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  1. doof

    Traynor YBA-2B (EL84) - is this a death cap?

    Hi everyone, I picked up a Traynor YBA-2B (el84 version) combo last night. It's in overall beautiful condition and when I took a look at the guts, I was shocked at how clean it was, I think the circuit is completely original (other than tubes and speaker: Peavey 15" Black Widow). Since it's so...
  2. doof

    SF Vibro Champ, is this one of those deals I shouldn't miss out on?

    I've found a 1976 SF Vibro Champ in what appears to be really nice condition (on the outside at least, no gut shots) for $900 Canadian. The ad says it has JJ tubes, and comes with a Weber 8" installed, but includes the original speaker as well, and a 3 prong power cable has already been...
  3. doof

    Squealing in 5e3 with channels bridged and all knobs turned way up

    EDIT: I posted some gut pics further below in the thread. Hi everyone, I built my first amp last year, a 5e3 (no kit, just sourced all parts myself), and just looking to get some opinions as to whether this is an actual problem or something I shouldn't worry about. So, with Normal 1 and...
  4. doof

    5F1 - 180v on V1 pins 1&6 too high?

    Hi everyone, I just put together a 5F1 using a Hammond 290AX PT and a Hammond 1760C OT. My voltages are within the 10% tolerance for the most part, except pins 1 & 6 on V1 are 185 and 181v respectively, so about 20 - 23% high. Is this high enough that I should worry? Or should I just shut up...
  5. doof

    Possible to recone a P12RL to a P12R?

    Hi everyone, I recently finished the chassis of my first amp build, a 5e3. I bought a Cannabis Rex for it, but while I'm waiting on my carpenter friend to build the cab, I've been keeping an eye on old speakers on eBay. Yesterday I found a decent deal on an old Jensen P12RL, and since I have...
  6. doof

    How can I make a Loaf fuzz sound less muddy?

    Hello! A little while ago I made a simple passive A/B/Y switch for a friend, and yesterday as a thank you he gave me his Big Ear NYC Loaf Fuzz. I felt awful because these things retail for $185 USD, but he was very insistent i take it. I get it home and fire it up, and sadly, to me this...
  7. doof

    No phase effect after Phase 90 R28 mod

    Tonight I performed the R28 mod on my Phase 90. I put in a switch so i could go back to stock if i didn't care for it. I lifted one leg of the resistor, soldered in a wire at the empty pad going to the centre lug of a SPDT switch, and had another wire going from one pole of the switch to...
  8. doof

    anybody know where to find a G taper potentiometer?

    Hi everyone. I have a boss DF-2 with a broken Overtone potentiometer. I took it apart and the marking says "M10KG". the G was confusing me since i hadn't seen that before in my limited experience, so i looked for a schematic and according to this...
  9. doof

    help with a kill switch

    Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm pretty new to stompbox building and am still learning a lot. Over the holidays i built and already posted here this kill switch for a friend who had come up with the idea: when the toggle switch (illuminated missile switch from...
  10. doof

    Wiring up a poor-man's Graham Coxon signature model

    Hi everyone! i recently got it into my head that i was going to convert my BSB CV50 into something close to a Graham Coxon signature model tele. I've got the SD '59 neck pickup, got the tortoise shell pickguard, got the 375k pots... my question is if i can just use this diagram to wire...
  11. doof

    Built my friend a Kim Jong-Kill switch

    My friend/singer of our band came up with the name and concept and asked me to build it for him. The "missile switch" acts as a master kill switch. When it's on it activates a relay that routes the signal through the stomp switch which acts as a stutter effect. My friend likes to use multiple...
  12. doof

    How would you make a kill switch with these components?

    Hi everyone.... I've wired up my share of control plates and have built a couple of pedal kits, so my friend decided i'd be the right guy to build a certain kill switch pedal he has thought up. i know typically it's a pretty simple circuit, but he's throwing in a component that's making...
  13. doof

    what's this style called?

    Hi everyone, not sure how many of you have seen the recent video of contemporary musicians paying tribute to Johnny Cash. I've fallen in love with the version of I Came to Believe performed by Brandon Flowers and Dawes (the song starts at the 1 minute mark in the link below). Can...
  14. doof

    Question about Ditto looper

    hello all.... I bought a Ditto Looper last year. I haven't really touched it for quite a long time, but tonight i put it back in the chain and was doing some experimenting. The first loop i created was a short riff with lots of delay. I then tried to overdub a longer walking bass line...
  15. doof

    Johnny Cash themed Affinity Esquire

    I enjoy modding guitars, but i've never done much to give any guitars a unique appearance. Decided to give my Esquire'd Affinity a Johnny Cash theme. Of course it might have made more sense to give it a Luther Perkins theme, but... oh well.
  16. doof

    My landlord just gave me a Sears Silvertone 1484

    I just got back from a long roadtrip (7,400km in 9 days) and i walk up to my door with all my luggage, put the key in the lock, and it breaks off. I give my landlord a call and within 10 minutes he's there, replacing the lock. Right before he leaves he says "oh hey, i got something for you. I...
  17. doof

    Any input on refinishing an Epiphone LP-100?

    I bought my black Korean-made Epiphone LP-100 back in the spring of 2001. It was a good guitar and served me well until I got into telecasters. I installed an EMG-81 in the bridge – my first ever pickup change. It wasn’t the neatest job but it worked. It eventually got dropped and broke the...
  18. doof

    NGD - Ibanez Artcore AS73

    Went to Long & McQuade today determined to pick up the Seafoam Green CV50 Strat. I played the 2 models they had on demo, but both had such ridiculously high action i lost interest pretty quick. i saw this guy sitting in the used guitar section and was shocked to see the price tag was almost...
  19. doof

    looking for any info or advice about SG Systems cab

    so i recently got this SG Systems 2x12 cab to hook up to my Orange Microterror. seeing as how i can find hardly any information on it, i assume it must be a pretty ho-hum speaker cabinet. anyone know anything about these? And would it be worth it to invest in some new speakers? my ear isn't...
  20. doof

    anyone else have problems with Rotosound strings?

    I've been using Rotosound Yellow 10 - 46 strings on all my guitars for a couple years now. overall i like them very much, but i've noticed the low E tends to sound dead much sooner than the rest of the strings. anyone have this experience?
  21. doof

    Opinions on gear abuse?

    A good friend of mine asked me to join his band earlier this year, and for the most part it's pretty fun. But something always happens at the end of our shows that just gets on my nerves. We end our set with kind of a drawn out, heavy jam. during the break-down at the end, my friend goes...
  22. doof

    what should a CS Texas Special Bridge pickup sound?

    I recently got a used Custom Shop Texas Special bridge pickup for fairly cheap, and decided to throw it into my BSB CV50. So far i can't say i'm impressed, it sounds very shrill and icepick-y. Is that how they're supposed to sound? i've tried raising and lowering it but that doesn't...
  23. doof

    NGD MIM Cabronita

    So the day after black friday I was perusing the Long & McQuade website, and saw they had the MIM FSR Cabronita on sale for $399.99. It showed it was in stock at the local branch, so i rushed on down to try it out. Initially i was very disappointed. The D string had a serious buzz going on...
  24. doof

    Joyo Utlimate / Freakish Blues

    I really hope i'm not opening up a can of worms here... i know we all know the story behind these two pedals, but i just have a question: Wasn't it usually the Joyo guts found inside the FB case? I opened up my ultimate drive today because i plan on blasting and repainting the case, and...
  25. doof

    Any tips for troubleshooting pop on SHO clone?

    Hello everyone! First time posting to this forum. I just finished my first stompbox build, a clone of the ZVEX Super Hard On boost. The effect itself works very well, but there's a very loud pop every time i hit the switch. I've tried: - hitting the switch a few times to even out the...