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  1. voodooblues

    Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo Volume Adjustment

    Hey All- I'd like to adjust the volume of my Dano CC Trem. I remember there being a thread around here that explained how to do it including pictures. I tried to search but couldn't find it, does anyone know where that is?
  2. voodooblues

    Splitting Firewood Without A Block

    I'm going to a cabin next week. I have a bunch of wood in my garage to bring for the fire. Some needs to be split but I don't have a block to split it on. Can I just do it on the ground, or what's the best way to go about this?
  3. voodooblues

    DOD G112 Club!

    They made these for like 2 years when I was in high school. Solid state, crunch channel gets a great rock tone. It's been used for vocals and also saxophone. This thing's a tank. I searched on TDPRI and came up with no results of this even being mentioned. Here it is, now time for this thread to...
  4. voodooblues

    Guild X175 Feedback?

    Hey All- I recently was reading about the X-175 Manhattan model from Guild. I've checked a couple of YouTube vids but was wondering. Does anyone have one of these? If so, does it have issues with feedback at gig volume?
  5. voodooblues

    Les Paul 60s Tribute vs P-90 SG

    Hey all, I've been interested in P-90 guitars lately and the two in the title have caught my eye. Can anyone give any insight as to which they prefer and why? Thanks in advance. Other P-90 guitar suggestions are welcome too.
  6. voodooblues

    Another Outboard Reverb Tank Question

    Where does the "drip" come from? I've played tanks with more drip and tanks with less. Is that a tube thing or the type of reverb unit in the tank?
  7. voodooblues

    Reverb Tank Question

    Hey All- I've had a growing fascination with reverb tanks lately but don't know that much about them. Question: What would affect the tone/sound/output of a reverb tank more, switching tubes or changing internal reverb units? Thanks in advance for any input.
  8. voodooblues

    Look and feel of reverse headstock from player's perspective

    This is mine, I chose to have the reverse headstock due to string length issues when re-stringing. The Bigsby gives you less real estate past the nut and tuners
  9. voodooblues

    Anyone Keep Their Guitars In The Case?

    So the wall hanging thread got me thinking, I usually only have one or two guitars out on a floor stand but the majority of time they stay in the case. One of the reasons is that I feel like the strings will decay much faster if left out due to dirt n dust in the air. Does anyone else keep them...
  10. voodooblues

    Loosening strings while flying?

    I've seen it said around here several times that you should loosen your strings if taking your guitar on an airplane. What is the logic behind this? I haven't flown with a guitar in over 10 years but there was a period of about a year that I was doing it pretty regularly. I never loosened my...
  11. voodooblues

    Filtertrons in Hollowbodies (like a Gretsch) vs Cabs

    Good Morning Y'all- About a year and a half ago I bought a Cabronita style from an independent builder. I got it with TV Jones Classics and I love the tone of it, not complaining about that. It just doesn't seem to have the same tone as a Gretsch. Maybe it's the hollowbodiness of the Gretsch...
  12. voodooblues

    Question for those who fix their own cables

    How hard is it to learn to do this? I can't imagine that there are too many variable about why a cable goes bad. Is it usually a bad solder joint? I end up buying about 2-3 new cables a year, which isn't a lot, but I just feel bad when I have to throw one away because of something that can...
  13. voodooblues

    Building/Repairing Amps - Getting Started

    Hey All- I've been increasingly interested in building/repairing amps lately. Problem is, I have no electronics background at all. I've read on these forums a bunch and a lot of people have recommended researching and grasping basic electronics. Does anyone have any recommendations for books...
  14. voodooblues

    Albert Collins Recomendations

    Hey All- Can someone recommend me some good Albert Collins albums? I have "Truckin With Albert Collins" which I really enjoy, I would just be interested to hear more. Thanks in advance.
  15. voodooblues

    What Else Do You Collect?

    After reading the GAS thread a thought occured to me this morning: I have a lot of hockey jerseys. I've always been a sports fan, and always enjoyed the aeshtetic aspect of it. Hockey is my favorite sport, and I think hockey jerseys are the best type of uniform in sports. Nice color schemes...
  16. voodooblues

    Blown Fuse Question

    Hey All- Last night I was at band practice and I blew a fuse in my Princeton Reverb. My question is, do fuses just blow sometimes, or is this an indicator that something else might be a problem? Thanks in advance for any input....
  17. voodooblues

    Reverb Tank Questions

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but: I've been looking into buying an outboard reverb tank. I've been looking at Fender, but I see that there are others made by other companies. How do the ones from other companies compare? Are they all pretty similar, or is Fender a better...
  18. voodooblues

    Bigsby Creaking

    Hey All- Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I have a Bigsby on my one and only Tele. It creaked a little when I first got it but I figured it was just "settling in" or something. Over the last year and a half, the creaking has gotten worse to the point that I almost can't use...
  19. voodooblues

    Too Many Eric Johnsons....

    So we all know about Eric Johnson the guitar player, right? (If you don't, go check him out). I used to date a girl whose brother was Eric Johnson. Also, I was watching a show last night and on the ending credits a member of the staff was named Eric Johnson. I know that I've seen or met a...
  20. voodooblues

    Legitimate Reason for Reverse Headstock?

    I've heard some people say that having a longer distance between the nut and low-E tuning peg affects the sound, perhaps tightens up the bass a little bit. Is this true, or is there any other legit reason for having a reverse headstock, or is this similar to the rosewood vs maple debate...
  21. voodooblues

    Filtertrons for Surf?

    Hey All- Does anyone here use filtertron style pickups for surf music? Even if you don't play surf music, do these pickups give off a convincing surf tone? I've been interested in the Cabronitas lately, but I've only had a chance to play one once. Liked what I heard, but I'd like to get...
  22. voodooblues

    Gretsch VS Cabronita

    Hello All- I was just wondering if someone that has experience with both Gretsch guitars and Cabronitas would mind comparing the two from a sound perspective? I know they use similar style (or the same) pickups, I'm just curious about the sound difference between a plank of wood body (tele)...
  23. voodooblues

    What do you use to carry your pedalboard?

    Hey all- It's been on my list for a while to build my own pedal board. Nothing huge, maybe for about 6 pedals. My question is, what do you all carry yours in? I was looking at laptop bags because of the shoulder strap. That or some other type of shoulder bag. Anyone have any suggestions...
  24. voodooblues

    Versatility of TV Jones

    Hello- I've been getting more and more interested in TV Jones pickups. I was just wondering, for anyone who has them, how is their versatility? I've heard clips and can hear that they're a little more "jangly" but how does this hold up in a band setting, specifically for styles such as blues...
  25. voodooblues

    Question About Mini Humbuckers

    Hey All- I was just wondering how a mini humbucker's tone differentiates from a normal sized humbucker. I've read a lot about minis but don't know much about them. Any insight? Thanks in advance for the input.