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  1. rocking rooster

    Revolver - remastered

    Without doubt the best Beatles Album! I still get goose bumps when I hear the lead guitar parts on "And Your Bird can Sing" If only "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" had been included on the album. "Abbey Road" comes close but loses brownie points for "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"
  2. rocking rooster

    Luther Allison

    My all time favourite blues singer / guitarist. He could blow you away with his playing while singing like Otis.
  3. rocking rooster

    Rickenbacker 12 String!!

    I have a 660/12 and absolutely love it. Yes it's a bit of a pain to restring it, but when it's due I put an evening aside to do the job in a leisurely manner. The intonation is easy to do as it has a 12 saddle bridge. As soon as I plug it in and hit an open D or G chord then all the time spent...
  4. rocking rooster

    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    Hey what else can we do now? Except roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair
  5. rocking rooster

    Manny Charlton Has Died

    That's a shame. I loved Nazareth back in the day. Great songs and Manny's slide playing, what was not to like. RIP.
  6. rocking rooster

    Hi from Somerset!

    Not me, I'm in Frome, on the good guy's side of the border by about 3.5 miles.
  7. rocking rooster

    Hi from Somerset!

    Welcome aboard from north east Somerset (as opposed to North East Somerset)
  8. rocking rooster

    Your First Concert

    Apart from seeing some local bands playing in church halls, my first proper concert was The Who and Cream at Brighton Dome in May 1967.
  9. rocking rooster

    Tascam 424 Portastudio - Use it or Lose it?

    I had a Tascam 144 for many years and learned a lot about home recording from using it. In the end one track stopped working and the tape transport got really noisy. Last year I bought a Tascam DP32SD and took the old 144 to the tip. I know these days most people use DAWs and record to a...
  10. rocking rooster

    Songs I never want to hear again.....

    For me it's "Africa" by Toto and absolutely everything by Rush
  11. rocking rooster

    Screw it.....I'm goin for a ride....

    Here in the UK we're currently having a run of lovely sunny spring days but sub zero nights (Celsius). This unfortunately means that main routes are still being salted. I've just given my Low Rider a spring clean and it's looking great, so I'm not going to risk exposing it to the ravages of road...
  12. rocking rooster

    I just added another 8 terabyte drive to my network.

    Wow! And I was feeling smug about having 4.5 tb plus a 4 tb NAS for back up.
  13. rocking rooster

    What do you play when it's not the Telecaster?

    ES-335 and Ric 660/12, or Gibson Dove for those lighter moments
  14. rocking rooster

    What's your stupid, short joke today??

    Did you hear about the masochist who really loved to have an icy cold shower, so he didn't.
  15. rocking rooster

    Walked in for strings walked out with this.

    It happens! I went into a shop for some strings for my 335 and came out with a 52 RI Tele. More expensively, we went out for coffee in a motorbike shop with a café and came home with a Triumph Bonneville. That's a gorgeous Epi!
  16. rocking rooster

    Does anybody else hate “Deluxe Editions” of classic albums?

    This subject is one of my favourite rants. For example, I have the deluxe edition of Who's Next. The original album closes with the eight and a half minutes of rock n' roll perfection that is Won't Get Fooled Again. On this CD it's then followed by some lame songs and versions that weren't good...
  17. rocking rooster

    My new, 2022, Indian motorcycle!

    Well played John. That's a good looking bike. I'm seeing quite a few of the new Enfield twins on the roads here in the UK. A Harley owning mate has one and loves it. I just hope that the build quality is better than the Bullet Electra that I owned a while back. To be honest it couldn't be any worse.
  18. rocking rooster

    RIP Marvin Lee Aday aka Meatloaf

    Not really my sort of music, but rather like Queen, you had to love him for being wonderfully OTT. R.I.P.
  19. rocking rooster

    NGD ES 335

    That's a proper guitar, everyone should have one.
  20. rocking rooster

    NGD: 2009 Fender AVRI 52 Telecaster

    Absolutely gorgeous, what a score!
  21. rocking rooster

    Getting a puppy today!!

    Someone appears to have set light to Clark's tail.
  22. rocking rooster

    New Tele Day!

    Very nice, congratulations.
  23. rocking rooster


    In Oct 1987 southern England was hit with an intense overnight storm coming in off the English Channel. We were living one block from a harbour and the sea. On the harbour arm there was a lookout building (Coastguard or Pilot service, I can't recall). According to the local newspaper the...