Size for 5F1

    Just wondering what the difference would be in using an 10" speaker instead of the traditional 8"? Any advantages? Thanks, Mark
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    5F1 Transformers-Just Pondering the Possibilities

    Hi, I've never built an amp before, but that won't keep me from trying. Actually got to here when I was looking for info to repair my '64 Fender Bassman head (Black face with AA864). I've had so much fun checking out all the builds posted here and must of got jealous! I figured that...
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    Useful or Just an Anchor

    So, I came across this item. The asking price is $50. Does it have any value on the bench, or is it just pretty to look at? Thanks, Mark