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    String through conversion on a Bigsby

    I've got a Gretsch 6129 with a Bigsby. I've seen Bigsbys with a string through feature as opposed to mine in which the string ball ends go over the mounting pins. Can the string through rod part be ordered from Bigsby and put on in place of the pin style? Just curious.
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    perfect guitar

    In your opinion, what would you describe as the best all-round guitar, either currently produced or out-of-production, and what makes it so amazing? just for fun
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    FS Linn sondex CD12 cd player

    As the title implies Up for sales my Used but as good as new Linn CD12 cd player The 20 bit not 24 bit Asking 1850 Euro Sent from my PULP FAB 4G using Tapatalk