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  1. StratmanSteve

    All Fuzz ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Kickass Fuzz Pedals and all Fuzz related

    There were some design changes - controls were relocated as was the switch and it's now easier to change the battery. There were no changes to the circuit. The Animals Pedal info says, "the overall range of timbres has been expanded and tweaked to create the best sound with more amps and...
  2. StratmanSteve

    All Fuzz ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Kickass Fuzz Pedals and all Fuzz related

    I added fuzz pedals #13 and #14 last month - Keeley Fuzz Bender and an Animals Pedal Rover V2.
  3. StratmanSteve

    Favorite overdrive for a DR[RI]?

    AM Prince of Tone
  4. StratmanSteve

    How Many Pedals Do We Really Need?

    I had a board with 15 pedals on it. I play neo-Psych, Shoegaze and trippy Blues and used them all. I haven't gigged in years so I don't need it anymore. Some players might . . . SCENARIO 1: If you play in a cover band, you may need a lot of pedals to cover many sounds and styles, and...
  5. StratmanSteve

    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    AnalogMan PoT - Has boost and distortion setting, too.
  6. StratmanSteve

    Digitech Pedal Owners Club

    Forgot to list my DOD pedals in post #182: Supra Distortion FX55 Digital Delay DFX9 Boneshaker Gunslinger Gonkulator Carcosa
  7. StratmanSteve

    Fuzz Face and Fuzz Face style Pedal room

    Chase Tone '68 Red Velvet Fuzz
  8. StratmanSteve

    The Tremolo Club

    Danelectro Tuna Melt Behringer Ultra Tremolo/Pan (Boss PN-2 clone) DigiTech Hardwire Stereo Tremolo/Rotary - TR-7
  9. StratmanSteve

    5 Pedals You'll Never Sell

    As Wildeman stated above, I experienced seller's remorse every time I sold a piece of gear. While I haven't sold anything since the late '70s, I have given a few things away to young players who couldn't afford them. My absolute keepers are: AnalogMan Dark Peppermint Fuzz ehx Attack Decay...
  10. StratmanSteve

    players who were around in the '70s: what pedals did you have then?

    Early '70s: Cheap, no-name wah with a scratchy pot. I was into Cream and Jimi. Red and blue Uni-Vox Superfuzz. It worked for early Black Sabbath. Wish I still had it. Used both between my Fender Mustang and Ovation Cat System amp. Sold everything a few years later for college money.
  11. StratmanSteve

    Recommend a good Fuzz pedal

    DOD Carcosa!
  12. StratmanSteve

    Pedal fever:How bad is your pedal disease?

    My 45th pedal is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. It may be my last. :rolleyes: So it's on to recording gear purchases!!
  13. StratmanSteve

    What's new and interesting out there in pedal land?

    Yes, EHX just released a violet Ram's Head muff!
  14. StratmanSteve

    Overdrive pedal for Super Champ x2

    I was going to say Analogman PoT, but with the recent price increase, it's a bit north of what you want to spend. The PoT and KoT were designed to be used with Fenders.
  15. StratmanSteve

    DOD Carcosa or Fulltone Mas Malo?

    I have a dozen fuzzes and the DOD Carcosa is one of my favorites. It's versatile and you can get a lot of different sounds out of hit from subtle to raging. I'm very happy with it. No experience with the Mas Malo, though.
  16. StratmanSteve

    Guyatone fans?

    I still have my TZ2 "The Fuzz". Sounds like a Super Fuzz though the circuit isn't quite the same. You can get some ring mod sounds out of it, too. Like most everyone else, I hate dealing with the rubber ring to change the battery. Little box, huge sound!
  17. StratmanSteve

    What is your volume pedal of choice?

    Ernie Ball VP Jr.
  18. StratmanSteve

    Reverb Pedal Recommandations

    Another vote for the DigiTech Polara -- Lots of Lexicon reverbs and lots of tweakability.
  19. StratmanSteve

    Best stereo chorus pedal

    I I agree on the Digitech Hardwire CR-7 Stereo Chorus. The Hardwire line is really underrated. I would suggest the Digitech Nautila Stereo Chorus/Flange, also.
  20. StratmanSteve

    Greetings from Florida

    Wasn't it Nairobi? I'm an old Firesign fan. Saw them live once.
  21. StratmanSteve

    Favorite one hit wonder songs.

    A song forever ruined by a prescription drug commercial . . .
  22. StratmanSteve

    guitars stores you have to visit before you die

    I wish I had visited Manny's back in the day. Lots of history.
  23. StratmanSteve

    Show us your Pedal board.

    This is it today, but changes are coming. Already swapped out the Soul Food for a PoT.
  24. StratmanSteve

    Show us your Pedal board.

    Still making changes. The ehx Soul Food was replaced with an Analogman Prince of Tone. Still need to mount the Chase Tone '68 Red Velvet Fuzz.
  25. StratmanSteve

    Would you be fine with just 2-3 stomp boxes?

    No! I'm doing neo-Psych and trippy Blues. My board has 15 pedals.